10 Best Herbs to Cure Urinary Problems

People tend to acquire different urinary problems during their lifetime. It can be acquired by both young and old people alike. And these problems can be denoted as minor or even serious urinary injuries. 

More often than not minor and severe urinary problems start with the same symptoms and signs. But luckily there are more minor urinary problems experienced by many people which is good because it can be easily treated at home or at even your own, with balance diet and proper exercise.

The most common sign of a urinary tract problem is the changing of color of urine. Although there are many things that can affect the color of urine, like for instance not having a balanced fluid flow inside your body, or even not having a balanced diet. 

These certain aspects are the reasons why medicines are made for these kind of diseases. Whenever there is change in color, you can easily tell if you are deficient in water or not by how dark or how light it is. And there are even vitamins that can turn urine from clear to bright yellow, like Vitamin B supplements. While some medications can turn the color of urine into red or red-brown.

Symptoms of urinary problems are very obvious and can be easily determined. The most common symptoms to point out are the burning sensation whenever you pee, blood in the urine or also called “hematuria” (happens when your urine turns into red or brown after an intense work out), nausea, and vomiting. 

Discomfort can happen a lot and normally it is not even that serious, but once you get to experience most of these symptoms, then there might already be a problem.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) can be administered by several of these symptoms. It is more commonly seen in women rather in men because of the smaller urethra that women have. 

Although you can reduce the chance of having UTI by controlling risk factors that may trigger these infections. The most commonly known infections are bladder infections, kidney infections, prostatitis and epididymitis, urethritis, and interstitial cystitis.

And since these infections can greatly affect a person’s health, there are natural ways that you can use to suppress or manage the risk of having urinary tract infections. 

One of which is the use of natural herbs as controlling risk factor for urinary problems. So for today, we give you these list of top 10 BEST HERBS FOR URINARY PROBLEMS.

10 Best Herbs to Cure Urinary Problems


On our top one on the list we have D-mannose, a sugar supplement herb that is primarily present in a number of foods, such as apples, cranberries and oranges. 

Usually it is engineered into a form of powdery capsules or tablets so it can be used or consumed during urinary tract infection therapy. It is the most frequently used herbal medication when it comes to preventing and treating mild urinary tract problems. 

Health experts have found out that D-mannose is really a very strong natural herb because of its ability to inhibit the entry of some infectious bacteria into the cells or walls of the urinary tract, making it a lot easier for the bacteria to be removed out of the body before it can even cause more harm to your health. 

There are also a lot of research already about this miracle herb. It is known to manage and treat preventative factors that may help in battling these infections.

Most people who were already taking D-mannose supplements have showed promising results. Not only is it only promising but it is also relaxing because it gave hope to the thousands who are currently suffering from these severe infections. 

Having urinary tract infections not only affects you physically, but it also greatly affects you mentally and emotionally. But with the help D-mannose, this powerful herb supplement can now be taken so these infections can be treated. 

It does not pose any major threat or health risk to a person when taken in. It is very natural supplement and certainly a powerful medicine that can help regulate, manage and treat urinary tract infections. 

It is also good for people who have a problem in regulating their own blood sugar levels. And if there’s any side effect that was already reported by some users of D-mannose, it might only be as simple as mild diarrhea.


Uva ursi is a natural herb also known as bearberry leaf. Its scientific name is Arctostaphylos uva ursi. It is a very well-known herbal remedy that is widely used by old folks and traditional people in medicine practices for a long time now by treating urinary tract problems. 

This herb is a type of wild plant or flowering shrub that usually grows on some lands like Asia, Europe and North America. It is named as “bearberry leaf” because of the fact that it is known to be a favorite food of bears, hence its name. The leaves however are now being used to make other herbal medicines. 

After harvest, you can also use the leaves, dry it, and steep it so you can make tea or even leaf extracts out of it. The extracts can also be consumed or taken in through tablet or capsule form. 

Several researches have already been done regarding the use of uva ursi as treatment for urinary tract problems.

They have found out that the plant or herb itself contains thousands of healthy chemical compounds that are full of potent antimicrobial functions and capabilities. 

The main chemical compound that was found very helpful in treating urinary tract infections is the Arbutin. Thanks to Arbutin, uva ursi’s healing potential is made possible and efficient. 

Because of its antibacterial effect on E. coli, which is the most common cause of urinary tract problems, it can readily manage and reduce these infections and target them for secretion. 

Uva ursi is a very safe herbal medication for treating urinary tract infections, and it can also be safely consumed in doses of 200-840 mg of hydroquinone, which is calculated as anhydrous arbutin. 

It can greatly reduce UTI occurrence compared with placebo, and with the help of its antibacterial capabilities, it can no doubt help people manage and treat their urinary tract problems.


