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Spiked Ginger Lily Powder is a great boon for dull hair and skin. It promotes the growth of your hair and makes it thick and shiny. It also gives you glowing skin. 

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Botanical Name         :  Hedychium Spicatum

Tamil Name                :  பூலங்கிழங்கு / Poolankilangu / Seemai Kichchili Kizhangu

English Name            :  Spiked Ginger Lily/ Erfume Ginger

Malayalam Name      :  കച്ചോലം / Katcholam, Katchooram

Hindi Name                :  कपूरकचरी संधरलिका / Kapurkachari Sandharlika, White Haldi

Telugu Name             :  కచ్చురాలు / గంధ కచ్చురాలు / Kachuralu / Gandha Kachuralu


Ginger lily belongs to Asia and the Himalayas is a perennially attractive plant that grows from 120 cm to 180 cm and has the botanical name Hedychium Spicatum. Its green leaves have a surface size of about 30 cm, and small hardy ginger is found in the root of the plant.

Also, this medicinal plant has large and beautiful flowers in orange and white. The flowers have an attractive aroma which makes them attractive to others. The plant grows in all seasons such as full sun and filtered shade. Although ginger lily is commonly grown as a medicinal plant, some of their species are grown as ornamental plants.

General Health Benefits of Ginger Lily

  • Dry powder of ginger lily is used to treat acute ailments like liver disorders and indigestion.
  • Ginger Lily acts as a powerful vasodilator and cures digestive problems and stomach pains.
  • The plant is used to treat appetite, nausea, vomiting, halitosis, inflammation, and appendicitis.
  • Its dry ginger powder acts as a stimulant for the cells and is tonic for the Expectorant, Carminative, Emmenagogue, and Stomach Pain.
  • Ginger lily rhizomes are used as a green or dry ingredient or powder to treat asthma and internal injuries.
  • Rhizome powder acts as a serious antiseptic agent and is effective in treating aches, injuries, and swelling.
  • Its rootstocks are effective in treating bronchitis and later in reducing pain.
  • Dry powder of ginger lily is used in skin care and skin diseases.

Specific Health Benefits of Ginger Lily

1. For Diabetes

Ginger Lily lowers blood glucose levels to help people with diabetes, and it has anti-cancer properties. Although the upper part of the plant is used medically, its root and stem are the most used. White yellow volatile oil produced and distilled from the roots of the plant has healthy medicinal uses.

2. For Skin & Hair

Ginger Lily is useful in repairing dry skin, skin rashes, and irritated skin conditions, and in treating skin pigmentation. This powder is used to remove unwanted hair on the face and skin. Ginger Lily powder is also widely used for children’s skin.

3. For Cancer

The ginger lily powder has historically been used to treat allergies, emission problems, vomiting, cold, cough, and fever. The juice extracted from its roots is used to emit bad worms, and the juice is effective in preventing cancer.

The juice extracted by crushing its leaves cures Hansen’s disease and inflammation. Its leaves can be prepared as grinding paste and used as a remedy for skin problems. It helps prevent all skin infections and keep you healthy.

How to use Spiked Ginger Lily Powder

Take a little amount of Spiked ginger lily powder and mix it well with water to achieve a thick paste. Apply it to your hair and leave it to dry. Then wash it off after 30 minutes.
It also works well on your skin. Mix this powder on your regular face pack and use it. It gives you an instant glow and shine.

Side Effects

There are no side effects in using this product, and you can consider the medical advice for the usage of this product during pregnancy.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methods

The harvesting method is done manually by our farmers to achieve a superior quality of the herb. The raw ginger lily herb is handpicked and then processed with no chemical interactions. It is then preserved in the powder form and packed carefully in a bag to ensure freshness. All our products are 99% natural and can offer a healthy lifestyle. 

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