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Fill your daily food routine with nutritional products that ensure your healthy lifestyle in this modern environment. Consider adding various herbs and spices which have lots of ayurvedic properties that ensure better living. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient, traditional systems of medicine used to treat various health-related issues in the human body. Unani and Siddha are also the oldest medicinal systems which are practiced in India.According to those medicinal practices, each and every plant which grows in the world possesses some benefits to humans when used in proper quantities. Ayurveda not only treats diseases but also prevents and protects humans from various disorders.

Balance Your Dosha with Proper Food

Ayurveda has been practiced for thousands of years and it executes on three doshas which are the derivatives of five elements of the earth. They are
  • Vata – Air, Ether
  • Pitta – Fire, Water
  • Kapha – Earth, Water
The dosha balance for each and every person is unique. This unique natural dosha balance of an individual depends on the lifestyle, body type, and habits of those persons. When the dosha balance gets lost, health issues will occur. At that time, this traditional medical system is used to normalize body functions with proper food and other activities like yoga and meditations.Based on the Ayurvedic medicinal system, digestion is a significant process in preventing disease. The efficient digestion process happens with the help of element fire (Agni – sun) and the Dosha balance. When the Sun is at peak (during the afternoon), the power of Agni is stronger. Therefore eating heavy food during afternoon time gets digested easier.Improper digestion may cause AMA i.e., toxin (partially digested food and acts against the immune system) which is the main reason for diseases and degeneration. Undigested food may be accumulated as a toxic substance. The Ayurvedic system uses natural ingredients to balance Dosha, provide better digestion, and prevent toxic stagnation in the body.

Ahara (Food) – Main Pillar of Life

Ahara is the foremost pillar of life. According to Ayurveda, there are three pillars of life including food, sleep (Nidra), and regulated sexual life (Bhramcharya). There are four forms of food namely
  • Eatables(Ashita)
  • Chewable(Khadita)
  • Drinkable(Peeta)
  • Lickable(Leedha)
When foods are consumed in proper proportions, it provides nourishment to your body tissues, enhances growth, and balances dosha. Foods are the supreme medicine in the earth which has all the nutrients that are essential for human life. Modern lifestyle change and junk food habits cause imbalance in dosha which can be prevented by proper Ahara routine. Ayurveda suggests that food should be chosen based on the need-ability and dosha of the individual. Wrong food choice and combination may cause several problems. The food should be eaten based on time and season.

Properties of Ahara

  • Taste (Rasa): According to Ayurveda, there are six tastes including sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent.
  • Qualities (Guna): There are three Gunas of food including Sattva (purity), Rajas(Mode of passion), and Tamas (lethargy) which enhances the properties of a material.
  • Potency (Virya)
  • Post digestive effect (Vipaka)
  • Therapeutic action (Karma)
According to Ayurveda, the classification of all the properties not only applicable to foods, but also to all materials.

Herbs for a Healthy Life

From ancient times, people have been using Ayurvedic herbs for all kinds of diseases because it gives solutions to all varieties of diseases. Old medicinal systems offer medicines to diseases that were even not able to be cured by the modern medicinal field. The herbal medicines are prepared from plant’s leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, bark, and gum. These herbal medicines have the ability to balance the mind and the spirit. Some of the important Ayurvedic herbs which provide healthy life are listed below.


Cinnamon bark provides an extraordinary flavor to your foods. This popular spice is found in spicy recipes and baked recipes. Cinnamon has many medicinal values such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties. It has a chemical substance known as cinnamaldehyde which treats and prevents various diseases. Cinnamon aids to control the cholesterol level and triglycerides in the blood. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels by improving insulin secretion and slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. It also treats diarrhea, gas troubles, common cold, and protects from cancer. Cinnamon oil is used in the preparation of toothpaste, medicines, mouthwashes, lotions, soaps, detergents, and cosmetics.Dosage: 2 to 6 g per day. How to use: Add it to your food or make tea with cinnamon.


The roots and berries of Ashwagandha plant are the famous ayurvedic herb. Adaptogenic properties of ashwagandha reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and provide better sleep. It also improves memory power, muscle growth, and fertility in males.The antibiotic effect of ashwagandha root increases insulin secretion and reduces blood sugar levels. It may reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Other health benefits of Ashwagandha Powder include decreasing BP level, increasing RBC and melanin, reducing bad cholesterol, aids in weight gain, treating rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.How to use: Boil 5g of ashwagandha powder with 100 ml of water for a few minutes, then filter it and drink it as a tea twice a day before having food.


Sage is a herbal plant and the leaves of these plants are used to treat various diseases. The name Sage is derived from the Latin word Salvere (meaning – to save). The extract obtained from the leaves is used to improve cognitive function and memory capacities. In Alzheimer’s patients, sage blocks the breakdown of acetylcholine and enhances the brain functions.The healing properties of sage prevent the plague and it also treats digestive problems such as loss of appetite, gas troubles, stomach pain, heartburn, and diarrhea. The anti-depression properties present in the Sage make it as the best depression curing herbs. For Women’s, Sage is used to treat menstrual problems and increase milk secretion for feeding mothers.Sage is a medicinal herb but it is used as a popular spice in western cuisines. It is also used in the soap and cosmetics industries for their fragrances. Consuming Sage will reduce bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and increase good HDL cholesterol.