Garlic is a very popular and a very well-known herb. It is greatly used in our daily lives, especially in cooking or culinary. But not only does garlic help in the kitchen room, but it has also been widely used already in traditional medical practices for a long time now. 

It is usually used medically for treating common diseases and broad range of other health illnesses that may include bacterial infections, viral infections, and even fungal infections. 

The most important chemical compound that is responsible for the healing potential of garlic is a compound that contains sulfur, known as allicin. Allicin is a very strong compound that is capable of strong antibacterial effects that can fight a lot of infections, including urinary tract infections. 

Because of the presence of allicin, garlic is now very known to be very effective in treating the effects of infection-causing bacteria like E. coli. Through this idea, researchers suggest that garlic is likely to be an alternative therapy for managing and treating urinary tract problems in humans.

Many studies have already been made regarding the healing effects of garlic and how effective it is in preventing the recurrence of urinary tract infections. 

Although there is no tangible research yet about what is the ideal dosage or intake of the said herb. But traditionally, garlic can be consumed by just eating the whole thing, even in its raw form. 

Although there are also supplemental doses that are usually used as extracts and can be consumed in the form of capsule or tablet. 

These supplements are rated to be very safe for consumption and are likely to be very healthy for most people. Although there are some who are experiencing allergic reactions when they take garlic supplements, nevertheless, garlic is still very healthy and very safe to take in for most of us. Not to mention, it can also be your daily food and daily herb supplement at the same time.


Cranberry is one of the most popular herbs that are turned into juice products and extracts, which are very helpful in treating UTIs. Among the most popular choices for natural herbs, cranberry by far is the most tasteful and delicious of them all. 

It contains a wide mixture of chemical compounds that are found to be very healthy and can easily be used for treating urinary tract related problems. 

The most important chemical compounds that are related to its healing capability are hippuric acid and anthocyanins. These compounds have a big role in reducing the ability of infectious and harmful bacteria from adhering or sticking on the urinary tract, which then stops their chance of growth and ability to even cause greater infection. 

Studies have shown that cranberry has done a very good job in preventing urinary tract problems, both in humans and animals. No doubt that cranberry can really be used as treatment in reducing urinary tract infection recurrence and other UTI related symptoms.

It can be seen as at par with other herbal medications like D-mannose and even antibiotic fosfomycin. Overall, cranberry and products associated with cranberry, like juices and supplements, are more than safe to be consumed by humans. 

With its appealing flavor and a variety of health benefits, consumption of cranberry every now and then would be very worthwhile. However, long term use is not advised, so make sure to only take this herb when in need or when it is necessary. 

You can drink juice products associated with this herb for the purpose of cleansing, but then again too much consumption is not advisable. So it is better if this herbal medicine can be used only for most people who are suffering from urinary tract related problems, because that is where it is found to be very effective and reliable.


Green Tea can be taken or extracted from the leaves of a certain plant which is called Camellia Sinensis. This natural herb has already been used in a lot of traditional medical practices for a very long time now because of its wide pharmacological capabilities. 

Rich in many nutrients and healthy compounds which are known as polyphenols. This herbal tea contains a lot of supply of polyphenols which makes it very well known for its strong antimicrobial capabilities and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Other healthy chemical compounds also found in green tea like Epigallocatechin (EGC) emit strong antibacterial effects to fight UTI related strings of E. coli (bacteria that usually cause urinary tract infections). Several studies have already been made, and the given results were very promising.

Researchers found out that this herbal tea, when extracted, can contain EGC which is the key to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of different types of antibiotics which are mostly used for treating and managing urinary tract problems. 

One cup of extracted green tea can contain as much as 150 mg of EGC compound. Currently it was proved that even 3 to 5 mg of EGC is already enough to help reduce bacterial growth in the urethra. 

Green tea is a very safe herb for human consumption. Also it naturally contains caffeine so this herb may also help people who need to stay awake and active at the moment. But it is better to take decaffeinated green tea herb products to help regulate UTI. 

Overall, green tea herb supplement is a very reliable for managing urinary tract problems. Proven and tested to help regulate and reduce urinary tract infections with the help of thousands of healthy chemical compounds and nutrients. A very good alternative for all tea lovers out there, green tea is the best herbal tea for the job.


Parsley tea is an excellent home remedy to help in the management and treatment of a urinary tract infection. 

Drinking this herbal tea can help a lot to people that are suffering from UTI because of its natural diuretic compounds, which are able to help remove and reduce any bacterial infections inside the bladder. 

It can also speed up the healing process of the urinary tract problem that are accompanied by mild symptoms such as stinging and the burning feeling that you feel while you are urinating. 

This herbal tea is not only good for the urinary tract, but it is also very helpful for women because it can help in reducing the pain caused by menstrual cramps. 

