Best Homemade Drinks for Weight Loss

Best homemade drinks for weight loss

In the present day and age, unnecessary weight gain is a common issue for everyone. Drinking weight loss drinks is one of the best solutions for weight loss problems. When used with healthy lifestyle changes, some drinks may be more effective than others in promoting weight loss. Beverages such as green tea, coffee, and high protein drinks have been proven to improve metabolism, improve fullness and reduce appetite, all of which promote weight loss.

When talking about weight loss, there are thousands of methods and true alternatives that come to our mind. With this vast number of possibilities, the solution for weight loss becomes a daunting task. Losing weight is a difficult task, and sometimes you just require a little help. Some detox drinks for weight loss may be the margin that you need.

However, it is an undeniable fact that when you choose natural ways for weight loss, the scope you choose can be significantly reduced. These homemade drinks are more reliable and safer when compared to the chemical medications, methods, and supplements for weight loss. Weight loss drinks at home are the natural alternatives that can help you lose weight without health risks.

Do you want to lose weight naturally without having any risk factor? If yes, try the following homemade drinks to lose weight fast. If you get extra kilos, you have to face the following diseases.

  • Heart problem
  • Sleep apnea
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Specific types of cancer

It increases the level of your blood sugar, cholesterol and reduces your blood pressure. Weight loss reduces joint pain and back pain and increases your mobility. It increases energy levels, confidence, sleep, mood, and sex life from a lifestyle perspective. You need to deal with low levels of stress and will have a positive physical image of yourself. Here are some great drinks to add in your diet when trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

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What about Weight Loss Drinks?

If you want to control your life and become healthy, then you have to make some necessary changes. Take a break from your active lifestyle and follow a perfect diet that helps you get relief from additional kilos.

Thanks to some healthy weight loss drinks, because it can help you to reduce more weight. If you consume healthy drinks daily, it will improve your metabolism. Drinking these drinks can keep you away from hunger pangs and reduce your excess weight.

You should wait patiently when you take these weight loss drinks. It will take some time to give results. Keep in mind that if your metabolism does not rise, it will reduce your efforts to lose weight.


1. Green Tea

One clinical study has proved that caffeine and flavonoids in green tea are significant in increasing fat oxidation, insulin activity, and metabolism. Consuming green tea regularly provokes loss of about 2.9 pounds after three consecutive months of intake.

According to another study by Certified dietitian Smith K. Isabel, reducing weight by consuming green tea means you have to work harder to burn at least a hundred calories a day. Smith adds that you should take care not to over-brew your green tea to avoid the destruction of the catechin compound.

The Department of Medicine at the University of Maryland conducted a study that justified the presence of high EGCG polyphenols in all green tea strains. Furthermore, research shows that green tea contains the highest polyphenol content compared to all other types of tea.

We all know that green tea contains antioxidant properties that make your body healthy. Most civilizations all over countries used green tea to treat various health conditions. As it has natural diuretic properties, it can deal with fluid retention. If you consume it every day, it will decrease the amount of your belly fat.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular weight loss drinks. It contains essential enzymes and organic acids. These components are essential in improving the metabolism rate. Consuming apple cider vinegar every day reduces excess weight and makes you even stronger. This drink makes you feel hydrated and refreshed. Moreover, it significantly reduces your blood sugar levels. It also contains high potassium and fiber levels that play an essential role in weight loss.

A study published in Biochemistry, Bioscience, and Biotechnology showed that apple cider vinegar weight loss drinks are powerful. Research has shown that 144 obese adults, drank one to two teaspoons of this drink daily for 12 weeks. A control group also had taken placebo drinks. At the end of the result, people who consumed one teaspoon have reduced 1.1 kg, at the same time people who had two tablespoons shed 1.81 kilograms.

As per the journal Functional Foods study, researchers studied the effects of this drink on 39 adults. People had a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for lunch and breakfast. They also followed the restricted diet. After 12 weeks of this diet, people had lost almost 4 kg. When compared with the control group, people who did not consume Apple cider vinegar weight loss drinks have lost only 2.26 kg.

