25+ Health Benefits of Ajwain Seed

A Complete Guide and Health Benefits of Ajwain Seeds

Carom also known as Ajwain is an Indian spice often used in cooking. It is an annual herb that comes under the family Apiaceae. The scientific name of this herb is Trachyspermum Ammi. It is one of the important herbs in the kitchen to make the dishes tasty. It is commonly used in Indian Cuisine.


Ajwain also referred to as Bishop’s weed is an annual herb that is widely grown in the Middle East and India. Both the leaves and seeds of carom is consumed by humans and used for medicinal purposes. It bears feather-like leaves and produces very small white flowers in clusters. The fruit of this plant is often referred to as seeds. It is small, oval-shaped, and pale brown with textures that resemble cumin.

Taste of Ajwain seeds

These seeds have a pungent and bitter taste with a unique flavor. All the parts of this plant have a strong flavor. This smells like thyme that adds aroma and dominates the flavor of a dish. The Ajwain seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. It also boosts the nutrient level in the body.


In Ayurvedic medicine, Ajwain is used as a medicinal plant and can be used to cure various diseases. It is best for the function of the nervous system.

Chewing the raw Ajwain seeds is good for toothaches. Adding the extract of the ajwain seed to the water or tea provides great benefits for your health. Apart from adding flavor to the dish, it has a lot of health benefits. These Ajwain seeds are used to maintain the digestive system, and also it is used to treat kidney disorder, excessive bleeding, Arthritis, graying hair, common cold, etc.

Common Names of Ajwain Seed

Botanical Name    :  Trachyspermum Roxburghianum

English Name        :  Carom Seeds / Ajwain Seeds

Tamil Name           :  Omam (ஓமம்)

Malayalam Name  :  അയമോദകം, യമുന / ayamodakam, omun

Telugu Name         :  అజుమోద, వాము / Ajumoda, Vamu

Hindi Name           :  अजवाइन, अजवान, अजवायन / Ajvain, Ajvan, Ajvayan

Marathi Name      :  जमाइन, जमाईन / Jamain

Nutritional Value of Ajwain Seed

Nutritional Facts of Ajwain Seeds

100 grams of Ajwain seeds contain various nutrients such as;

Fat20 gm
Sodium 160 mg
Carbohydrate 37 gm
Fiber 12 gm
Protein 15 gm
Vitamin C24 mg
Calcium 1800 mg
Iron 43.2 mg
Saponins 7 gm
flavones 7 gm

Benefits of Ajwain Seeds

Benefits of Ajwain Seeds

Improves Cholesterol Level

The study in rats proves that ayamodakam help to reduce the cholesterol level in the liver. It reduces the lipoprotein level in the blood. The ajwain seeds not only reduce the bad cholesterol but also help to boost the good cholesterol level.

The ajwain seeds have a high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and also has a great deal of fiber. These two contributions help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. The ajwain seeds also have the great efficiency of simvastatin; it is the cholesterol-lowering drug to reduce the bad cholesterol level.
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Instant Remedy for Digestion and Stomach Problem

Indigestion is not a big issue, but it makes us feel depressed. The ajwain seeds are a good remedy for the digestive problems; it increases the secretion of gastric acid, that helps to enhance the digestive system.

Recent research in rats suggested that ajwain seeds reduce the food transit time, and improves the activity of digestive enzymes. Carom seeds also increase the secretion of bile acids. These seeds have a very mild alcoholic quality, which helps to relieve stomach pain instantly.

Drinking ajwain water with a small amount of salt offers great benefit for stomach pain and indigestion. Using 1 tsp ajwain seeds with the food is good for the person who is suffering from anorexia and indigestion. It is used to treat colic, diarrhea, and also it gives instant relief from indigestion and acidity.
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Manage Blood Pressure

The ajwain seeds are used to manage the blood pressure level. This seed has the thymol, which helps to reduce the high blood pressure and heart rate.

The ajwain seeds have a great effect on blocking the calcium channel. This property helps to prevent calcium from entering the blood vessel and heart cells. This helps to lower the high blood pressure. 

Treats Cold and Cough

The ajwain seeds have an antitussive that is very effective in treating cough than the codeine, the drug used to treat cough. It clears away the blockage in the respiratory tract that helps to increase the airflow in the lungs, especially for asthma patients.

Taking fried ajwain seeds in the dose of 2 gm for 15-20 days helps to cure the recurrent and chronic cold. Inhaling the flavor of ground ajwain seeds is beneficial for migraine, headache, cough, and cold. Chewing the ajwain seeds with lukewarm water also helps to cure coughs. Ajwain seeds help clear the nasal block. 

Consuming the boiled ajwain seed water helps to relieve cough, and it contributes to chest congestion. This seed is also used to treat the common cold and boost the respiratory system.

