Health benefits & Traditional Uses of Clerodendrum serratum (Turk / Angaravalli)

A Complete Guide And Benefits of Angaravalli,Cheruteku / Turk Powder

The plant Angaravalli is a wooded bush that has different therapeutic properties to give alleviation and relief from numerous sicknesses. Each leaf, base or root of the plant may be utilized and used in clinical and medical treatment as well. The leaves of this particular tree for the most part grow and breeds up to three-eight inches long, oval fit as a fiddle with sharp thistles and thorns. Thistles and thorns look thick and slick or oily. Blossoms and flowers of this plant develop and grow in packs and bunches are somewhat fragrant and light blue and pinkish in shading or color. The blossoms or flowers show up throughout the mid-year season. It delivers and produces a bunch of sixteen natural products or fruits, and the shade of the organic product is changed to purple-dark when it is ripe. The natural product or fruit of it is created and produced during especially in the rainy season.

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Common Names of Angaravalli, Cheruteku / Turk Powder

English Name             : Turk‘s turban moon

Botanical Name          : Clerodendrum serratum

Hindi Name                 : भारंगी / Bharangi

Telugu Name              : గుంటుభారంగి, కాంట్బ్రెరంగీ / Guntubharangi, Canttubrarangee

Malayalam Name        : ചെറുതേക്ക് / Cheruthekku, Kankabharani       

Tamil Name                : அங்காரவல்லி, செறுதேக்கு / Angaravalli, Cheruteku

Medicinal Benefits of Angaravalli, Cheruteku / Turk Powder

This plant is recognized and indicated for respiratory issues and problems and can be utilized and used in the planning and preparation of different Ayurvedic medicines for restoring and improving your health. It possesses pungent odor, taste like astringent, and maybe hot in strength and potency as well. It has valuable and useful if you are having a cough, shortness of breath, wound, experiencing swelling, has liver issues, and neurological issues and disorders as well. The extract prepared from the leaves has bronchodilator actions to your body as well.

It is certainly not a poisonous plant as well. The leaves and blossoms can be used and can be eaten as vegetables either. These particular leaves have the property to improve craving or increase your appetite and have expectorant property as well. The roots have antipyretic, liver-protecting properties and have anti-inflammatory properties as well. In certain parts in India, the root is utilized and used to aid and mend in Jaundice’s condition as well.

Asthma and Bronchitis

Set up and prepare a decoction of Clerodendrum serratum using the root and take and drink two 3 every day for 3 days to get help and relief from bronchitis cough and asthma as well.

Each time you take the air or breath, air pass through in your nose and mouth as well. It streams down to the throat and keens on the progression of airways called the bronchial cylinders or tubes. Those cylinders or tubes should be exposed or open to airways to get at the lungs, wherein the oxygen is delivered into the plasma or blood to be moved and transported to the body’s nerves and tissues as well.

On the off chance that the air routes are swelled or inflamed, the air has further trouble and difficulty reaching your lungs, in this case, you can be experiencing shortness of breath. With less air getting in, you can feel breathless. You may cough and wheeze trying to get more air or oxygen through constricted paths or passageways.

Asthma and bronchitis are 2 conditions involving inflammatory of airways. Acute or intense bronchitis is an aggravation inflammation of the coating or lining of the air routes that normally settle itself subsequent to its course running. It’s brought about by bacterial contaminations or infections and viral as well.

Constant or chronic bronchitis, this is longer-enduring or lasting, can be set off and triggered by long-lasting exposure to ecological irritants and caused by aggravations, for example, chemicals, using tobacco, inhaling smoke, and dust as well.

Research says the asthma is an inflammatory illness that prompts or leads to narrowing of the muscles in the air routes and expanding and swelling that makes air routes tightened. At the point when asthma and intense bronchitis happen together, the illness is referred to as asthmatic bronchitis.

Liver problem

Get ready and prepare decoction or extract of the root like one and a half teaspoon and drink 2 times per day for 3 days to improve the condition of your liver.

The liver fixes and looks after a ton of activities for you to ensure that you will be healthy and fit. It transforms nutrients and supplements into useful chemicals that your entire body requires and needs as well.

It is responsible also for filtering toxins in your body. It helps transform and turn food into the energy that your body needs for everyday living. This means that when the liver doesn’t function well, this can influence and affect the health and wellbeing of the body. So we better take good care of our liver.

Different and various activities can affect the conditions of your liver that can be lead seriously. You’ll need to think about the top reasons. Liquor abuse or misuse can prompt and lead to liver cirrhosis.

Drug and medication overdoses can cause liver diseases as well. Taking a lot of acetaminophen or different medications can hurt your liver either.

Ensure you adhere and follow the dosing instructions and directions on the name and label, and know that acetaminophen may be in more than one medication you used and take. So be careful in taking acetaminophen.

Furthermore, non-alcoholic fatty liver illness or disease is when a lot of fat has developed inside your liver as well. The additional fat that builds up can swell and inflame the particular liver.

