Health Benefits of Giloy – The Ultimate Immunity Booster

Giloy is an ayurvedic medicine that has several health benefits and medicinal properties. In India, it is widely called Guduchi. The giloy stem is the most widely used part of this herb. Giloy leaf and giloy root are also used for medicines.

Giloy literally means ‘Amrita,’ which means the root of immortality. People can consume this herb in the form of giloy juice, giloy powder, giloy tablet, giloy syrup, and giloy tea. Due to its medicinal property, this giloy has many health benefits. It helps to treat any types of fevers, improve digestion, maintain gout, treat allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, pcos, asthma, skin problems, etc.

The giloy extract is a good syrup for vision improvement, liver, reduces stress, treats cold and cough, and treats all stomach problems. The giloy juice is the best way of consumption for more health benefits. Giloy juice can be prepared separately and consume it with honey, or you can prepare it with the combination of some herbs like aloe vera, amla, and papaya.

Common Names of Giloy

  • Botanical Name: Tinospora cordifolia
  • Tamil Name: Shindilakodi
  • English Name: camelthorn-bush, Persian mannaplant
  • Hindi Name: Guruch, Giloy
  • Kannada Name: Amrutha Balli
  • Malayalam Name: Chittamruthu, Amruthu
  • Telugu Name: Tippa-teega
  • Odiya Name: Guluchi
  • Punjabi Name: Batindu, Garham, Garum
  • Marathi Name: Giloya
  • Bengali Name: Gulancha
  • Gujrati Name: Gilaya
  • Sanskrit Name: Guḍūcī (गुडूची)
  • Thai Name: Boraphet
  • Nepali Name: Gurjo


The giloy plant belongs to the Menispermaceae family and the Tinospora genus. The giloy scientific name is Tinospora cordifolia, and it is commonly known as heart-leaved moonseed, gurjo, or Guduchi. It is widely grown in the tropical regions of Indian subcontinents. It is a large, extensively-spreading, climbing herb, which spreads with the twining branches.

This plant can easily be identified in the crowd by its heart-shaped leaves. The leaves of this giloy are in perfect heart shape, and it is alternatively arranged in the branches. The size of the leaf is 6-inch long. The giloy fruit is reddish in color, and its size is like a pea.

People can easily grow this herb in the pot at home. Make sure, when identifying the giloy, because many creepers are in heart shape. The only difference is their stem. In villages, some creepers have heart-shaped leaves, with stems red in color, but the giloy stem is green in color. So look closely at the plant while identifying it.

Giloy Chemical Constituents

The amazing medicinal benefits of the giloy are only because of the chemical compounds present in this herb. Further, some of the active chemical compounds are explained below. Other compounds like giloin and tinosporic acid are also present in the giloy.

1. Glycosides
The glycosides of this herb are responsible for the anti-cancer properties, and also it helps to effectively treat some neurological problems. The glycosides present in this herb are tinocordiside, 18-norclerodane glucoside, cordioside, tinocordifolioside, palmatoside, etc.

2. Alkaloids
The giloy stem and root contain the maximal amount of alkaloids. Some of the alkaloids found in the giloy are choline, berberine, tembetarine, palmatine, tetrahydropalmatine, magnoflorine, tetrahydropalmatine, tinosporin, isocolumbin, etc. These alkaloids are responsible for the anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties of this herb.

3. Aliphatic Compounds
The aliphatic compounds present in this herb are heptacosanol, octacosanol, etc. It is present in all parts of this herb, which is also responsible for the anti-inflammatory and protective properties.

4. Steroids
Some of the steroids found in the giloy are ecdysterone, hydroxy ecdysone, giloinsterol, etc. The maximal amount of these compounds are found in the giloy stem, which helps to reduce inflammation and has a protective effect.

5. Diterpenoid Lactones
Some of the important Diterpenoid Lactones of this herb are furanolactone, clerodane derivatives, tinosporides, etc. These compounds are present in the whole parts of the plant, which is responsible for the anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-hypertensive properties.


