Health Benefits of Edible Gum (Gondh Katira / Tragacanth Gum)

Edible gum is a natural gum extracted from the saps of Acacia trees. It is mainly obtained from the mountain regions of the Middle East and also grows all over Africa and Indian subcontinents such as Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat. It was alternatively known as Tragacanth Gum or Acacia gum.

The Tragacanth gum is exuded naturally from the roots and stem, then it’s collected and dried as flakes or crystals. The Edible gum is tasteless, odorless, but soluble in water. It has both cooling and warming properties. It provides heat to the body, and it’s usually eaten in the cold weather of the winter months.

It’s a natural byproduct packed with calcium, protein, and magnesium. The edible gum is widely used in ayurvedic medicines to treat Vata dosha-related issues, and it is known to boost stamina and health. The edible gum has been used from ancient times to cure several diseases like boosting immunity, preventing heat stroke, dysentery, and cough.

However, it’s also used in manufacturing textiles, papers, cosmetics, and also in the cooking industry. Edible gum has exclusive health-related properties. It is also a crucial part of Ayurvedic treatment due to its medicinal properties and health benefits.

Edible Gum is known by several popular names such as Dragon gum, Shiraz gum, Qatari Shiraz gum, Locoweed, goat’s thorn, Ela-imbul-kinihiriya, Gum elect, and Qujah.

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Common Names of Edible Gum

  • Botanical Name- Tragacanth
  • Tamil- Badam Pisin
  • English- Edible gum
  • Malayalam- Majakhniram/Bhakṣya gam
  • Hindi- Gond
  • Sanskrit- Dhava
  • Telugu- Thumma Jiguru/Tinadagina gam
  • Kannada- Antu/Dinduga
  • Urdu- Gond katira
  • Gujarathi- Khādya gama
  • Marathi- Dinkachee
  • Bengali- Kothri
  • Punjabi- Khāṇa vālē gama
  • Bengal Name- Katila
  • French- Gomme Adragante
  • German- Kutira Gummi
  • Arabic Name- Gond katira/Katheera, Haloosiya


The benefits of gondh gum are many and we’ve given some health benefits below. Just go through it.

Gondh Gum For Pregnant women & Lactating Mothers

Gondh has loaded with many nutrients and is very nourishing. Thus, gondh can be consumed during pregnancy as they are beneficial for both mom and her baby. Because it helps them deal with nutritional requirements and helps strengthen bones and prevent back pain. Therefore it is recommended to eat during pregnancies. It also helps to control heavy blood flow during periods.

The practice of eating gond ladoos is more common and traditional, in India, because it’s one of the healthy sweets given to pregnant women as it is rich in protein and calcium.

Gond ladoos can also be given to Lactating Mothers as it is considered as a galactagogue. It may help to increase the production of breast milk typically by increasing prolactin levels.

Gondh Gum for Anemic

Edible gum is excellent for anemic patients as it’s rich in nutrients like proteins and folic acid. The common cause for anemia is low iron levels in the body. Our body requires some iron to make hemoglobin, which moves oxygen flow to the internal organs.

If anyone suffers from blood deficiency, they can take this edible/gond gum daily. You can also prepare a gond sharbat and have it in the morning for better results.

Gondh Gum for Winter

Gond is the best drink for winters, and it’s considered as a warming food. It’s also great for people who live in cold places. Gond ladoos are the best to keep you warm in the days of winter.

Instead of giving processed junk foods, you can provide homemade yummy gond ladoos and have them as a snack for your toddlers.

Regain Strength in Post-Pregnancy

Edible gum is more beneficial if consumed by pregnant women, lactating mothers, and new mothers as it contains lots of nutritional properties. The practice of giving sweets made of gond gum is widespread in India. It’s believed to be a good source of nourishment for mother as well as child, also it’s considered as a healthy snack.

The Edible gum is not only good for pregnant women; also, it’s great for new mothers. Usually, women lose their energy during pregnancy, and edible gum helps them regain their strength by providing essential nutrients. It also allows them to control the blood flow.

Edible gum is also known to promote lactation. Yes, Studies have found that edible gum can increase the production of milk in lactating mothers.

Prevents Heat Stroke

The Acacia trees are considered as the traditional herb that helps in curing constipation and preventing heatstroke.

Because the gum has natural cooling properties and is often used to prepare watery drinks. It helps to stay cool during hot sunny days. This edible gum works as a cooling agent and is used to reduce body temperature. This gum has unique cooling properties that keeps your body cool. The traditional herb is also helpful in controlling nasal-bleeding, which is caused due to extreme heat.

