Top Natural Remedies to Stop Vomiting


Vomiting is one of the major problems that most people are familiar with. It is never pleasant and it can arise at any situation during travel and mostly in pregnancy. We can’t control vomiting and continuous vomiting leads to dehydration, so make sure that you are drinking enough water while vomiting. You can follow the tips given below to overcome or stop vomiting.

Over Eating – A Common Cause of Vomiting

Vomiting is caused due to many reasons, most commonly due to acid reflux and overeating. Unknowingly sometimes we consume food beyond the ability of our stomach. This is difficult for our digestive system to digest food, so it causes vomiting. So, don’t cross your limit of eating food. 

Consuming other beverages and foods, such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, also causes vomiting. Naturally, alcohol has the ability to disrupt the lining in the gut, and it leads you to a dangerous situation.

Many people suffer from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. These are some of the inherent reasons for vomiting. Individuals suffering from these ailments forcefully push out the food they consume and leads to an unusual body structure. Other than the aforementioned cases, people who suffer from this disorder can also cause headaches, tumors, appendicitis, and migraines.


Here are some home remedies that help you to overcome the rid of vomiting and provide instant relief. According to Ayurveda, we can easily get rid of vomiting with some herbs or spices that are available in your home. Read the following tips to know those ingredients that help you to override this problem.

Take a Deep Breath

Breathing fresh air through your nose and into your lungs is very essential for the normal functioning of the body. When you breathe, the abdomen will expand. Inhale and exhale slowly through your mouth or nose and repeat it until you feel good. This helps you to relax your whole body. 

Taking a deep breath will relax your belly after each exhaling. Research shows that taking a deep breath from the diaphragm stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.This exercise helps you to maintain the biological response that causes motion-related sickness. 

Taking a deep breath also allows you to calm the anxiety that occurs when you feel sick. Next time when you feel vomiting, calm yourself and take a deep control breath to get easy relief from the vomiting sensation. 


  • Take a piece of ginger and crush it then mix it with water.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey and stir it
  • Drink this water whenever you feel to vomit

Ginger has the quality to give instant relief from the irritation of the stomach and also stops vomit. You can also take ginger tea when you feel vomiting. Asian culture has discovered the benefits of the healing properties of ginger centuries ago and it has been used for easy digestive problems. 

Ginger has natural antiemetic that has shogaols and gingerols which helps to enhance gastric emptying and stimulate gastric contractions. After vomiting don’t take ginger, leave it for some time and then take it to get relief.


  • Take some clove and chew it
  • Put some cloves in hot water and drink that water
  • Prepare fresh clove tea and drink it

Cloves are the folk home remedies for vomiting and nausea. When you feel vomiting, take a few pieces of clove and put it in your mouth and suck it for a long time. The aroma and the cloves taste can give immediate relief from vomiting.

Cloves give a change to your taste buds too. It also reduces the sensitivity of your mouth. Drink fresh clove tea to get relief from vomiting. Take one cup of hot water and add some clove and leave it for some time. Then strain the water and then drink it.

Cloves are renowned for their antiseptic properties that provide a positive effect to your digestive system and make your stomach chill. This helps to stop vomiting. The cloves are recommended by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to stop vomiting sensation.


Lemon has antioxidants that help in cleaning your stomach. Lemon has a high amount of Vitamin C which helps to boost your immune system and cures stomach related problems that cause vomit.

Drink a glass of water with some lemons squeezed into it. If needed, you can add honey to improve the taste of lemonade. Vitamins and minerals present in lemon act as an obstacle and thus stop vomiting immediately.

  • Take a lemon and make it into slices
  • Squeeze it in a glass of water, and if needed add a tablespoon of honey for taste.
  • Mix it well and slowly intake this mixture

Fennel Seed

Fennel seed has some medicinal properties among the health benefits of treating vomiting. It helps to stimulate digestion and provides relief from aches and pain that causes vomiting. It is the best home remedy to treat vomiting. You can take fennel tea to avoid vomiting. It helps to refresh the taste buds of your mouth and make you feel better. While vomiting we may get dehydrated and can be fatal, so to control your body from dehydration, consume fennel tea, it will help you to hydrate your body.

  • Take a few fennel seeds and crush it
  • Add it to water and boil it for 10 mins
  • strain and drink it.


Cinnamon is used as an effective home remedy for vomiting and nausea.In ayurvedic medicine, cinnamon is said to have stimulating properties that offer various health benefits. That is why cinnamon is given to pregnant womens who have fallen in morning sickness.

  • Take a small piece of cinnamon
  • Boil it with water for 10 minutes
  • Add two tablespoon of honey
  • Remove the cinnamon stick from water and then add sweetener if you need
  • Sip and drink the tea slowly.

Cumin Seed

Cumin seed is used as the best home remedy for treating digestive problems like morning sickness, diarrhea, and other stomach-related problems. Its therapeutic effect is because of its stimulant, carminative, and astringent properties. In Indian cuisine, cumin is used as the flavoring component as it has various health benefits. When you feel a vomiting sensation, take this Cumin seed to control yourself. 

  • Take 2 Tablespoon of cumin powder
  • Add it to one glass of clean, warm water
  • Stir it well and drink.

If it is possible, take some cumin seed and make a fresh cumin powder and then use it. Fresh powder is even more effective in treating vomit.

Rice Water

If you are suffering from gastritis or some other stomach infection that causes your body to lose water due to vomiting and diarrhea, then you’ve to replenish your body with some essential nutrients. You can take rice water that really works well in stopping vomit. It also affects the irritated stomach lining that exerts a gastroprotective on your stomach and protects you from vomiting.

  • Take one cup of rice, wash it three times.
  • Boil the rice with one and 1/2 cup of water.
  • Once the rice is cooked, strain the excess water from the rice and drink it.
  • It stops vomiting completely.

Drink more Fluids

If you are severely affected by vomiting, then your body gets dehydrated. It is critical to overcome this situation; so you have to drink plenty of fluids. If you feel that you’re coming back to normal, then continuously sip the fluids slowly so that you can hydrate your body. Drinking too many fluids when your stomach is upset also causes vomiting. Make sure that you are consuming the required amount of fluids. Drink these fluids to keep yourself hydrated

  • Mint tea
  • lemonade
  • water
  • ginger tea

You can also drink them with ice cubes to make yourself hydrated.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are one of the traditional home remedies to prevent vomiting. Mint leaves have the effect of relaxation which helps your stomach muscles to relax. So bile breaks down all the unwanted fats from your body and helps to move the food quickly from the stomach, so your stomach will be relaxed. You can also use mint leaf oil to treat vomiting.

  • Take some dried mint leaves
  • Boil it with water
  • Strain and drink it

You can also prepare mint tea or chew a fresh mint leaf to get relief from vomiting.


Vomiting is caused for many reasons, and it often makes you feel tired and discomfort. You can treat vomit without using medications. Home remedy is more effective in treating vomit.
So you can consider a doctor if vomiting is caused because of stomach flu or food poisoning. Don’t forget to drink enough water or fluids to avoid dehydration. I think you could have known some home remedies that help to treat vomiting.

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