Garlic is an excellent medicinal ingredient that can be added to your daily food preparations. It is the best medicine for flatulence problems, and it also overcomes sickness & maintains your body healthy. In ancient days, it is used for its medicinal properties including anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antioxidant. The chemical component allicin present in garlic which gives a pungent smell is a reason for its health values.It treats common cold problems, enhances heart health by reducing high cholesterol levels and pressure levels in the blood. It also makes your bone stronger, enhances brain functions, and reduces the aging process.


Peppermint is an aromatic herb and it is available in three forms: oils, extract, and capsule. It is used in ancient medicinal systems and aromatherapy. The pleasant fragrances of mint give great relief from depression.The menthol found in peppermint possesses relaxation properties which relaxes the smooth colon muscles that cure irritable bowel syndrome pain and reduce nausea. Peppermint leaves also used to treat flatulence, abdominal bloating, menstrual pains, diarrhea, depression, muscle pain, and indigestion.Rubbing the essential oil over the chest, neck, and back treats cold and cough. Prepare a tea with fresh or dried leaves of peppermint or use it as a spice while cooking. It also treats headaches, vomiting, and cures skin irritations.


Turmeric is a traditional ayurvedic spice that has many compounds with health values. The main compound present in turmeric is curcumin which has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. Turmeric is used in almost all the curry preparation which gives the curry yellow color. Turmeric improves blood circulation, prevents heart diseases, and treats depression.Turmeric Powder improves brain-derived neurotrophic factor that increases brain function. This factor may be the reason for Alzheimer’s and depression issues. Turmeric also regulates the menstrual cycle. Wild turmeric is one variety of turmeric which is used to treat wounds and skin problems like pimples, tans, scars, etc.


Holy Basil is used for thousands of years for its medicinal and spiritual values. It is also called a sacred herb or queen of herbs which fights against infections and boosts immune power. Basil Leaf Powder also reduces blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels; treats anxiety and depression.Holy basil prevents bacteria and yeast developments. The flavonoids such as rientin and viceninare present in basil protect white blood cells and improve immunity power. And the phytochemicals in basils prevent cancer. It also provides calming properties that reduce the production of cortisol thus it provides effective sleep.


The botanical name of Bitter melon is Momordica charantia which is prepared as the main dish in Asian countries. The main advantages of consuming bitter melon powder are reducing glucose levels in the blood by enhancing the secretion of insulin in beta cells. Don’t take bitter melon while injecting insulin into your body.This bitter vegetable or spice is filled with nutrients and antioxidants. Sometimes, it may lower triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps in weight loss and fights against cancer.The bittermelon paste is used to cure various skin problems, wounds, psoriasis, and ringworm. It helps in digestive problems by improving digestive strength, stimulates bile flow, treats worm infestation, and cleanse the liver.


Ginger is a medicinal, aromatic spice that is an effective home remedy for various health issues. It aids in weight loss, headache, stomach related issues, cold, cough, and throat infection. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger give relief from swollen joints, joint pain, and chest pain.It contains the bioactive compound gingerol which has various medicinal properties and provides a distinct flavor. This compound has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking ginger tea regularly will give better relief from morning sickness.


Fenugreek is most widely used in the Ayurvedic system to improve libido and masculinity problems. Eating soaked fenugreek in an empty stomach will give a cooling effect and helps in decreasing blood glucose level, and boosts testosterone levels. In breastfeeding mothers, it also used to enhance milk production.Fenugreek consists of protein 4-hydroxy isoleucine that improves the function of the insulin in pancreatic beta cells. Intaking or applying fenugreek paste over the hair reduces hair fall and makes your skin glower.


Rosemary possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which enhance digestion and blood circulation. It is enriched with calcium, iron, and vitamin B6. Rosemary has an active compound rosmarinic acid which effectively treats allergy and nasal congestion.Rosemary is also used in the manufacturing of perfumes and body spray. The extract prepared from rosemary is applied to the scalp to treat baldness and improve hair growth. Tea can be prepared by boiling rosemary leaves with water may refresh your body. It also eliminates toxins in the body, improves brain functions, treats depression, and boosts immunity.


It is a famous herbal medicine which is also known as the herb of longevity. Medicine is prepared from the leaves of the Centella Asiatica plant which is tasteless and odorless. It may improve the memory of the people after a stroke. Gotu Kola enhances memory, reduces stress, controls depression, and improves skin conditions. It also aids to prevent stretch marks, help wounds, treats eczema, and psoriasis.


Adding healthy vegetables, herbs, spice, etc depending on your dosha to your diet list will make you free from various illnesses. Preventing toxins(AMA) stagnation and removing toxins from your body will make your body clean and hygiene from the inside.
Chemicals present in modern medicines just cure diseases and make your body more toxins. But our ancestors in the olden days used food and its correct diet practice as their medicines. So it extends the lifespan and makes them strong and healthy. Discuss your consultant which is helpful for your correct diet list based on your body type.

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