--> How to Use 
You can also make juice or sharbat of edible gum daily. To prepare the juice, soak the gum overnight to swell up. Then add sugar or jaggery powder, lemon, Nannari syrup, and ice. Regular consumption of this healthy drink will protect you from heatstroke.

Relieves Constipation

Gondh has laxative properties and it helps stimulate the evacuation of the bowel movement, and maintains a healthy digestive system. Often many are facing the problem of constipation and they can take some edible/gond gum daily to get relief. It also helps in preventing acidity and heartburn.

--> How to Use
Soak a small piece of Gond katira( Tragacanth gum) in water for a couple of hours. After some time, the gondh will swell up and look like crushed ice. Now you can drink this jelly-like substance with lemonade or cold water. Gondh is tasteless so that you can also add some sugar to it.

Keeps you Calm

Edible gum possesses adaptogenic properties, enhancing the body’s ability to restore its normal physiological functioning and secure it from the damaging effects of stress. The anti-inflammatory properties of gond gum can be beneficial to lower blood pressure.

Boosts your Energy

A single gond Ladoo can give you enough energy and it will last for a long time. If you feel weak or get tired quickly with minimal exertion, then consume edible gum daily to get rid of it.

Consuming Gond/ Edible gum in milk and sugar in the morning will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Reduce Burning Sensation in Hands and Feet

Burning sensation in hands and feet is a common problem in some peoples. Edible gum is an excellent remedy for this. This can also be used for treating burns by applying it in the form of a paste.

--> How to Use
Soak two spoons of Edible gum in water at night. The soaked gum becomes so fluffy the next morning. Now add sugar and water to it and then consume. You can also drink it with curd. By consuming it daily you can get rid of the burning sensation in your hands and feet.

The gum is genuinely cheap and the best medicine or drink to have it, usually in the summer months.

Helps in Weight loss

Edible gum is rich in fiber, and it also has the property to increase the body’s metabolic rate. High fiber content results in more satiety and a lower frequency of hunger pangs. Increased metabolism will automatically increase the body’s energy requirements, resulting in a low number of calories that gets converted into fat.

If you want to lose weight, then add this edible gum in your diet. It is very effective in losing weight.

Heals Mouth Ulcers

Edible/Gond gum is effective in curing mouth ulcers. It’s also known as canker sores, and they are more painful. Mouth ulcers usually appear inside the cheeks, on the lips, tongue, or below it.

The common cause of mouth ulcer is by the injury from a toothbrush while brushing, accidentally biting on the inner side of your cheeks, or rubbing against the sharp or misaligned teeth.

You can use a finely grounded paste of Tragacanth gum/Edible gum for a quick relief. It also helps in reducing inflammation, thereby reducing pain and redness caused by ulcers. It also helps to prevent stomach ulcers and pimples.

Note: Lack of vitamin B12 and Folic acid can also cause mouth ulcers. So, the regular intake of vitamin B12 supplements will help to prevent mouth sores.

Remedy For Urinary Incontinence

Gondh is a useful and natural remedy for urinary incontinence. It helps the urinary muscles to rest, if there is any inflammation in the urinary tract or urine blockage.

Effective in Migraine

If you are facing migraines so often, Edible gum can be helpful for you. You can take this with curd in the morning during peak summer days. This remedy can be beneficial in vomiting sensation due to migraine.

Good for Gut Health

Edible gum is great for improving gut health. It’s rich in fiber that normalizes the stool’s moisture content, absorbs excess liquid in diarrhea, and softens the stool in constipation. It also reduces the amount of glucose and cholesterol absorbed by the stomach and intestines. Edible gum is also used to make a kadha or a powder (churna) to soothe your throat and stomach.

Breast Augmentation

Edible gum is part of herbal treatment for women who want to increase their breast size. The protein content and calorific value helps in the proper development and enlargement of breasts. A daily dosage of edible gum/ Gond gum can help women to increase their breast size.

--> How to Use

Soak 5gm of edible gum in water and leave it overnight. After it becomes fluffy, add this jelly-like substance to a glass of milk. If you feel tasteless, you can add some sugar as well as ice. This drink should be consumed daily to get better results.

Good for Glowing Skin

Edible gum can bring wonders to your skin as it consists of soluble fiber that detoxifies the system and improves the skin’s complexion, and glows. Regular intake of gond gum may naturally enhance your beauty by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and improving the skin’s elasticity.