Has Anti-inflammatory Effects

Ayomodakam has other important components, such as sterols, terpenes, and glycosides. These components are essential for anti-inflammatory properties.

Some researchers suggested ajwain seed to get relief from arthritis pain. Due to the anti-inflammatory property of these seeds, it helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

Boost Respiratory System

Inhaling the smoke of ajwain seeds acts as a bronchodilator; it helps to ease breathing. Consuming 1 tsp of ajwain seed paste with the jaggery twice a day provides good relief to asthma patients. This is recommended for the person who is suffering from asthma. 

Prevent Kidney Stone

Ajwain seeds prevent the deposition of calcium oxalate and avoid the risk of establishing the kidney stone. By using the ajwain seeds, you can maintain the function of the kidney and helps to reduce renal injury.

The phytochemical compounds of the ajwain seeds help to avoid the retention of stones in the renal tissues and prevent kidney problems. Consuming the ajwain seeds mixed with vinegar and honey for ten days helps to dissolve kidney stones.

Helps to get rid of Alcoholism

The ajwain seeds are an excellent remedy for those who are addicted to alcohol. Using 30 ml of ajwain decoction continuously for 50 days will help you to get rid of alcohol addiction. Excessive alcohol consumption may cause stomach pain. Consuming 1 tsp of ajwain seed with warm water daily will help the patients who are suffering from stomach pain because of alcohol.

Best for Diabetes Mellitus

Polyuria is the main cause of diabetes. Using 1 tsp of ajwain seeds with the 4 tsp of bael leaves juice 2 or 3 times per day will make an effect on the polyuria so that it helps to treat diabetes.

Helps in Weight Loss

The ajwain seeds have an appetite-stimulating property and it has laxative components, which helps to fasten the movement of the bowel. This will avoid the formation of excess fat so that you can use this ajwain seed for weight loss. Using the ajwain seeds regularly will help in obesity.

Cholera Disease

Ajwain seeds have the ability to reduce the impact of intestinal bacterial infection and threadworms. Due to this property, it has a good effect on cholera patients.

Prevent Hyperacidity and Acidity

Consuming ajwain seeds with lukewarm water and salt for 10-15 days will give you better relief from hyperacidity or acidity. The anti-hyperacidity property of ajwain seeds shows good results in acidity and offers instant relief from indigestion. The enzymes of the ajwain help to ease the gastric juice and it improves digestive function. 

Reduce Flatulence and Gas

Ajwain is one of the best herbs for indigestion, flatulence, and gastric problems. The distilled water of the ajwain cures these issues and helps to enhance appetite. The ajwain seeds provide instant relief from indigestion and acidity. 

Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis

The ajwain seeds have an antibiotic property that helps to reduce inflammation and redness. Due to the anesthetic property of the ajwain seeds, it provides good relief from swelling and pain.

Applying the paste of the ajwain seeds on the joint or soaking the hand full of ajwain seeds into the tub of warm water will give good relief from rheumatoid arthritis.

Good for Ear and Toothaches

Two drops of ajwain seed oil provide good relief from ear pain. Gargling the lukewarm water with the 1 tsp of ajwain seeds and salt will give instant relief from tooth-aches. Simply inhaling the smoke of ajwain seeds is good for toothaches. Moreover, it is a good mouthwash, and it used to maintain oral health.

For Cleaning Burns and Wounds

The ajwain seeds have the thymol components; this component is also acting as the strong germicide and fungicide. Therefore, applying the ajwain seeds paste on the skin helps to treat cuts and infections. You can use the ajwain seeds to heal burn and wounds.

Treats Irregular Periods And Excess Bleeding

Oma water is a great remedy, especially for women. Oma water helps to clean the stomach and uterus; it cures the indigestion problem for pregnant women.

Oma water also helps to solve the problem of irregular periods. Oma water is also recommended for the babies to cure gastric problems. Ajwain water is prepared by boiling 2 tsp of roasted ajwain seeds in water.

Cleansing Skin

The ajwain powder helps to lighten the acne scars. Applying the paste of ajwain seeds on the face for 10-15 minutes and then washing your face using cold water; this is an excellent home remedy to get rid of the dirt from the skin.

The potency is one of the best beauty benefits of ajwain; it will reduce the breakout of the acne. Ajwain seeds naturally have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; it helps to prevent swelling and redness. 

Excellent Mosquito Repellent

By using the ajwain seeds, you can make a mosquito repellent at home. Combine the ajwain seeds with the mustard oil and apply them on the cardboard.

Then tie the cardboard in the corner of the room to get rid of mosquitoes. Using this herb as the repellent fills a good scent in the home rather than the fumes from the coil.

Reduce Sexual Problems

Some people complain that they are suffering from sexual disorders. The ajwain seeds help to get rid of this problem. Grind the ajwain seeds with the tamarind kernels and butter.