It implies that you have irritation and inflammation and the cell harm and damage in the liver, and fat too. It could be as well damage your liver and can result in different issues and disorder similar to cirrhosis


Set up and prepare an extract or a decoction of Bharangi panchang these are all of the five-part of the plant and take two times every day.

Tuberculosis or TB is a possible and potentially serious irresistible and infectious ailment that for the most part mainly influences the lungs either. The microorganisms and bacteria which cause and affect tuberculosis are spread starting with one individual then onto the next through little droplets delivered and released in the air by means of sneezes and cough as well.

When uncommon in developed nations, tuberculosis diseases started expanding in the year 1985. This is somewhat due to the development of HIV, the infection, and disease that has been the cause of AIDS.

This HIV debilitates and weakens an individual’s resistance or the immune system as well so it cannot fight or battle the Tuberculosis germs either way. In the US, as a result of more grounded mechanism programs, tuberculosis started to diminish again sometimes in the year 1993 however, it stays and remains to be a concern of many who are still affected by it.

Numerous strains of tuberculosis oppose and resist the medications and drugs generally or mostly used to treat the illness and disease. Individuals with dynamic tuberculosis must consume several kinds of drugs and medications for a long time to kill and eradicate the contamination or infection and to decrease and prevent the growth of resistance of the antibiotic.

Headache and Migraine

Crush or grind the roots of this plant Bharangi and apply on the forehead for a couple of hours. This help and improve headache and pain.

A headache or migraine can be the reason for severe pounding and throbbing torment or a beating sensation, for the most part on one side of the head. It’s frequently joined by sickness or nausea, regurgitating or vomiting, and outrageous affectability to light and sound.

Headache and migraine assaults can keep going for quite a long time to days, and the agony can be extreme to the point that it meddles with your day by day exercises and activities.

For certain individuals, a warning side effect known as an emanation or aura happens previously or with a cerebral pain or headache.

This aura can incorporate visual unsettling influences or disturbances, for example, glimmers of light or vulnerable sides or blind spots, or different aggravations and disturbances, for example, tingling or shivering on the unique side of your face or in your arm or in your leg and also experiencing with difficulty in talking or speaking as well.

Medicines can help forestall and prevent a few headaches and make them less excruciating. The correct drugs joined with self-improvement cures and way of life changes may help.

For Eye Problems

Crush or grind the leaves of this plant Bharangi and produce or make dressing or poultice. Used and apply this dressing or poultice in your eyes carefully.

Any individual who peruses or reads and works for a considerable length of time, at your personal computer, or drives significant distances thinks and knows about this kind of disease. It really happens when every time you abuse your precious eyes.

They get drained and tired of course it needs to rest, much the same as some other portion and part of the body as well.The surface of the eyes is canvassed or covered in veins that extend when they are contaminated and infected. This gives the eyes the looking red.

Eye fatigue can be the cause of it, and also staying late at night, an absence of rest, or sensitivities and allergies as well. In the event that a physical issue is a reason, get it checked by your trusted doctor as well.

Maybe the cause of this could also be a manifestation or symptom of different eye problems or conditions, similar to conjunctivitis or sun harm or damage because you are not using shades throughout the following years.

In the event that using over-the-counter drops for the eyes and also rest don’t make you feel better, you must see your primary care physician either.

Thyroid Problem

You should dry and wash roots of Bharangi. Grind or pound to make and produce a powder out of it. Take this prepared mixture and take it two times per day with lukewarm water as well.

The symptoms and manifestations of hypothyroidism change, it is depending and contingent upon the seriousness of the hormone inadequacy. Issues will in general grow gradually and regularly over various years.

First, barely you see and notice the indications of hypothyroidism, for example, exhaustion and gaining of weight. Or on the other hand, you may essentially credit them to from getting old. In any case, as your digestion keeps on easing back, you may grow and develop clearer and obvious issues about this problem.

Hypothyroidism also is known as the underactive thyroid is a manifestation and condition where your thyroid organ doesn’t create enough of certain important hormones in the body.

This hypothyroidism maybe not show any perceptible and noticeable side effects at the beginning of phases and stages. After some time, if remain untreated, this hypothyroidism may cause and affect various health problems and medical issues, for example, joint torment pain, barrenness or infertility, coronary illness, and obesity as well.

Accurate and precise thyroid capacity tests are accessible to analyze hypothyroidism. The treatment with manufactured thyroid hormone is typically straightforward, safe, and compelling once you and your primary care physician locate the correct dose or portion for you.

Cyst and Fibroid in Uterus

Set up and prepare a decoction or extract of Bharangi panchang usually 3 grams, include drops of mustard oil in a water. Take two times per day for better results.

The Uterine fibroids are usually noncancerous developments or growth at the uterus that regularly show up during the years that you are bearing a child or the motherhood stage as well. Likewise called leiomyoma or myomas, these uterine fibroids aren’t related to an increased danger of uterine malignant growth and never form or develop into a cancerous one.

