Dried Cluster Fig / Ficus Racemosa / Aththikai vaththal / Aththipazham /Anjeer / Dried Figs / Anjir / Gular chhal


Botanical Name: Ficus racemosa Origin: India It has anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-diarrheal, and antipyretic properties that can treat various diseases. Dried Cluster figs are the best factor for treating muscular pain, pimples, boils, cuts, hemorrhoids, etc.  


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Botanical Name: Ficus racemosa

Tamil Name: Aththikai Vaththal

Malayalam Name: അത്തിപ്പഴം – attippaḻaṁ

Hindi Name: अंजीर – anjeer

Telugu Name: అత్తి – atti

About Dried Cluster Fig:

Ficus Carica is a flowering plant species from the Asian region from the Common fig-mulberry family. It is been cultivated from ancient times from its native middle east and western Asia.

Now, it is well-known species all around the world for its fruit and ornamental plant. These species have become established in locations of Asia and North America.

There is a saying that when we take a powder of its fruits and paste vidari kand with milk then we can turn young. The ripe fruits are expectorant, improves the interest in food, cold, and burning sensation.

Its milk has binding nature and it is cooling. It can improve physical strength and cure odema.


  • It can treat stomach pain very well.
  • It gives the fruits of country fig to eat.
  • It gives milk with gular fruits with meals.
  • It can improve the growth of the fetus and prevent abortion.
  • Make squash of its fruits and give this to the patient regularly, especially in summers.
  • It treats bronchitis and bronchial asthma.
  • Fine powder of dried peel of its fruits mixed with an equal amount of sugar.
  • Take 6-6 gm of this powder with cow’s milk twice a day to treat yellow urination.
  • The dried cluster fig paste is an aid for visceral obstruction, constipation and regulates diarrhea.
  • Fruits have excellent as astringent, carminative, and stomachic properties which can relieve the people from diarrhea, dysentery, and treat diabetes.
  • It is used as a poultice for treating inflammatory boils/ swellings, burns.
  • The dried peel of Cluster fig’s fruits can be used for treating urinary disorders, regular consumption of cluster fig powder along with the milk can give better results.
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