Dried Curcuma Zedoaria Root – Zedoary, Kentjur – Kichili Kilangu, Poolankilangu – Gandhmul, Kachur, Halad – Kachora – White turmeric


Botanical Name: Curcuma zedoaria Origin: India Zedoary is used for treating digestion related problems, loss of appetite. Some people also use it for anxiety, stress, fatigue, and pain and swelling. 


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Other Common Names

Botanical Name : Curcuma zedoaria
Common Name : Zedoary, Kentjur
Tamil Name : Kichili Kilangu, Poolankilangu
Hindi Name : Amb halad, Gandhmul, Kachur
Kannada Name : Kachora
Malayalam Name : Kachuram
Marathi Name : Kachura
Telugu Name : Kachoram
Urdu Name : Kachoor, Jadwar


Zedoary has other names are amomo zedoaria, cedoaria, Cetoal, Curcuma Sauvage, Curcuma zedoaria, E -Zhu, Essence of zédoaire, Gingembre Bâtard, à l’Herbe Estomac, Huile of zédoaire, Indian arrowroot, Kua, zédoaire Rhizome, Root zedoaria Ronda, Sati, Shati, Kuning Temu, Temu Putih, zédoaire, zédoaire, zedoaria, Zedoarie Rhizoma, oil zedoaria Root, Root zedoaria turmeric, turmeric root zedoaria oil, Zitwer, Zitwerwirtzelstock, ZTO.

Zedoary is also called white turmeric. This is one of the ancient spice which is closely related to normal turmeric and their native is India and Indonesia.

This species was introduced to Europe in the 6th century by Arab traders. During the Middle Ages, it became very popular. But, these days it has been largely replaced by ginger. Indian people use as a substitute zedoary arrowroot and local perfumes.

Health Benefits

There are some of the Health Benefits of Zedoary mentioned in below:

  • Zedoary is a plant. Its stem is used to make medicine.
  • In traditional methods, Zedoary has prepared by washing with water to remove most of the protein and water-soluble nutrients.
  • Zedoary is used for spasms, loss of appetite, cramps, and indigestion. It can also use to treat anxiety stress, fatigue and pain, and inflammation.
  • It is used for therapeutic and culinary purposes. Zedoary has many healing properties so it is used to treat a number of health conditions.
  • Zedoary has anti-inflammatory properties. The fresh roots of zedoary become a paste and it can be applied to inflamed areas of the body. It can also used on wounds and diseases of the skin. Zedoary also used to relieve pain.

Side Effects

Zedoary will not cause any side effects, but you should consider medical advice for the usage of this product during pregnancy

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methods

All the herbs in Moolihai are naturally harvested, dried, and pulverized without any chemical interactions. So we assure you that the herbal powders are also 100% natural.

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