The primary ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid. It reduces body fat by improving the metabolism in the body. As a result, you will have more control in your appetite, which results in consuming fewer calories.

You can easily add this drink in your diet and you should consume it before breakfast. Take a cup of water, mix apple cider vinegar with water and consume. As it has high acidity, it may damage your tooth enamel and disturb your throat. So don’t consume more than two tablespoons.

3. Raspberry & Lime Juice

Lime is a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Both are important for reducing weight and detoxification. By the action of the enzyme glutathione S-transferase in the liver, lime destroys toxins from the body. It contains vitamins B and C flavonoids that increase weight loss and also increase digestion bile and acid secretion.

On the other hand, raspberries contain ketones, which help control calorie appetite. These excellent foods will also curb your appetite. This natural chemical promotes weight gain as a result of consuming fatty foods. Raspberry further prevents the accumulation of liver and fat tissue.

4. Grapefruit & Cucumber Drink

As you can imagine, it is one of the best homemade drinks for weight loss, that’s why grapefruit is a great source of AMP-activated protein kinase enzyme.

This enzyme has the effect of increasing the synthesis of sugar in the body. Thus, the enzyme works to reduce calories and increases the rate of metabolism. Grapefruit also improves body hydration.

Similarly, cucumber has diuretic properties that can stimulate urination and liver toxicity. Therefore, cucumber prevents water and helps to eliminate toxins and calories.

5. Water, Honey, and Cinnamon Drink

As a miracle spice, cinnamon is essential for regulating sugar levels. This is achieved by increasing the peptide levels. Such an increase triggers a delay in emptying the stomach, which means eating less as a result of a full stomach.

Cinnamon research has been implicated with increased rates in metabolism, calories and also provides better carbohydrate digestion. The result will be an increase in weight loss. As cinnamon has calcium, it will prevent weight gain by enhancing fat and storing fat in the body.

We all know that honey is one of the essential ingredients to reduce weight. It improves the metabolism process, particularly in burning fat. It fuels the liver and eases stress hormones. The combination of cinnamon and honey is very important in the regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar. It also acts as an excellent thermogenic fat burner.

6. Lemon, Mint, Ginger and Pineapple

These ingredients have potent weight loss properties. Ginger helps to improve the body’s core temperature. It improves the temperature that burns the body calories. On the other hand, honey also contains the warming effect that helps to lose weight by cutting excess fats. Lemon and mint increase the digestion rates thereby triggering more calories.

Pineapple contains an enzyme bromelain that shrinks the belly and is very effective to ease bloating. The natural fructose of pineapple provides an easy decrease of your sweet cravings thereby decreasing your calorie intake.

7 Coffee

Coffee is one of the famous drinks that can be used all over the world. It can boost your energy levels and lively mood. Coffee has caffeine which acts as a stimulant in the body and is beneficial for weight loss.

It can decrease the energy intake and increase the metabolism that may reduce weight. One study with 33 adults found that the people who consume coffee have 6 mg of caffeine per kg of body weight. Moreover, it improves metabolism and fat burning in many other studies. Another study with 2600 people found that the people who balance their weight over time consume significantly more caffeinated beverages when compared to the control group.

Homemade Weight Loss Drinks Recipes

Now, you could have known the importance of weight loss drinks, so you need to include them in your diet. Everyday exercise can maximize the effects of these drinks. Below are some drinks and recipes that help you lose weight.

1. Cinnamon Raw Honey Mix

Ingredients : 

  • Cinnamon 2 tbsp
  • Honey 1 tbsp
  • Warm water 250ml or 1 cup

Procedure : 

  • Take hot water and include cinnamon into it. Let them remain idle for an hour.
  • Then include some honey to water. 
  • Mix them all and have it. You can also keep this drink in the fridge and have it the next day.

