Best Herbs to Boost Libido

best herbs to boost libido

Sexual activity is very important in everyone’s life. Many relationships come to an end due to poor sexual performance. The reason behind this is Libido. It is quite common for both men and women.

A myriad of drugs is available in the market specifically for boosting the effects of libido. Although most individuals are preferring natural supplements for libido.

It is always the best alternative for a healthy lifestyle. Because natural herbs are safer and will have fewer or no side effects. But it is necessary to get advice from your doctor before taking any aphrodisiacs.

Do you want to ramp up your sexual desire? Or want to feel more active in performance? Then here is a way for you. Just move towards the kitchen and start changing your dietary supplements.

Factors that cause Libido

There are many factors that affect your sexual drive. It might be;

  • Your dietary intake
  • Health condition of your body
  • Not in a proper relationship
  • Usage of medicines
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Work stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Family issues or personal problems, etc.

These are some of the major causes of poor sexual performance. During these situations, some of the supplements might help. Try out some natural herbs in your diet that helps to stimulate your sexual desire.


Here are some of the Best aphrodisiac herbs that help to boost libido for both men and women.


Scientific Name: Lepidium meyenii
Other Name: Peruvian Ginseng
Native: Andes of Central Peru
Best for: Women

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable associated with the cabbage or cauliflower family. It has long been used for culinary and medicinal purposes. The edible part of maca is the root that has been used traditionally to enhance libido.

A recent study in rodents has concluded that consuming maca increases libido and erectile function.

How to take it?

The root is dried and made into powder. This maca root powder is then consumed in traditional medicine. But now it is also available in capsules and liquid extract. Taking 1.5 grams of maca a day will give you a better result.

This powder has a poor taste and so most people add this to sweet drinks, smoothies, or oatmeal. By which way you’re consuming doesn’t matter, but the intake of maca powder gives stamina and stimulates sexual performance.

Health Benefits

Maca is also a good source of nutrients that is necessary for body functioning. Other than sexual activity, maca also possesses potent health benefits.

  • It enhances fertility and sexual drive.
  • It improves the energy and stamina for your day to day activity.
  • It offers mental clarity.
  • It is also more effective for postmenopausal women. It balances the estrogen level in the body and reduces the symptoms during that stage.
  • It also relieves your vaginal dryness and helps to increase female lubrication.
  • Maca is very much important for women to improve their quality of life.


Maca should be avoided for those who are having estrogen-sensitive cancer. Because it could raise the estrogen level in your body and leads to hormonal imbalance.

Side Effects

Maca is a great blessing to women as it has no side effects. It is very safe and can be used happily.


Scientific Name: Panax Ginseng
Other Name: Herbal Viagra
Native: China, Korea
Best for: Both men and women

Ginseng is one of the popular herbs used for the treatment of libido in both men and women. It has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate sexual function.

Ginseng is called by different names according to the country they are located. The common name is Panax Ginseng and the other names include American Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, and Chinese Ginseng. As it stimulates sexual desire in humans it is also called “Herbal Viagra”.


It is a small plant that grows very slowly. The root of this plant is used for medicinal purposes. There are three main types of roots in Ginseng; Red, White, and Fresh.

Among the three, Red Ginseng is used for treating low libido in both men and women. Ginsenosides and gintonin are the key compounds of Ginseng that enhance fertility and sexual desire. It is also more effective in improving erectile function in males.

Health Benefits

  • Ginseng is more powerful in sexual arousal or sex drive.
  • The extract of ginseng improves erection in males.
  • Helps to increase the insulin production
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Prevents the brain from cell damage
  • Helps in treating diabetes
  • Regulates the blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy
  • It also maintains the function of your respiratory pathway and digestive tract.
  • Prevent you from metabolic disorders.

Important Evidence

A double-blind study of Erectile dysfunction has proved that taking approximately 900 mg of Korean Red Ginseng thrice a day has improved the symptoms of ED and given enough erection.

In females, consuming about 3000 mg a day has shown increased sexual desire. No doubt, it is a very good remedy for libido.

Side Effects

Don’t take Ginseng, if you’re taking any medications or undergoing the treatment of hormone-sensitive cancers. Because ginseng may interact with those medications and can cause headaches, stomach upset, or any other side effects.