It’s also considered an anti-aging remedy for the skin and it’s good to treat dullness, acne, pigmentation, or any other skin-related issues. Edible gum combined with aloe vera has also been found to have wound healing properties.

--> How to Use
Soak edible gum or powder and add almond powder, milk, egg white, and rose water to it. Mix all these ingredients well till it becomes a paste. Then apply it to your neck and face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Finally, wash in cold water for wrinkle-free glowing skin.

Improves Immune System

As per Ayurveda, edible gum is a powerhouse and great for boosting immunity, health, and increasing stamina. Thereby it helps to strengthen your immune system to fight against infections and other foreign invaders. Also, it helps in cell recovery and regeneration.

Traditionally it has also been used in treating ailments like cough, diarrhea, and congestion. For these reasons, our elders used it to make gond ladoos, salads, sharbat, and many other desserts using this edible gum. Consuming this edible gum daily can keep a lot of health issues at bay.

Improves Libido in Men

Whether you have low libido or suffer from early nightfall discharge, don’t worry, Tragacanth gum can tremendously help you. It’s an excellent remedy for sexual inadequacy and weakness in men. Thus, Edible gum is used to enhance libido in men.

--> How to use
Take a gram of edible/gond gum and half tablespoon of sugar or misiri with cold water. Drink thrice a day for the first week and twice a day for the second week, and finally once a day for the third week. Moreover, this should be taken on a daily basis.

Edible Gum for Pain Relief

Edible gum can be used as an analgesic, as it works on specific receptors in the nervous system for relieving pain. Studies have also found that edible gum can be used as an effective pain killer when given in right amounts.

Edible Gum Against Cancer

Edible gum is anti-cancerous by nature. The studies have also found that it slows the cancer cell division rate and is effective against tumor cells.

How to Consume Edible Gum Generally?

Edible gum is traditionally used in various recipes, and it can be consumed daily in several ways. It includes;

--> As a thickener for ice creams
--> As a fondant
--> Dressing for salads, mayonnaise, sauces, as well as the base of condiments
--> They are used for preparing ladoos, puddings, and many other nutritional dishes.

Other Uses of Edible Gum / Gondh

1. Apart from various health benefits, Edible gum has a wide variety of uses in different industries. Some of the other uses include;
Edible gum is used as a paste in the modern treatment for burns.

2. It is also used in drinks, salad coverings, processed cheese, puddings, and food dressings for its taste and natural cooling properties. 

3. The Edible gum watery drink thus provides a sort of solace to our body.

4. Edible gum works as a stabilizing agent, emulsifier, and texture additive, in several food items like sauces, salad coverings, confections, ice cream, etc.

5. It can also be used as a thickener in preparing ointments, creams, dyes for calico printing, dressing fabrics, making glues, textile dyes, watercolors, and producing the gloss in ink.

6. It’s also used as a thickening agent or lubricant in lotions for hand or hair, as it increases the shelf life.

7. It is frequently used in making pastels of an artist. Thanks to its non-sticky property.

8. Edible gum(Tragacanth Gum) is also used as a traditional binder.

9. It is also used in incense making, as a binder to grip all the powdered herbs in collaboration.

10. It’s used as a thickening agent in paper manufacturing.

11. It has also been used as a stabilizer and binder in preparing cosmetics, glue in bookbinding, hand lotions, and to stiffen the clothes.

12. Edible gum is used as a polishing compound for leather dressing or leather goods.

13. In textile printing, it’s used for printing on wool, silk, and crepes. They are also used in printing dyes on acrylic blanket printing, carpet printing, and cotton fabrics.

14. Edible gum is widely used in the cosmetics industry as it acts as a suspending agent and as a culture medium in laboratories, etc.

15. Edible gum is also helpful in making sugar flowers, which is used as decorations for cakes.

Side Effects of Edible Gum

Although the Edible gum herb has numerous health benefits, you must be careful about its side effects and restrict its consumption. Because some people can be affected by the side effects of Edible gum. It’s always better to consult your doctor before doing anything. Some of the precautions include:

Drink more water to prevent choking or blocking in the intestine. It may cause breathing problems. People who are naturally sensitive to gum should not take this, or else it might cause an allergic reaction.


Edible gum is a rich source of protein and folic acid, which is significant for the growth of children. It also protects us from so many ailments and keeps us energetic. You can consume this in the form of health drinks, ladoos as well as kheer. Instead of worrying about the calories, devour its goodness and enjoy the health benefits of this wonderful herb.

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