2. Grapefruit with Cucumber

Ingredients : 

  • Cucumber – 1
  • Lemon – 1
  • Grapefruit – 1 medium size
  • Water – 250 ml or 1 cup


  • Slice all the ingredients
  • Add them into the blender along with some amount of water
  • Blend them together until it becomes smooth
  • Now have it

3. Ginger Lemon Water

Ingredients : 

  • Cold water – 250 ml or 1 cup
  • Roasted cumin powder – 3/4 tsp
  • Lime juice – 1 tsp
  • Ginger root – 1 inch


  • Slice the ginger into tiny pieces
  • Add them to a blender and add cold water into them
  • Blend them together until it becomes smooth
  • Strain the ginger water into a glass
  • Include roasted cumin powder and lime juice
  • Mix them well before drinking

4. Green Tea with Mint and Lemon

Ingredients : 

  • Warm water – 250ml or 1 cup
  • Mint leaves – 6 or 7
  • Green tea leaves – 2 tsp
  • Lime – 1


  • Take an utensil, add some mint leaves and water
  • Boil them for five minutes
  • Turn off the gas and include green tea leaves
  • Let it soak for five minutes 
  • Then eliminate the leaves, strain, and pour them into a cup
  • Now consume it.

Green tea is a great source of catechins that contain dietary polyphenols. It exhibits anti-adiposity effects.

5. Pineapple with Cinnamon

Ingredients : 

  • Black salt
  • Cinnamon powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Lime juice – 2 and 1/2 tbsp
  • Pineapple – 1 and 1/2 cup


  • Slice the pineapple into small pieces and add them to the blender
  • Blend them until it becomes smooth
  • Pour the juice into a glass
  • Include lime juice and cinnamon powder
  • Add black salt on the top of the juice as per your wish
  • Mix them all.
  • If you consume this drink on an empty stomach, you will get maximum benefits from it.

6. Dark Chocolate Coffee

Ingredients : 

  • Water – 250 ml or 1 cup
  • Flaxseeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Dark chocolate – 3/4 tsp
  • Black coffee – 1 tsp


  • Take a cup, add both black coffee and hot water together
  • Mix them well and then include flaxseeds
  • Stir the ingredients before coating it with dark chocolate

7. Apple Cider Vinegar with Berries and Lemon

Ingredients : 

  • Frozen berries – 2 tbsp
  • Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
  • Apple cider vinegar – 1 tbsp
  • Water and Ice
  • Honey – 1 tbsp ( optional)


  • Take a cup and add berries in it
  • Mash the berries by using a spoon. If you want this drink with sweetness, Then you can add a little bit of honey into them. 
  • Pour lemon juice and apple cider vinegar into the cup.
  • Include ice before adding water to it.
  • Mix them together with a spoon for a minute
  • Consume it.

8. Tomato, Leek, and Cucumber Juice

Ingredients : 

  • Tomato – 1
  • Leek stick – 1
  • Cucumber – 1
  • Mint leaves


  • Cut the tomato, leek, and cucumber into small pieces
  • Toss them into the food processor 
  • Include some mint leaves and provide it a spin

Bottom Line

Some drinks like coffee and ginger tea, coffee can help increase metabolism, reduce appetite and increase satiety, all of which facilitate weight loss. In addition, these drinks come with beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and other health supplements that can benefit your health.

Avoid high-calorie beverages such as soda and fruit juice with the drinks listed above. These drinks are the great way to reduce calories and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss drinks are amazing as they have a powerful ability to kickstart the metabolism in your body. As a result, the number of fat cells will decrease and will allow you to lose extra weight. You can also consume vegetable drinks to reduce your excess fat.

Apple cider vinegar and green tea both are the best drinks for weight loss. Drink them before every meal and notice the improvements. The way to get weight loss and to live a healthy lifestyle is drinking homemade drinks. The best feature is that you can make them at night and store it in the fridge for the next day to drink. So you don’t want to worry even if you are too busy in the morning.

You should avoid eating excess calories once you’ve started to drink these homemade drinks. They will satisfy your appetite and also ensure that you’re taking only those that your body needs. The benefit is that you will burn more calories and make sure you reach your fitness goals faster!

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