If you’ve trouble sleeping, then avoid using ginseng. It might cause insomnia.


Scientific Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum
Family: Fabaceae
Native: Asia, The Mediterranean region, Southern Europe
Best for: Women

Fenugreek is an excellent remedy for libido in women. This annual plant is cultivated in Asian countries. Among them, India is one of the largest producers of Fenugreek in the world. It is also more effective for women during their menstrual cycle.


Fenugreek is a small herb that grows up to 60-90 cm in height. It bears three leaflets in a single leaf. It produces small white flowers and yellowish-brown seeds. The seeds and leaves of this plant are used for cooking all over India.

Why is Fenugreek best for women?

Fenugreek seeds have been used for centuries in Traditional medicine for libido-boosting treatment, especially in women. The seed contains phytoestrogens that increase the estrogen level in the body and promote sexual function.

Recent research has suggested that nearly 50% of women who have consumed fenugreek powder have increased fertility and sexual arousal.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic property of fenugreek relieves you from menstrual cramps and other symptoms associated with periods. So taking fenugreek seed capsules three times a day during your periods will give you a better result.

Additional Benefit

Fenugreek also stimulates milk production in breastfeeding women. Ayurvedic medicine suggested fenugreek tea for lactating women to increase the volume of breast milk.

Health Benefits

  • Controls the cholesterol level in the blood
  • Balances the blood sugar level.
  • Improves low libido in women
  • Relieves from menstrual cramps and pain.
  • Help you with weight loss
  • Increases the sperm count in men
  • Stimulates the testosterone hormone and keeps it in balance.
  • Very effective for diabetes
  • Helps with digestive problems

Other Uses

Fenugreek is used to add flavors in foods, beverages, and maple syrup.
The extract of fenugreek is also used in soaps, perfumes, and cosmetics.

Side Effects

Some allergic reactions have been reported in rare cases. But it should be strictly avoided for women when they are pregnant because this might cause miscarriages or birth abnormalities.


Scientific Name: Ginkgo biloba
Common Name: Maidenhair tree
Native: China, Korea, Japan
Best for: Women

Ginkgo biloba is a natural aphrodisiac used in treating libido. This herbal supplement has been used for several hundred years to boost sexual function in females.


The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest trees in the world that live for about several thousands of years. It is now cultivated in all parts of Europe, Japan, and the USA. It bears fan-shaped leaves that are used for medicinal purposes.

The extract of ginkgo leaf is used for medicine as it contains various chemical compounds with it. This extract is also used in cosmetics today.

How does it work?

Ginkgo possesses certain compounds that relax the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the reproductive organs. This in turn stimulates the sex hormones and improves sexual function.

A study has explained that consuming 50 -240 mg of ginkgo supplement daily has increased sexual desire in both men and women. But the effect seemed to be stronger in females.

Health Benefits

  • Increases the blood flow to the penis and facilitates sexual desire.
  • It is an excellent and most powerful remedy for women in improving libido.
  • Taking the leaf of Ginkgo orally enhances your memory power and keeps your brain healthy.
  • It also helps with blindness
  • The flavonoids in Ginkgo deal with aging-related issues.
  • It has a healing property that cures the inflammation caused internally and regulates the bowel action.
  • The leafy extract is very supportive for women that give relief from breast tenderness and symptoms with PMS.

Side Effects

This natural herb can cause headache, stomach upset, nausea, and dizziness when consumed in excess dosage.


Scientific Name: Tribulus terrestris
Family: Zygophyllaceae
Native: Africa, Eurasia
Best for: Women

Tribulus, also known as bindii, is a popular herb that survives in dry areas. It is widely cultivated everywhere around the world having warm climatic conditions. It is often used to boost libido.


Tribulus is an annual plant that grows during the summer in temperate regions. It is a noxious weed having small woody fruit. This plant has sharp spines that easily penetrate into any surface like the skin of grazing animals.

It is also called Puncture Vine for the spines in it. All the parts of this plant; the leaf, root, and fruit are used as medicine.

How to take it?

Consuming 7.5 mg of Tribulus extract a day will be more effective for females in sexual arousal or libido function. This has proved with evidence.

Few studies have suggested that Tribulus helps to boost sexual desire in humans. Another study explained that it may also raise testosterone hormone levels in the body.