Due to the presence of active compounds like steroids and alkaloids in various parts of giloy, it has wonderful medicinal uses. The giloy has amazing medicinal properties, such as anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-stress, anti-HIV, anti-arthritic, antispasmodic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, antimicrobial, antipyretic, anti-allergic, anti-tumor, antimalarial, and liver-protective properties.

1. Anti-allergy Property

The Giloy has a high amount of anti-allergy properties, so it is an effective herbal medicine to treat allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is a disease in which the nose gets inflamed because of the allergens. These allergens in the nose cause sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and swelling. Consuming the giloy juice or giloy powder will help you to get relief from those symptoms. The giloy stem has maximal anti-allergic property, which is better to use for treatment.

2. Anti-diabetic Property

Giloy is a boon for diabetic patients, which has anti-diabetic properties in all parts of this herb. So people who are interested to take ayurvedic treatment for diabetes can consult this giloy. It helps to reduce the blood sugar level and also prevents you from many diabetic complications. Neuropathy is one of the main problems for diabetic patients. The medicinal properties of the giloy effectively prevent you from nervous problems.

3. Anti HIV Property

Another interesting property of this giloy is the ability to treat HIV patients. A study conducted with 68 HIV patients proves that consuming the giloy extract for 6 months will reduce some drastic side effects related to this disease. 60% of people have experienced these results in this study. The ayurvedic formulation for HIV is also done using giloy.

4. Anti-cancer property

Due to the presence of an extensive amount of bioactive compounds and the anti-cancer properties of this herb is used to treat cancer. Studies have proved that giloy effectively fights against cancer cells. It can also be used to treat hepatocellular carcinoma, prostate cancer, skin cancer, etc. Another amazing benefit of this giloy is its protective effect. It effectively helps to reduce some side effects caused by cancer treatments.

5. Antimicrobial Property

Giloy is one of the best ayurvedic medicines to treat skin problems. The antimicrobial property of this herb effectively fights against some gram-positive bacterias such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella Typhi, etc. You can take this giloy both internally and externally, which gives a great result in both ways. Applying giloy paste on the skin will help to treat skin infections. The topical application of the giloy proves that this herb effectively treats scabies and other skin problems.

6. Anti-Arthritic Property

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb, it is widely used to treat arthritis in Ayurveda. Anyhow, there are a lot of medicines used to treat rheumatoid, but most of them can cause some serious side effects. But the ayurvedic formulation using giloy effectively treats arthritic with no side effects.

7. Anti-stress Property

Another useful benefit is its anti-stress property. The giloy will help to reduce both physical and mental stress. Some bioactive compounds of this herb help to improve cardiovascular performance and reduce physical stress. A study conducted with a group of people consuming 150 mg of giloy extract for 28 days have shown great improvement, especially in athletes.

8. Neuro-protective Property

Giloy has a good amount of neuroprotective properties. People who are suffering from neuro-generative problems, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc can experience better results with this. Giloy increases the dopamine level in the body that exhibits the neuro protection level, and also helps to reduce oxidative stress. These are also more helpful in locomotor activity. Consuming the giloy extract can gain great benefit.

9. Anti-diarrheal & Anti-ulcer Property

Giloy tea is a traditional remedy for diarrhea and stomach ulcer. The Traditional medicine system of tropical Myanmar, India, and Sri Lanka use fresh giloy stem extract to treat stomach ulcers. Some recent studies have also proved that it decreases the gastric volume, total acidity level and increases the pH of gastric content in the stomach.
People who are suffering from stomach ulcers because of the stressful life and consumption of processed foods can consume the giloy tea for a few days to get good results.

10. Antipyretic & Analgesic Property

The giloy also has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic properties. The giloy extract helps to reduce inflammation, pain, and fever. Traditional people have consumed giloy tea to cure fever. It also has shown good results for headaches and body pain, which is common during fever. Usually, people use fresh giloy stem to prepare giloy tea. It is also used to treat dengue fever too.