Then mix the paste with the water and add it to the glass full of milk. Consuming this mixture will help to overcome sexual disability.

Fight Against Bacteria and Fungi

Ajwain seeds have the carvacrol and thymol components, which provide strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties slow down the growth of the fungi and bacteria.

The ajwain seeds get rid of the bacterias like salmonella-culprits and Escherichia coli; these bacterias are the main reason for food poisoning and other health problems.

Some studies prove that the ajwain seeds are more effective against multidrug-resistant strains of bacterias and fundi, such as candida krusei, Candida Albicans, and streptococcus mutans.

Act as Eye Cleaner

Taking care of every part of the body is more important, including eyes. You should clean your eyes every time you wake up in the morning. Washing your eyes using plain water is good, but is it better to wash your eyes using the ajwain seed boiling water. It will clean your eyes and make it lively. 

Helps Headache and Migraine Problems

Ajwain seeds help to deal with belching and migraines. Consuming a mixture of ajwain seeds, ginger, and black salt will help to deal with headaches.

If you feel difficult to consume this mixture, you can mix it in the water and drink it. Smelling the ajwain seed is an effective way to cure migraines.

Smelling the burning smoke of the ajwain seeds provides better and faster results. Most of the people use these ajwain seeds to treat bleaching.

Treat Urination Problems

If you wet your bed daily, then the ajwain seeds are an excellent solution for this problem. Make a mixture of 25 gm of ajwain seeds, 50 gm of black sesame seeds, and 100 gm of jaggery and consume this mixture with water twice per day will help to get rid of the problem of urination on the bed.

Restoring Oral Health

Consuming the ajwain seeds helps to cure some serious tooth problems. Ajwain seed is one of the best herbs that help to reduce the mouth problem than the other options.

If you are maintaining oral health, then consuming the ajwain seeds helps to maintain a healthy mouth for a long time. These seeds help to prevent decay and other mouth-related problems. Consuming the ajwain seeds are highly recommended by dental experts.

Food Taste Enhancer

The Ajwain seed is also used for cooking; it is highly used in Indian dishes. The fried and roasted ajwain seeds can be added in “Panch Phoran.”

This is used as an ingredient to make crackers, biscuits, soups, snacks, pickles, soft drinks, and other Indian dishes. These ajwain seeds are good for digestion so that it can be used in cooking. By adding the ajwain seeds will enhance the taste and quality of the food. 

Remedy for Piles

The ajwain seed powder is an effective remedy to reduce the pain related to piles. Taking carom powder with the buttermilk and rock salt is good medicine to treat piles.

Helps in Breastfeeding

The ajwain seeds help to increase the milk in lactating mothers. Soaking the ajwain seeds in the water and drinking the water twice per day will increase the milk content. The ajwain seed also helps to increase the immune system of both mother and baby. 

Side Effects of Ajwain seed

Consuming a moderate level of ajwain seeds will not cause any side effects. But intake of the excess amount will lead to dizziness, nausea, heartburn, and other liver problems. The ajwain seeds may lead to congenital disabilities, and it causes abortion. Therefore, pregnant women should consult with their doctor before going to use ajwain seeds.

Ajwain seeds for Culinary Recipes

Ajwain is well known for its multiple purposes. It is one of the essential ingredients for the spice and culinary. By using the ajwain seed into the dishes, it helps to increase the taste and flavor of the foods. 

Ajwain Tea

Ajwain tea is well known for its pungent smell. This tea is beneficial for cold treatment; this tea can be drink in all seasons. This tea provides good results in winter and rainy seasons.

Ingredient Needs : 

  • Ginger
  • Ajwain Seed
  • Tea powder
  • Sugar or Honey
  • Milk
  • Water


Step 1: Boil the one and a half cups of water.
Step 2: Mix 1 tsp of green or black tea powder and Boil it.
Step 3: Add some Ajwain seeds and ginger; by adding ginger to enhance the taste of the tea.
Step 4: Added the milk with the honey or sugar for the excellent taste.

Ajwain Paratha

Ajwain Paratha is good for health. When taken, this paratha with the chutney, pickles, or curd will increase the flavor and taste of the dish.

Ingredients : 

  • 3 tsp of crushed Ajwain seeds
  • 3 cups of wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp of chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder
  • 4 tsp of vegetable oil
  • warm water
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • Gram flour
  • Salt


Step 1: Take the wheat flour in the clean plate and mix it with the warm water.
Step 2: Make the mixture of wheat flour, Lumby.
Step 3: Mix the other ingredients with the wheat flour and convert it into the dough.
Step 4: Allow the dough for 15-20 minutes to settle before making the paratha.
Step 5: Make a small dough and roll it in the flat shape.
Step 6: Put it into the pan and cook both sides properly.

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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