Being rich in iron, this aromatic herb can really do a lot of medical wonders. It can be added to your daily drinks, like orange juice, to help in the increase of iron absorption from parsley herb. 

There are many urinary tract problems out there, and it can be caused by many kinds of health defects like genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, low water intake, and bad hygiene. 

With parsley tea, these common health defects can be prevented and can be regulated by avoiding the appearance of these bacterial infections. Overall parsley tea does well for the job in treating urinary tract problems because it has a mild diuretic capability. 

This diuretic effect can help in speeding up the removal of UTI-causing infections or bacteria out of your urinary tract system. Studies have shown that consumption of herbal teas like parsley tea can even help in the prevention of chronic UTI occurrence among women. 

And it does not only help women, but all kinds of gender. Parsley tea is great for the job which is reducing the possibilities of future urinary tract problems and create a clean and healthy system for your overall welfare.


For a long time now, people have been using Chamomile tea for traditional medical treatment. It has been widely used for people who were suffering from sickness and stress. 

Nowadays, researchers have now found out that evidently this very popular herbal tea can actually help regulate and prevent a lot of health issues like mild colds and menstrual cramps. 

Herbal teas like chamomile are one of the commonly used natural herbs that can really contain healthy chemicals that may be even of medicinal value. 

This chamomile plant, which is called Matricaria Recutita, is also known as manzanilla. A herbal plant that has leaves and flowers extracted into fragrant and good tasting tea. Drinking this tea can greatly help in improving your urinary tract.

Researchers have even found out that consumption of this herbal tea can be associated with a significant improvement in urinary levels of hippurate, which is a breakdown content of n specific plant-based chemical compounds that are known as phenolics. 

Phenolics is a strong compound found in chamomile that helps in increasing antibacterial activity. This explains why drinking herbal teas like chamomile can greatly boost up a person’s immune system and help in fighting UTI associated infections. 

Chamomile tea is also associated with a great number of urinary levels called glycine. An amino acid that has been well known for helping relax and relieve muscle spasms. 

It is also known to be very in acting as a nerve relaxant. So drinking high levels of chamomile tea can greatly affect a person’s health welfare in a very positive way. 

With its high number of health benefits and pharmaceutical improvements, Chamomile tea has really established its medical status as it continues to be used by many people in answering their urinary tract problems. 

This is a solution that is now only beneficiary, but it is also well known and received by many researchers and doctors.


Corn silk is the long thread parts that grow on corncobs. It grows underneath the very husk of a fresh part of a corn. 

Its shiny, thread-like fibers help in the pollination process and the growth of the corn itself. Although it is often used when preparing corn for eating, people don’t know it can also a lot of medical capabilities and applications. 

It has been used now for a long time as a traditional herbal remedy, mostly by traditional Chinese people and even Native Americans. Nowadays, many countries have already been using this herb and applying it their own medical feats like China, Turkey, France and the United States.

Corn silk contains a lot of plant chemical compounds, which are responsible for a variety of health issues and pharmaceutical effects. 

It is very well-known in treating a number of health ailments like prostate problems, malaria, and even heart disease. But the most well-known effects of this natural herb is its ability to treat and manage urinary tract infections. 

Research have already proven that corn silk truly has antibacterial and inflammatory capabilities, which can greatly help in reducing any more severe infections. 

With its soothing mucilaginous properties and demulcent effects, corn silk can really help in strengthening the urinary issues so as to prevent harmful infectious bacteria to stay in the mucous membrane.


Another amazing natural herb that is good in preventing urinary tract infection is the Dandelion Leaf. It’s a very known root that is traditionally used for treating ailments because of its medicinal values. 

Some of the commonly known diseases that it can treat are joint pains, tonsillitis, eczema and mild wounds. But most of all, it is very known for its ability to treat infections, especially those that are very viral like urinary tract infections.

People can eat and consume this miracle herb safely, having not to worry about any side effects or mild discomfort. 

It is best combined with the urva ursi, for it is capable of killing bacteria, while the dandelion herb helps in increasing urine flow. If used in long term, can definitely improve waste secretion and cleanse the urinary tract itself.


Goldenseal is a very common herbal remedy for urinary tract problems, and even yeast infections. It is also known as Hydrastis Canadensis, a perennial plant which is found mostly in the eastern part of North America. 

It has roots and leaves that can be used in traditional medicine, treating a variety of illnesses, especially those that involve mild infections and inflammation.

It is one of the most popular natural herb remedies when it comes in curing and preventing a variety of ailments. 

Extracted from its plant, this herbal marvel can be consumed in capsules and can be used in managing urinary tract problems and many other common diseases like fever, colds, skin problems, digestive problems and sore throat. 

Because of its potent antibacterial and its ability to heal the mucous membrane which is caused by the inflammation of the urinary tract wall.

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