11. Antidepressant Property

Giloy is a boon for the brain. It is used to treat both physical and mental problems. It is more helpful for people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and acute stress. A study proves that petroleum ether extract has an effect on treating depression. This extract reduces the monoamine oxidase monoamines level in the brain and increases the monoamine level. This in turn reduces the depression. Using this giloy in your diet helps to cure diseases with no side effects.


Giloy For Immunity

Giloy is an universal herb to boost immunity which is the first important benefit of giloy. It is a powerhouse of the antioxidant property, that can effectively fight against free-radicals. Hence your body cells will be healthy and strong enough to fight against dangerous diseases. This giloy also removes the dangerous toxins from the liver and kidney, purifies the blood, and treats urinary tract infections. Experts use this giloy to treat heart problems, and is also more helpful to treat infertility. 

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Giloy Treat Chronic Fever

Giloy tea is used to treat chronic fever. The antipyretic property of this giloy helps to reduce the symptoms of some serious health problems. It increases the platelet level in the blood and reduces the symptoms of dengue fever. Consuming the giloy powder or extract with honey will treat malaria, swine flu, etc.

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Improves Digestion

In this modern lifestyle, most people deal with indigestion problems, which creates a lot of discomforts. Giloy helps to maintain the digestive system and gives you better relief from colitis, hyperacidity, abdominal pain, worm infestations, excessive thirst, loss of appetite, and vomit. 

Consuming half gram of giloy powder with amla powder and jaggery in the morning will help you to get better relief from constipation. You can also take the giloy juice with buttermilk to treat stomach problems. It is also used as a good remedy for piles patients. 

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Giloy For Diabetics

Studies prove that giloy acts as a hypoglycemic agent to reduce the blood sugar level. Diabetic patients can use giloy to reduce the blood sugar level. But if the diabetic patients have consumed it already then visit medical professionals frequently to notify the changes. The patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes can drink the giloy juice to reduce the blood sugar and lipids level. It also prevents the diabetic patients from nerve problems. 

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Giloy Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Giloy is used as an adaptogenic herb, which helps to reduce anxiety and mental stress. It removes toxins and boosts your memory. Regular consumption of giloy syrup keeps your mind calm.

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Treats Respiratory Problem

Giloy is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory property. It helps to reduce some breathing problems, such as cold, frequent cough, tonsils, etc. 

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Treats Asthma Problem

Asthma is one of the dangerous health problems for the human being. It causes shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, coughing, etc. It is very difficult to breathe in such conditions. In Ayurveda, giloy is used to treat asthma and now it is also used by experts to treat asthma. The experts recommended drinking  giloy juice or to chew giloy root to get relief from asthma. 

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Giloy for Arthritis

Arthritis is a major problem for older people. It can cause unbearable pain while moving. The anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb relieves you from the symptoms of arthritis. Consuming the giloy stem powder with milk will reduce joint pain. giloy powder with ginger is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Giloy Promote Sexual Health

Giloy has a good level of aphrodisiac property. In Ayurveda, it is well known for promoting sexual health. It is used as an effective medicine to treat several sexual problems like involuntary ejaculation, impotence. 

Giloy Improves Vision

Giloy is also used to treat eye problems. In most parts of India, people apply giloy on their eyes to improve their vision clarity. Boil some giloy in water, allow it to cool and then apply it on the eyelids. This will show good results for your eye problem. 

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Giloy For Weight Loss

The giloy juice has proved to reduce fatty liver disease that is caused due to high sugar diets. So you can use this giloy in your diet for weight loss. The fructose is the main reason for the fatty liver, which is caused due to the increase of visceral fat. This visceral fat is the most dangerous one. The high amount of fructose in the body is also the reason for heavy weight. The giloy greatly avoids this issue. 

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Giloy Benefits for Skin

Giloy is the best herb to treat skin problems. You can use this herb both internally and externally to treat skin infections. Take the giloy and powder it with the pestle or mortar. Fry the mix using a small amount of neem oil and apply it over the wound. 

By applying this mixture over the wound it keeps the baterias away. After applying, cover the wound with a large betel leaf, which is a good remedy to heal the wound quickly. 