Health Benefits

  • Naturally increases female sensitivity in women at the reproductive age as well as women with menopausal.
  • It also lubricates vaginal dryness.
  • Helps to increase the testosterone level in post-menopausal women.
  • Enhances fertility and improves the sex drive.
  • Provides complete satisfaction during the relationship.


The downside in Tribulus is, it has proved evidence only in animals, not in humans. In animals, it has shown an increased sexual desire, but there is no strong evidence in boosting libido in males.


Scientific Name: Crocus sativus
Other Name: Wild saffron
Native: Central Asia
Best for: Women

Saffron, commonly known as “saffron crocus” is the most precious flower grown in cold climatic conditions. Saffron has made itself expensive by offering numerous health benefits to us. It is an effective and alternative remedy for libido.


Saffron is a seasoning plant that blooms only during autumn. It grows just 40 cm tall from the corm dug up into the earth. The corm remains underground for one season and divides into cormlets. These cormlets then grow into a new plant in the next season.

Saffron produces purple color flowers that bear three thread-like styles and terminates with a crimson stigma. It grows up to 3 cm. The style is collected, dried, and is used as a coloring agent and also to treat various diseases.

How does it work with libido?

This expensive spice is used as an aphrodisiac to enhance the mood in women.
A study has confirmed that women taking saffron continuously for up to 4 weeks has shown significant improvement in sexual arousal. It works best especially in people taking antidepressants.

A similar observation has been done in men also. This has also shown greater improvement in erectile function giving enough erection for sexual performance.

Health Benefits

  • Heart – Pure saffron is the best choice for your heart. It regulates blood circulation and paves way for the heart to pump blood.
  • Libido- It is often used as an alternative remedy to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. This improves sexual arousal and lubrication in the reproductive organs.
  • Pregnant women – Most doctors advise pregnant women to consume saffron milk regularly. This increases the blood flow in the pelvic region and helps in the growth of the baby.
  • Inflammations- Saffron plays a key role in curing Asthma. It clears the blockages in the respiratory pathways and decreases swelling in the lungs.
  • Menstrual cramps – Saffron is the best solution for irregular periods. It gives you relief from abdominal pain and reduces the long-term uterus bleeding.
  • Insomnia – If you’re having great trouble sleeping, then drink a cup of saffron milk daily before going to bed. It gives you a peaceful sleep at night.


  • Protects your eyes and gives a clear vision.
  • It controls the formation of stones in the kidney.
  • It hinders the growth of cancer cells in your body.
  • It also helps to calm down your gastrointestinal problems.


It produces a unique taste and fragrance and so it is used in cooking. The dried style is dark saffron in color and is used as a coloring agent in many industries especially in textiles.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects with saffron. But taking it in overdose, may cause stomach upset or diarrhoea.


Scientific Name: Pistacia vera
Family: Anacardiaceae
Native: Central Asia
Best for: Men

Pistachio is a small tree that resembles cashew. The seeds of pistachio have been consumed as a food or a dietary supplement for several thousands of years.

Today people are using them in a variety of dishes, salads, ice creams, smoothies, desserts, and even more.


Pistachio is a desert plant and can live up to 300 years. The tree grows up to 33 ft in height. It produces fruit which is the edible portion here. It has an exterior shell with a nut inside.

The fruit requires a hot summer for the ripening. After it ripens, the shell splits open and the nut is consumed which is loaded with plenty of nutrients.

How to take it?

Males with libido are suggested to consume 100 grams of pistachio nuts a day. By doing so, you could experience an increase in blood flow to the penis and give you enough erection for sexual activity.

These nuts are a rich source of protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber that provide numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits

  • Pistachio nuts contain several antioxidant compounds that reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.
  • It improves the blood circulation throughout your body and keeps your heart healthy.
  • Pistachios are a rich source of lutein which is good for your eye. It prevents the eye from cataracts and other diseases.
  • Consuming it regularly aids in weight loss.
  • This is one of the best solutions for those who are having hypertension.
  • It decreases the cholesterol level in the blood, thereby controlling diabetes.
  • It reduces the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • It helps to increase the level of good bacteria in the gut and keeps it healthy.


