Organic Moringa Tea | Moringa Oleifera Tea 250 gm (8.8 oz)

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  • Weight: 250 gm (8.8 oz)
  • Origin: India

Moringa tea massages the body and mind. Get instant energy and stress relief with a cup of Hot Earthy Moringa Tea.



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Moringa tea is a herbal tea made from the dried leaves of the moringa plant. Moringa tree is also called a drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or benzolive tree. It is native to India but today, it is also grown in other countries that have tropical and subtropical climates.


Due to the health benefits of moringa, all the parts of the moringa tree namely the flowers, leaves, fruit, and seeds are commonly used in Indian cuisines as well as in medicine. They offer various health benefits. 

The moringa seeds and leaves have abundant proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Other than that, it is also rich in flavonoids and contains 27 vitamins. That’s why moringa is also called the Miracle Tree.

Moringa drink can also be prepared from all its parts; leaves, flowers, and seeds, but moringa leaf tea is the most familiar one. All are caffeine-free and so you can consume them twice a day in the morning and evening. 

Moringa Tea Flavor Profile

Moringa tea has an earthy flavor that is similar to green tea. But it is less astringent and bitter than most green tea types and also it can absorb high temperatures and takes a long time for brewing. Moringa tea is mostly flavored with mint, honey, and cinnamon to balance the earthy flavor.

Health Benefits of Moringa Tea

The possible benefits of moringa tea are as follows:

How To Make Moringa Tea

Boil one or 2 cups of water in a saucepan.
Add 2 teaspoons of Moringa Tea Powder. Steep for 5 minutes.
Strain in a cup and add a few drops of honey for sweetness.
Squeeze half Lemon for extra freshness.
*You can add fresh moringa leaves while steeping for added flavor.


If anyone suggests using moringa in any form, it is better to consult with a doctor first. Moringa has anti-fertility properties, so pregnant women should avoid the consumption of moringa. It will effectively lower the blood pressure level, so consuming moringa with other drugs may result in low blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can moringa tea lower blood pressure?

Ans: Yes. In many studies, moringa has significantly reduced blood pressure. 

Moringa oleifera lowers high blood pressure by treating vascular dysfunction and reducing free radical damages due to its antioxidants.

Can moringa tea lower blood sugar?

Ans: Yes. Moringa has insulin-like proteins that help manage insulin levels in the body. The plant compounds of moringa help use body sugar better and insulin release in the body. Thus moringa tea can help lower blood sugar.

Can moringa tea be taken on an empty stomach?

Ans: Yes. Moringa can be taken on an empty stomach, before food, after food, or anyway, it is up to you. However, Moringa tea is often recommended after meals rather than on an empty stomach. It improves digestion. Tea can be consumed morning and evening.

Can moringa tea shrink fibroids?

Ans: Yes. Moringa may be good for fibroids. Moringa oil when used as skin lotion can treat many skin issues including fibroids. So, it is transmitted to moringa tea as both are from the same tree.

Can moringa tea cause constipation?

Ans: No. Moringa leaves have laxative properties. That’s the reason moringa is recommended for digestion. But taking in a high amount without moderation and overdosing can cause diarrhea.

Can moringa tea help you lose weight?

Ans: Yes. Moringa tea can help you lose weight. It has antioxidants that prevent cell damage, remove toxins from the body, promote proper digestion, reduce fat formation, and improve fat breakdown thus it aids weight loss.

Can moringa tea be taken with milk?

Ans: Yes. To obtain full benefits of the leaves, try plain. However, taking it with milk won’t much of its nutrition profile. People say cashew milk goes well with moringa tea, try it.

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3 reviews for Organic Moringa Tea | Moringa Oleifera Tea 250 gm (8.8 oz)

  1. Frank Tejada

    Amazing product! Great Quantity for this price.

  2. Jon Heser

    Packing is not good. Bugs are in the pack. Disappointed!!!

  3. Alicia

    I bought this tea to cure my allergies in natural way. It works really great….

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