Ayurvedic BPA Free Organic Neem Sticks / Neem Datun / Twig Tooth Brush /Nim Tree Twigs Chew Sticks – Eco-friendly Natural Toothbrush for Fresh air and Gum problems

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Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica Origin: India Neem’s Properties: Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Anti Pyretic, Anti Viral, Anti Parasitic. The are multiple ways with which you can maintain oral health. However, the best way is to go with natural ingredients that you can easily do with neem. Brushing your teeth with neem twigs reduces the oral bacteria count, gives you brighten teeth, and supports a healthy immune system in your mouth.


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English Name : Neem Sticks
Tamil Name : வேப்பமர குச்சிகள் /Veppam Kuchi
Malayalam : വേപ്പ് വിറകുകൾ/vēpp viṟakukal
Hindi : Neem Datun
Telugu : వేప కర్రలు/Vēpa karralu


Before toothbrushes came into the market, Indians used neem sticks to brush their teeth. And yes, it is actually a very healthy practice. In many rural areas, people still prefer neem twigs to do a better job maintaining oral hygiene. Some studies even claim that people who rely on neem can reduce the risk of certain dental problems. There are more than 130 active compounds present in the neem tree. That is why almost all parts of the neem tree are said to be useful in many ways.

How It Works

Neem twigs contain numerous medicinal properties. The corners of the neem twig are chewed first. During that process, the chewed corners work like the bristles of a brush. They clean the corners of the teeth.

Method of Using

Generally, thin and flexible twigs are used for brushing. The length of the sticks can be around 15 cm. The skin of the twig is peeled and chewed at one corner. The fibers of the twig loosen a bit and work as a brush.

But when you use the stick to clean your teeth, be careful because the fibers’ hardness could hurt your delicate gums. After you finish brushing the teeth, spit the fibers that get stuck in your teeth.

Why Chew?

The chewing process is also essential as it releases the medicinal agents present in the neem twig. The saliva that gets secreted after the neem twig comes in contact with your tongue contains antibacterial agents. It’ll kill the harmful microbes in your mouth. This practice also reduces inflammation. Spit the saliva.

Tongue Cleaner!

You can use the twig only once. Once you’ve finished your brushing, split the twig and use it as a tongue cleaner. This way, neem twigs work like toothbrushes.

Benefits of Brushing Teeth with Neem Stick

It makes your teeth whiter.

Many of the toothpaste in the market claim that they’ll make your teeth whiter. If you see the list of ingredients, you’ll definitely find neem in them. Neem removes the yellowish color and makes your teeth whiter. 

Strengthens gums

It is a proven fact that neem strengthens the gums and provides a stronghold for your teeth. It also helps you from gum bleeding and gives healthy and strong gums.

Keeps bacteria away

The mouth is the most vulnerable organ to bacteria. Because of the food we eat daily, the chance of developing bacteria is high. To keep bacteria away, proper cleaning practice is necessary.

Using neem sticks every day to brush our teeth reduces the chances of bacteria development. The medicinal properties in neem help in fighting the bacteria and stop its growth, thus keep your mouth clean and safe. It is one of the main health benefits of neem.

Eliminates bad odor

We consume a lot of junk food in our daily life. Eating junk food and not cleaning it properly makes a place to bad odor. This is a severe problem for most people. When proper cleaning of teeth doesn’t occur, bacteria, like tartar and plaque, store up, giving rise to a bad odor. Using neem stick while brushing solves this problem.

Provides oral health

Neem has many antibacterial properties. Brushing with neem stick releases neem oil which is very vital in maintaining oral health.

Side Effects

Neem seed powder or neem oil is unsafe during pregnancy. When taken by mouth, it can cause miscarriage. For others, it can cause allergic reactions, stomach irritation and can also reduce fertility. Though neem is perfect medicine, taking in a limited amount is always the best choice. 

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methods

All the herbs in moolihai are naturally harvested, dried, and pulverized without any chemical interactions. We assure you that the natural herbal powders are 100% pure & natural.

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3 reviews for Ayurvedic BPA Free Organic Neem Sticks / Neem Datun / Twig Tooth Brush /Nim Tree Twigs Chew Sticks – Eco-friendly Natural Toothbrush for Fresh air and Gum problems

  1. Mesmara

    My granny suggested me to use neem sticks to my weak gums. According to it, I purchased neem twigs from this site and it was very helpful. Besides, the packaging and delivery were awesome. Thank you, guys…

  2. Munishkanth

    Fine quality…

  3. Lisa

    Not bad

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