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Tamil Name – கொய்யா  இலை – Koyya ilai 

Guava is a small tree that comes under the family Myrtaceae. It is commonly grown throughout the world for its edible fruits. Not only the fruit the leaves are also rich in nutrients that keep you healthy.

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Botanical Name         : Psidium Guajava

Eglish Name              : Guava Leaves

Tamil Name               : கொய்யா  இலை, சிகப்பு கொய்யா / Koyya ilai , Segappu koyyaa 

Hindi Name                : अमरूद  / Amrood

Malayalam Name       : പേര / Pera

Telugu Name              :   గోయ -పండు / Goya-pandu


Guava is an evergreen, tropical shrub that grows up to 8–10 m high with smooth grayish-brown bark that peels off in strips, spreading branches and quadrangular, pubescent branchlets.

Leaves are opposite, ovate-elliptic or oblong-elliptic. The lateral nerves are 10–20 pairs; also the blades are mostly 7–15 cm long and 3–5 cm wide, rounded at base, apex acute to obtuse, dull green. Flowers are usually fragrant, white, large, 2.5 cm across, solitary, or 2 or 3 in axillary cymes.

Guava fruits are spherical in shape or it may be ovoid or pear-shaped, 3–10 cm long and weighs around 50–200 g, and have 4 or 5 sepals at the apex. The fruit is green while young turning to whitish-yellow or faintly pink when ripe. 

Nutritional Value of Guava

Guava is a good source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 165 gram of guava offers;

  • 376.7 mg of Vitamin C,
  • 8587 µg of Lycopene,
  • 0.38 mg of Copper,
  • 8.9 g of Total Dietary Fiber,
  • 81 µg of Vitamin B9 
  • 23.63 g of Carbohydrate
  • 0.036 g of Tryptophan,
  • 0.158 g of Threonine,
  • 0.153 g of Isoleucine,
  • 0.282 g of Leucine,
  • 0.119 g of Lysine,
  • 0.026 g of Methionine and
  • 0.01 g of Phenylalanine.

Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

  •  Helps to Treat Wrinkles on Face

Guava leaves have high anti-aging properties which can easily remove the wrinkles on the face. It demolishes all the free radicals which are damaging your skin. You can prepare a decoction of mature guava leaves and can be used on the skin to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Moreover,  it also helps in improving the texture of your skin. Guava leaves can also help in treating those smiling lines on the face, commonly known as, crow’s feet.

  • Beats Toothache

As we all know that Guava leaves have a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ability so it can effectively fight against infection and kills germs.

The guava leaves works as a wonderful home remedy for toothache. The juice of guava leaves has also been known to cure toothaches, swollen gums, and oral ulcers.

  • Brain Health

Guavas are a rich source of vitamin B3 and vitamin B6. B3 (also known as niacin) acts as a medium for increasing the blood flow and encourages cognitive function.

Moreover, B6 is a great nutrient for brain and nerve function. Regular consumption of guava can help you increase brain function and sharpen your focus.

  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties

Guava leaves have been medically proven to be antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial so it can fight against lots of invaders. The traditional uses for guava leaf are very effective and successful as a treatment for illnesses like cough, diarrhea, oral ulcers, and inflamed gums.

  • Cancer Prevention

Regular consumption of guava is beneficial to inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancerous cells.

A small amount of guava leaf oil is very effective for human health as it has an anti-proliferative substance, so when compared to modern medicines these guava leaves work faster in reducing cancerous cells.

Guavas are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which successfully decreases the cancer risk.

  • Reduces High Blood Pressure 

Guava helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood and thus prevents it from thickening, thus maintaining the fluidity of blood and decreasing blood pressure.

How to use Guava Leaves


Mix 3 to 5 gms of guava leaves powder in a cup of water, boil it for a few minutes. When the water gets heated, filter the content and drink it twice a day before having food.


  • Prepare a decoction with guava leaves powder, apply it to your skin or scalp to improve skin tone, and prevent hair loss.
  • Make a paste with guava powder and apply it to the teeth to treat toothache.

Side Effects

There are no side effects in using this product, and you can consider the medical advice for the usage of this product during pregnancy.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methods

All herbs are 100% naturally harvested, dried, and pulverized without the chemical interactions that assure the natural herbal powders.

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