Natural & Alternative Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men that occurs due to the inability of erection. Nowadays there developed many standard treatments for ED like vacuum pumps, implants, surgery, etc.

But most of the men go with the natural remedies for permanent cure. In this article, we can go with the detailed structure of the Natural remedies for Erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a man finds it difficult to achieve an erection firm enough for sexual activity. It is also referred to as impotency.

ED differs from men to men as Occasional ED and Frequent ED. Occasional ED is common and is not a big deal. But frequent ED affects your health and it requires treatment.


The main reason for ED is stress. As a result, erection increases the flow of blood to the penis. There are also many possible reasons for ED that are caused due to emotional and physical factors. It includes

Hormonal imbalance
Depression, anxiety, stress
Cardiovascular diseases
Sleep disturbances
Injury in the pelvic region
Too much alcohol consumption and other factors.

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Most men prefer natural options to get rid of Erectile dysfunction. Researches have also found that natural remedies can help to improve the symptoms of ED and bring them back to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the natural remedies for Erectile dysfunction to view.

1. Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is a species of perennial plant that is grown in the mountains of East Asia. It is commonly cultivated in China and Korean countries. Korean traditional medicine had used Ginseng to stimulate sexual function in males.

How is it called?

The original name of Ginseng is Panax ginseng, but it is also referred to as Asia ginseng, American Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, and Korean Ginseng, according to the place they are located. People also call Panax ginseng a herbal viagra.


Ginseng herb has been used in folk medicine for centuries. This is a small plant that has slow growth. It has a fleshy root, which is the main source of medicine. The roots come under three categories; red, white, and fresh.

Red Ginseng takes a longer period for harvesting, i.e, more than 6 years. The White Ginseng takes nearly 4-6 years for harvesting and the fresh one is harvested before 4 years.

Ginsenosides and gintonin are the two major components present in Ginseng. These compounds provide health benefits to men.

Health Benefits

Ginsenosides present in the extract of ginseng have cellular action that improves erection.
Ginsenosides also improve insulin production in the pancreas.
It relaxes the smooth muscles and helps to give an erection.
The compound K present in it protects your brain from free radicals that cause cell damage.
It also performs well with mental fatigue and Alzheimer’s disease.
Ginseng is found to be more effective for those who are suffering from high lipids in blood and metabolic disorders.
Ginseng is also loaded with anti-inflammatory property, that improves the function of your lung and the respiratory tract.
It also helps to boost up your immune system.
Lowers your blood sugar level and helps in the treatment of diabetes.

How to Use it?

Ginseng is an excellent home remedy for ED. Recent researches have concluded that consuming nearly 600 to 1000mg of Ginseng a day provides effective treatment in Erectile dysfunction.

Side Effects

The most common side effect reported by men was insomnia, i.e, sleeping disorder. Also, Ginseng can interact with drugs, so before taking discuss with your doctor.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), is a steroid hormone produced naturally in the brain, adrenal glands, and the gonads. It functions as an intermediate in the synthesis of androgen and estrogen sex hormones. Scientists have made DHEA as a dietary supplement from soy and wild yam.

Functions of DHEA

DHEA has three major biological functions, that acts as an androgen, estrogen, and neurosteroid. It has important effects on the central nervous system.

However, DHEA has a variety of biological functions, it also binds with the nucleus and the cell surface as a receptor for the regulation of hormonal activity.


DHEA has recently become an ideal option for the treatment of ED in men even with diabetes. Diabetic people are most commonly affected by ED because of the hormonal issues and low blood flow to the organs.

Health Benefits

DHEA increases the production of sex hormones; testosterone and estrogen in males; which in turn improves your sexual function.
DHEA is an essential hormone to lead a healthy lifestyle with normal sexual activity.
It plays a vital role for those who are suffering from Erectile dysfunction. It improves the sex hormone level in your body.
When you take DHEA supplements orally, your body converts DHEA into testosterone and estrogen. So you can ease the effects of ED.
Low levels of natural DHEA in your body can cause several diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney problems, and cardiovascular diseases. DHEA is an alternative remedy to prevent you from those diseases.
DHEA also improves your skin from becoming old and protects your brain from cell damage.
DHEA in women helps in the increase of bone density.

Side Effects

It also produces side effects when you take it orally. Fatigue and headaches are the most common side effects found in many people.


There are no standard dosages mentioned for the intake of DHEA. So consult your legal advisor for the dosage of consuming DHEA.

3. L-arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that is naturally present in your body. It stimulates your body to build protein. It is also found in protein-rich foods like fish, meat, soy, whole grains, beans, and dairy products.

L-arginine can also be taken orally as a supplement, in case of less production of L-arginine in your body.

How L-arginine helps in ED?

L-arginine helps in the production of nitric oxide that relaxes your blood vessels, increases the blood flow to the penis, and aids in a strong erection. It is very essential for a healthy libido and sexual function.

How to take it?

Researchers have studied the effects and benefits of L-arginine on ED and concluded that about 30% of men with ED have shown improvement in sexual function by the intake of L-arginine. Taking this supplement not more than 5g a day is the recommended dosage.

Other Combinations

Another study combined L-arginine with pycnogenol and found that nearly 80% of people have restored their sexual ability within two months.

Health Benefits

L-arginine boosts the production of nitric oxide, which in turn facilitates the erection. 
It helps in the removal of waste products from the kidneys.
This amino acid performs well when it is combined with pycnogenol. Intake of this mixture helps in the improvement of libido without any side effects. 
Arginine amino acid is converted into nitric oxide that improves blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure. This is an excellent benefit to your heart. 
It is a powerful wound healer that heals your wound faster.
It also strengthens your immune system.

