How to Make Homemade Sugar Wax Recipe


Waxing is a popular method for hair removal and most of us do waxing before going out. When the weather gets cold, our skin will become more irritable. The idea of hot wax treatment is very painful, and razors can burn your skin. Sugar waxing is one of the best ways for you to remove your hair.

If you do your beauty care by yourself, then you can try sugar waxing to remove your hair. Sugar waxing or sugaring is a primary method of hair removal used by Greek and Egyptian women for centuries.

Natural ingredients were used to prepare the actual sugar waxing paste, which makes it suitable for sensitive type skins. It pulls from the root of your hair and gives smooth and soft skin. Let’s discuss how to make a sugar wax recipe at home to get smooth and silky skin.

What is Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax is a natural waxing method that has been used for centuries. Sugar wax paste is made by the combination of sugar, lemon juice, and water. The great thing about sugar waxing is, it approaches body grooming when removing hairs.

Sugaring is not like traditional waxing that is done in the salon; it does not pull from the top layer of skin, so you will not feel any discomfort. Hydration and exfoliation are the results of sugar waxing and it is a great benefit to us. But these results are not found while shaving or waxing.

Exfoliating or sugaring makes your skin softer and so it is a great way to protect your skin. While shaving a rough type of hair, it causes ingrown hair and quickly grows back hairs, but sugaring pulls the hair from the root and ensures long-lasting hair-free skin, that is permanent hair reduction. Non-petroleum-based ingredients are used for sugaring, so it is non-toxic, cheap, very simple to make, and very easy to clean up.

How To Make Sugar Wax At Home?

The people who get a bad experience in waxing can try sugaring. Here is a recipe for you to prepare sugar wax at home.

Homemade Sugar Wax

Procedure : 

  • Place a pot on the stove and add lemon juice, and water to it. Heat it in low flame. Once the substance gets heated, add sugar. 
  • Set the stove to a high flame and leave the mixture to boil. Continuously stir the mixture to avoid burning.
  • Once the mixture starts bubbling, reduce the flame and continuously stir the mixture.
  • After it turns golden brown, remove the pot from the stove. Make sure the sugar wax consistency is similar to hot syrup. If the sugaring consistency is like honey, then heat it for some more time. 
  • Transfer the mixture to a bowl and allow it for 30 minutes to cool. The wax should be warm but easy to use. 

How To Prepare Your Skin

Experts suggest you clean your skin with natural soap or body wash cream, before sugaring. Make sure that the skin is clean and free from oil and lotions. If your skin has oil, then remove it using a body wipe or witch hazel. If you have any irritated or sunburn areas on the skin, then 3 you must avoid sugaring on those areas. You should stop using any topical or oral acne or retinoid medicines before six days of sugar waxing.

How To Use Sugar Wax

  • You can apply your sugar wax on your body or face; the length of the hair should be at least one-quarter-inch. Here, we can see how to use the paste for waxing.
  • Take the wax using the tip of your finger or thumb.
  • Spread it in the direction of hair growth.
  • Fastly pull off the wax in the opposite direction using the other hand.
  • Always rip off the wax in an upward motion to the skin.
  • You can keep extra wax in a plastic container at room temperature.

Upper lips:
When using sugar wax between the upper lips and nose, apply it in the corner of the mouth. The best homemade waxes that can be used for the upper lip are sugar wax, hard wax fruit, chocolate, or honey wax.

Homemade soft wax is the best choice for larger areas, like the arm. Using soft wax, you can cover a larger area for waxing. You should wax 2-3 times in the arms to ensure that the hair has been removed completely. Soft wax and sugar wax are the best homemade wax choices for arms.

When waxing above the eyebrows, you have to make sure that the eyebrow’s natural arch is not affected. While waxing below the eyebrows, don’t wax too close to the eyes or eyelids. Sugar wax and hard wax are the best choices for waxing near eyebrows.

The hairs in the legs are very hard to wax, so soft wax is a suitable option for waxing on the legs. You should wax on the legs separately, to ensure maximum hair removal. Sugar wax and soft wax is the suitable homemade choice for waxing on the legs.

Bikini Area:
Over more than 80% of women groom their hairs in the bikini area. Sugar wax and hard wax are the best choices for this area. Because these two waxes are suitable for sensitive skins. You have to make sure that the wax is away from the vagina while waxing the bikini area. You should avoid fruit, honey, or chocolate waxing in the bikini area because it may cause irritation in your vagina. Sugar wax and hard wax are the best homemade waxes for the bikini area.

Homemade Waxing Aftercare

When you are done with homemade sugar waxing, then you have to wash that area with warm water and gently remove the remaining sugar from the skin using a clean cloth. After washing your skin with warm water, apply coconut oil to remove the remaining sugar from the skin. Apply any natural moisturizer or vitamin E oil to reduce post-waxing inflammation. You should avoid hot water, exfoliation, and sauna for two days after waxing and allow the skin to heal from the hair removal process.

Benefits of Homemade Sugar Waxing

You have to put more effort into homemade sugar wax, but using this has more benefits. You can wax your hair at low cost. Salon waxing costs $30-$100 based on the body parts. The ingredients and tools that we used in sugar waxing can be purchased, cleaned, and reused. 

Not all salons are using natural waxes; some salons waxes have dyes and additives that cause skin irritation. Using homemade sugar wax ensures safe use because of its natural ingredients. 

Professionals are doing body waxing in salons, and some people may feel shy or awkward while waxing by strangers. Doing bikini waxing at home will make you very comfortable and eliminate awkwardness.

Side Effects and Risks In Sugar Waxing

After all, there is one question that everyone should know before using homemade sugar waxing. Is sugar waxing safe? If you are waxing in the proper direction, then sugar waxing is safe for most skins. Waxing at home has some benefits, but it also has some risks. 

If you don’t know the safest technique of waxing, then the risks will increase. If you are using hot wax, be careful because it may burn your skin before allowing it to cool. Depending on the injury, you need to give first aid at-home or visit the hospital. When you are waxing too dry skin, it may accidentally stick to the skin with the hair. It may also cause inflammation and pain during the healing process. Professionals follow sanitation to avoid infections. If you make sugaring with less sanitation, it may increase the risk of infection from the ingredients.

Final Words

Homemade waxing is the best alternative option for salon waxing. There are many options available to prepare homemade waxes, such as hard wax, soft wax, sugar wax, and some other wax blends. Sugar wax has been used for centuries so you can use sugar waxing to all parts of the body. You can use this all-nature-body wax in the upper lips, legs, arms, legs, and bikini areas, which is completely safe to use. In this article, we have provided all the information about sugar waxing and how to use it. We hope it will help you to do your own waxing at home.

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