Fry the giloy leaves using castor oil and make it as a warm compress that helps to treat gout and arthritis. Preparing tincture using high proof alcohol and giloy can treat inflammations. Using fresh giloy leaves will surely spoil the tincture. So remember that you should not use the fresh one for tincture. The internal consumption of the giloy helps to treat psoriasis. 

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Giloy Reduces Aging Effect

Giloy contains anti-aging property, which helps to reduce pimples, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Applying the giloy paste on the skin will provide you with the glowing skin you want.

Giloy For Allergies

Giloy gives better relief from allergies. It is a good remedy for nasal allergies that helps to treat sneezing, teary eyes, itchy eyes and ears.


What is Neem Giloy?

Giloy is a creeper type herb that commonly creeps over neem trees. Giloy found over the neem tree is called as neem giloy.

Ancient people believed the giloy growing on the neem tree as the best one with a lot of medicinal properties. But the research does not prove this, it’s just an ancient belief.

What is Giloy Juice?

Giloy juice is nothing but the stem extract along with water. Giloy is a creeper herb belonging to the family menispermaceae. It can be widely grown on shrubs and trees, you can easily identify this herb by its heart shaped leaves and red color fruits. Giloy juice is prepared by using its stem and it is the mostly used part of this herb.


Giloy Power
You can also buy the giloy powder on the market, but making it your own gives more satisfaction. You can make the giloy powder easily with simple steps. First collect the fresh giloy stems and dry it under the sun until the stem eliminates water molecules. Grind the dried stems to a fine powder. Sieve the substance to get the fine powder before storing it. If you keep this powder away from water, then it can last for a few weeks.

Giloy Juice
Giloy juice is one the best ways to consume. There are many companies selling giloy juice in the market, but you can easily prepare giloy juice at home. Drinking the homemade giloy juice gives more benefit than buying giloy juice in markets.
There are two types of giloy juices available in the market, one made with amla that is called as giloy amla juice and one is prepared using neem with giloy that is called as neem giloy juice. You can prepare both the juices at home. Also you can try giloy aloe vera juice and giloy papaya leaf juice too.

How to Prepare Giloy Juice at home?

1. First collect the fresh giloy root or giloy stem and cut them into small pieces.
2. Put those pieces into the mixer and grind them without adding water to mash up and then add a small amount of water and grind them to a smooth paste.
3. Strain the giloy juice using a filter.
4. If you prefer a sweet taste, then you can add some honey to it.

This is the basic process of giloy juice, you can add any herbs to prepare giloy juices.

How To Prepare Giloy Tea?

Giloy Tea is very easy to prepare at home and it does not have any bitter taste.
1. First, take the fresh giloy stem and use 5-6 bruised giloy stem for a cup of tea.
2. Cut the giloy stem around 1.5 inches length.
3. Crush 2 tsp of palm candy, 5 pepper corns, and 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds. Now, mash all the giloy stems.
4. Boil the water and add crushed giloy, peppercorns, palm candy, and cumin seeds and allow it to boil.
5. Boil the substance until the water reduces half.
6. Filter the substance and add honey if you need the sweetest taste.

Giloy Tablets

Giloy is also available in tablet form in the market. Many indian companies produce giloy tablets. Pathanjali is a very famous company for giloy tablets and most people love to use patanjali giloy tablets. Moreover, some companies introduce the giloy formulation in the form of tablets like giloy kwath. But it is better to take the tables after consulting with your ayurvedic doctor.

Giloy Satva Or Seenthil Kodi Sakkarai

Giloy satva is a famous medicine in southern India. The name of this formation is called sugar, but in reality, it does not contain any sugar substances. The preparation process is very difficult, first grind the giloy stem with water and allow it to settle down. Then take the settled down substances and clean it again and again. Dry the final product that comes as a fine white powder. Hence it is very difficult to prepare at home, so it is better to buy Giloy from an ayurvedic shop.