Side Effects

As you’re taking an artificial supplement it may cause nausea, stomach cramps, and increased blood sugar levels.


Men with heart problems are not allowed to take this without the doctor’s supervision. Because L-arginine can interact with other medications that affect your health.

4. Yohimbe

Botanical Name: Pausinystalia johimbe

Yohimbine is an alternative supplement for ED that is derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree. This tree is commonly seen in Africa.

The extract of Yohimbe contains an alkaloid called Yohimbine or quebrachine. This alkaloid is used in the preparation of medicine. It is commonly used in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction.


Yohimbe behaves as an aphrodisiac in men for the improvement of sexual functioning. The chemical Yohimbine present in this extract increases the blood flow to the penis and gives erection.

Health Benefits

Yohimbe contains an antidepressant property that helps to improve sexual problems.

It is prone to treat stress and anxiety.
It also helps athletics and bodybuilders in weight loss.
Some research has shown that Yohimbine had improved the symptoms of dry mouth in many people.


Yohimbine is a dietary supplement that can be taken 15-30mg daily to improve your sexual activity. But remember, the dosage should not exceed above 100mg if you use it regularly.

Side Effects

It also causes some side effects like headache, increased blood pressure, and irritability. Before trying it, consult your doctor.

5. Horny Goat Weed

Botanical name: Epimedium grandiflorum

Horny goat weed also known as Epimedium is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Berberidaceae. There are many species of Epimedium grown in this wonderful world. Among them, Epimedium grandiflorum is used as a dietary supplement for Erectile dysfunction.

There is a historical myth behind the name of the Horny goat weed.
It was named after a breeder who had noticed that his goat had been stimulated sexually after eating this plant.


Horny goat weed is a perennial plant whose leaves are used in the preparation of medicine. It has spider-shaped flowers. These flowers are of various colors and bloom in the early spring.

Epimedium is native to China but also grown in a few parts of Asia. Now it
is cultivated as an ornamental plant in many areas.

Why is Horny goat weed best known for ED?

The active component in Epimedium is icariin which offers great benefit for both men and women. It allows the blood flow in the arteries and in the penis which gives enough erection. It also stimulates the sex hormones and improves sexual performance.

An investigation with rats on the effects of horny goat weed confirmed that the extract of this plant has shown improved erectile function.

Health Benefits

The major benefit of epimedium is with ED. It increases the blood flow in the penis and facilitates sexual activity.
The extract of horny goat weed is an effective remedy for libido in both men and women.
It gives better relief from joint pain and improves bone density (Osteoporosis)
It also deals with the problems associated with menopause.
It reduces high blood pressure and improves heart health.
The antioxidant present in it prevents the brain from free radicals that cause cell damage. It also protects your brain from other injuries.
Epimedium herb strengthens your immune system.
It is also used to treat hay fever and fatigue.


The leafy extract of Epimedium is made as a capsule, tablet, powder, and also in the form of tea. The flowers are used for decorative purposes.

Horny goat weed is also claimed to be effective when blended with other supplements.

Side Effects

Horny goat weed is said to be safe when taken properly. It causes side effects only when you’re using it for longer periods. It may cause vomiting, dry mouth, and dizziness. Also consuming overdose can cause a nosebleed, and affect your breathing.


Avoid consuming Horny goat weed when you take medications for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, thyroid disorder, and hormone-related cancer. Because epimedium extract can interact with these medications and assign you to greater risk.

6. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a maidenhair tree that belongs to the division Ginkgophyta. It is the only living species under this division. It is one of the oldest trees that can live for about a thousand years.

It is native to China, Japan, and Korea. But now the ginkgo tree is cultivated in Europe and the USA. It is also used as a food in the olden days.

The ginkgo tree has fan-shaped leaves that have numerous benefits and so its extract is used for medicinal purposes. It has been used in traditional medicine for its health benefits.

Nowadays this extract is used in cosmetics also. The leafy extract is loaded with a wide variety of natural chemicals that offer various functions.

Health Benefits

Ginkgo biloba helps to increase the flow of blood to the penis that facilitates sexual desire and libido.
It is believed that taking the leaf of Ginkgo by mouth improves your memory power and enhances brain health.
It also deals with anxiety and vision problems.
Ginkgo contains flavonoids that protect against aging issues and improves blood circulation to the brain.
This antioxidant-rich herb slows down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and rectifies it.
It is also used for healing purposes. It reduces irritable bowel syndrome and other inflammation caused by various factors.
Consuming Ginkgo leaf extract helps women to get relief from breast tenderness and also the symptoms associated with PMS.

Side Effects

Intake of this natural supplement also has side effects if consumed in excess. It includes headache, stomach upset, and dizziness.

Changes in Lifestyle

Stress as well as your diet can also cause Erectile dysfunction. Changing your lifestyle and diet ease the symptoms of ED.

It includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol consumption, and reducing smoking. Maintaining these changes regularly can also improve sexual function and reduces the risk of Erectile dysfunction.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays there have developed many therapies and treatments to cure Erectile dysfunction. But most of them prefer natural remedies for ED.

If you’re suffering from ED, then try any of these supplements to overcome ED for having better sex and healthy life. But before you start consuming, get legal advice from your doctor.

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