Fibroids may extend in range and size from the seedlings, maybe undetectable and imperceptible by the naked eye. To huge masses that can contort or distort and develop the uterus. But maybe you can still have a single fibroid or even multiple and different ones.

In unusual cases, various fibroids can grow in your uterus possibly that it gets to the rib confinement and in that way can include weight.

Women and ladies as well have uterine fibroids at some point during the time of their lives. Be that as it may, you probably won’t realize you have uterine fibroids since they frequently cause no side effects. Your primary care physician may find fibroids by chance during a pelvic test or pre-birth ultrasound either.

Muscular pain

For management and treating torment pain experiencing in the muscles, prepare the homemade oil-consuming Bharangi leaves. Add Bharangi leaves and boil on low fire. Include the mustard oil preferably 200 ml of it and boil at the low fire until all water dissipates and evaporates.

Utilize and consume the oil for rubbing and massaging as well. Prepare and set up the oil in less amount by utilizing juice and the oil too in proportion 4 is to 1.

This sort of torment is normally restricted, influencing only a couple of muscles or a little piece of your body. The utmost widely recognized reasons for muscle torment and pain are strain, also stress, abuse, and minor wounds and injuries. This sort of pain is normally restricted, influencing, and affecting only a couple of muscles or just a little part of the body.

Muscle throbs or aches are remarkably normal. Nearly everybody has encountered and experienced uneasiness and discomfort at their muscles sooner or later.

Since there is tissue in the muscle in almost parts of your body, this sort of torment and pain can be experienced practically in either way. While abuse or damage is normal, there are additional potential clarifications for progressing distress and discomfort.

Stomach problems

Prepare and get ready the powder of the seed and take it frequently and habitually in little and small dosage.

The vast majority don’t prefer to discuss it, yet having a gastrointestinal issue is normal. Having stomach pain, there is no compelling reason to endure in silence, however. Most pervasive stomach related conditions, indications, and the best medicines are already accessible.

In the event that you have tried the natural way of remedy for stomach pain and you presume you have one of those issues still, don’t postpone in talking with a health care provider.

The Floral Characteristics of Turk Powder

Its blossoms and flowers are enormous and huge in size and have pinkish and white in shading and color and have the capability of showing up in month May-August either. This plant has a bold and deflexed packed or compressed pedicel and dichotomous with long terminal panicles as well.

This has verdant bracts or leafy and its calyx has a cup formed or shaped like 5 millimeters in length.

The corolla is pale in color to pinkish and blue as well with a cylinder around 6 to 7 millimeters in length. Its lower bigger lip looks like projection is like sky blue in shading or color.

The stamens are maybe long, bluish in color, curved in shape, and exerted as well. The plant drupes are 1 to 4 lobed, pale blue dark, and looks like glossy as well.

Therapeutic Uses Turk Powder

The root is helpful in cough, asthma, and bacterial infections as well.

It is used in fever either and is helpful in treating sinusitis.

The juice of its leaves is utilized and used with butter-like ghee to use to apply in herpesviruses and skin disorders like pemphigus.

Leaves are used as anthelminthic or vermifuge and unp

This plant is measured as counteracting, germicide, and astringent as well.leasant tonic tastes as well.

The plant root is unique or one of the five elements of Brihat Panchamoola and has a huge and interest or demand for many.

Research and Studies about Clerodendrum Serratum

Clerodendrum serratum is generally and widely circulated in tropical and in the subtropical areas of the world. The medicinal significance of this plant have been accounted for the different indigenous organizations of medicines for the management of different dangerous or life-threatening sicknesses, for example, typhoid fever, malignant growth of cancer, hypertension, jaundice, and syphilis as well.

Clerodendrum serratum roots are additionally utilized and used as an antioxidant, also as an antibacterial agent, and can be used as an antifungal as well.

Other than these, antimicrobial assessment of this homegrown plant has likewise been accounted for the leaves and stems as well. These reports and studies are very empowering and show that this spice or herb should be researched for more widely and extensive therapeutic effects and benefits of it.


Would this medicine be able to utilized and used while taking homeopathic medication?

Yes, this could be taken with homeopathic medication without experiencing any interaction and side effects.

Would this medication could be proceeded with like taking enhancements or supplements like the multivitamins?

Indeed, by many, this item works out in a good way for the vast majority of the dietary enhancements and supplements as well. Furthermore, in the event that you are taking more than one item for every day please counsel your health care physician for the conclusion and opinion.


The curative and therapeutic capability and potential of this roots as well the leaves of Clerodendrum serratum has been shown in conditions like fever, hypersensitivity and allergy, asthma, aggravation, and inflammation as well as liver issues credited to the nearness and presence of different phenolic and flavonoids as well as saponins existing in the medication.

Several ethnobotanical assertions have been affirmed and stated through pharmacological investigations of various and different concentrates and confines from the plant. In any case, additional research and examination studies on its biomarkers are expected to set up the system of activity and to approve the conventional and traditional utilization of this medication in clinical use and practices after appropriate safety evaluation assessment as well.

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