Giloy Syrup

The giloy syrup can also be bought from the market, but most of the syrup is not prepared only by using giloy. The giloy syrup in the market has combinations of some other herbs such as amla, tulsi, wheatgrass, and neem. The combination of this herb depends on the brand that you are going to buy. So, you have to do more research according to your needs before purchasing it.

Giloy / Guduchi – In Ayurveda

Guduchi / giloy is widely used in the ayurvedic medicinal system, and it has an astringent effect, aids in digestion, alleviating Vata, Kapha, and curing constipation. Giloy is also called as “root of immortality,” which has numerous health benefits. 

Ayurvedic Properties

Rasa (Taste): Kashaya (Astringent), Tikta (Bitter)
Guna (Qualities): Laghu (Light), Snigdha (Oily, Unctuous)
Vipaka (Taste conversion after digestion): Madhura (Sweet)
Veerya (Potency): Ushna (Hot)
Effect on Tridosha: Balances Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)

Ayurvedic Formulation

Some of the important ayurvedic formulations of the giloy are Guduchi Satva, which is made from giloy stem, Guduchi Ghirta is the combination of giloy with ghee. The Guduchi Ghana is the water extract of giloy, Amtra Vasti is used to treat arthritis, and Shilajatu Rasayana is used to treat HIV. But it is better to consult with your ayurvedic doctor for the correct dosage level. If you are planning to use the giloy ayurvedic formulation for a long period of time, then you should consult with your ayurvedic doctor to know the correct formulation and dosage for your health problem.

Ayurvedic Indications

  • Raktapitta (bleeding disorders)
  • Rasayani (Rejuvenative)
  • Balya (Improves strength)
  • Agnideepani (Improves digestion power)
  • Amahara (relieves Ama)
  • Trut hara (relieves excessive thirst)
  • Dahahara (relieves burning sensation)
  • Mehahara (Treats diabetes, urinary tract disorders)
  • Kasahara (Relieve cough)
  • Paunduhara (Relieves anemia)
  • Kamala (Treats jaundice and liver disease)
  • Kushta (Cures skin diseases)
  • Vatarakta (Aids in gout-arthritis)
  • Jvara (Cures fever)
  • Krimihara (Relieve intestinal worms)
  • Vamihara (Relieve vomiting)
  • Shwasa (Aids in dyspnoea, asthma, Bronchitis)
  • Kasa (Cough, cold)
  • Arsha (Piles, hemorrhoids)
  • Krichra (Difficulty in excreting urine)
  • Hrudya (Useful in heart diseases)
  • Chakshushya (Improves vision)
  • Vayasthapana (Anti aging, Rejuvenating)
  • Vrushya (Aphrodisiac)

Giloy Side Effects

The giloy has a lot of health benefits, but it does not mean that it does not have any side-effects. This herb is good for diabetic patients but it is better to use after consulting with an Ayurvedic doctor. Consuming giloy may cause stomach irritation and constipation, these side-effects will cause based on the dosage of giloy that you consume.
Over dosage of giloy also over-stimulate the immune system and causes over action. Due to this, it can cause some symptoms like multiple sclerosis, lupus, and increases rheumatoid arthritis.

Giloy has the antifertility properties, but it will be reversed once you stop taking it. People who are trying to get pregnant should avoid any form of giloy. Pregnant women and feeding mothers also avoid consuming giloy.

Giloy Dosage

Generally, doctors suggest to have 5 gms of giloy powder per day and consume it with honey. The Dosage of giloy water extract is 1-2 tbsp per day. The giloy tablets are like giloy ghan can take 1-2 tablets per day. But before giving giloy to your child consult your doctor for dosage. Mostly doctors suggest giving 500mg per day for kids.

These are the general dosage level, but it will vary based on the disease that you are going to treat. So it is always good to get advice from the Ayurvedic doctor before using it. Normally, doctors suggest using 60 to 90 days to improve your immune system.


Giloy is known as the queen of all herbs. It is a safe herbal remedy with no serious side effects. Here we have provided the medicinal properties, health benefits of giloy, and also its preparations. Surely it will help you to get better relief from your health issues. But, as we said already, you should consult your ayurvedic doctor before using it.

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