Scientific Name: Trifolium pratense
Family: Fabaceae
Native: Central Europe, Western Asia
Best for: Women

Red clover is used as an aphrodisiac as it is highly rich in natural phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens are similar to the estrogen present in females. This is a natural supplement to boost libido in females.


Red clover is a flowering plant that has a short lifespan. It varies in size and grows up to 20 -80 cm tall. It produces dark pink color flowers which are mostly pollinated by bumblebees. The fruit is like the lima beans that help to increase sex drive in people.

Evidence to boost Libido

Research in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology has found that post-menopausal women have improved libido by taking 80 mg of red clover continuously for 90 days. It also boosted energy, mood, as well as sleep.

Health Benefits

  • It is widely used in traditional medicine as an effective remedy for menopause symptoms. It relieves you from the cramps and pain associated with menopause.
  • During menopause, women may have bone loss. Consuming it regularly at that stage improves your bone health.
  • Red clover is very beneficial to the respiratory system. It is widely used in treating asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders.
  • The extract of red clover reduces your high cholesterol level in blood and regulates cardiovascular function.
  • It is a good medication for skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.
  • It also helps with arthritis and cancer.


The fresh flowers of Red clover are dried and then used to make tea. But before using it for tea preparations, the flowers must be dried properly and stored.


Scientific Name: Asparagus racemosus
Family: Asparagaceae
Native: India
Best for: Women

Shatavari is a small flowering plant that is commonly found in Himalayas, India. The roots of Shatavari were used in Ayurvedic medicine to cure various hormonal issues, especially in women.


It grows up to 1-2 m tall whose roots spread high in rocky soils
Shatavari is described with needle-like photosynthetic shoots which are green in color. It produces minute white-colored flowers in July and it produces blackish-purple color berries during September.


The dried roots of Shatavari are made into powder and then used as medicine for the treatment of libido. The key components in Shatavari are saponins, mucilage, and alkaloids.

These compounds are responsible for improving hormonal functions, and sexual activity or libido. Saponins stimulate the sex hormones in the female reproductive organ thereby inducing sexual desire.

Health Benefits

  • The extract of Shatavari balances the hormone level and prevents the reproductive system from other problems.
  • It improves female fertility.
  • It increases the volume of milk for lactating women and also supports the growth of the baby.
  • It is a great benefit to women during their monthly periods. It also relieves you from the symptoms of PMS.
  • Shatavari is a diuretic herb that prevents you from kidney stones and urinary tract infections.


Shatavari is available as liquid, tablet, capsule, or powder. Most women add this powder to milk and drink it as tea. Taking the capsule of Shatavari thrice a day naturally improves your health as well as libido.

Side Effects

Shatavari is not safe for women when pregnant. Please consult your doctor, if you’re interested in using it. It does not cause any side effects on other women if consumed in moderation.


Scientific Name: Pausinystalia johimbe
Family: Rubiaceae
Native: Africa
Best for: Men

The last natural supplement on our list is Yohimbe. It is made from the bark of an evergreen tree called Pausinystalia yohimbe. This herb is used to boost libido as well as erectile dysfunction in males.


The extract of Yohimbe acts as a vasodilator that extends the blood vessels and increases the blood flow to the penis, thereby creating sexual desire.

Health Benefits

Yohimbe has limited other benefits, but it is more powerful and effective in erectile dysfunction and libido.

  • Yohimbe extract is an excellent remedy for sexual problems.
  • It is also used in weight loss, especially for athletics and bodybuilders.
  • It also reduces stress and anxiety which causes libido.


Yohimbe is available in capsule, powder, or tablet form. You can also consume it as tea, by adding Yohimbe powder into boiled water. Consuming this tea stimulates sexual arousal and tolerance in males.


Yohimbe is most commonly used in traditional medicine for improving sexual activity in males. But it should be consumed only in limited amounts. Taking 15-30 mg of yohimbe daily is safer to use.

Side Effects

If consumed in excess Yohimbe might cause some side effects like headache, increased blood pressure, and irritability. So before trying it, get advice from your physician.


There are several factors that can affect sex drive in humans. It suppresses your sex hormones and tends to low libido. Introducing herbal supplements in your diet may naturally increase your libido.

But if you’re currently using any medications then consult your doctor for using natural aphrodisiacs. Because it may interact with some medications.

Have a good relationship and lead a healthy and quality of life with these natural herbs.

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