Mucuna Pruriens – Benefits & Uses of Velvet Bean

Mucuna Pruriens is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs which is also named as Velvet bean or Cowhage. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over two thousand years. It is named differently in different areas I’d like to share a few among them Florida velvet bean, lacuna bean, Lyon bean, Mauritius velvet bean, Yokohama velvet bean, cowage, cowitch Donkey eye monkey tamarind, and Buffalo beans, etc. It is a tropical legume that is widely cultivated in Africa and tropical Asia.

One of the main components of Mucuna Pruriens is L-dopa which creates dopamine, as we all know that dopamine is a significant factor for brain functions, sexuality, and movement.

Mucuna Pruriens or Velvet Bean is very itchy to touch because of serotonin on its surface, it will produce extreme itchiness particularly with the young foliage and the seed pods. Mucuna Pruriens has antioxidant properties.

There are some traditional uses for the root which is used most often for therapeutic purposes. There are two varieties of Mucuna Pruriens- one black and one white.

In this article, Let me reveal some of the best benefits of Mucuna Pruriens that will help you in the management of various diseases.

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Other Language Names of Mucuna Pruriens

Common name: Velvet bean, Cowitch, Cowhage, Kapikachu, Nescafe, Sea bean
Hindi name: Kiwach
Marathi name: खाज कुइरी Khaj-kuiri
Malayalam name: Naicorna
Nepali: काउसो Kauso
Telugu name: Pilliadugu
Kannada name: ನಸುಗುನ್ನಿ Nasugunni, ನೊಸಗೊನ್ನೆ Nosagonne, ನಾಯಿಸೊಣಗುಬಳ್ಳಿ Nayisonanguballi
Bengali name: Akolchi
Tamil name: புனைப்பிடுக்கன் Punaippidukkan

What Studies Say About Mucuna Pruriens?

  • Treats diabetes
  • Improves cognitive functions
  • Improves energy & endurance
  • Natural source of levodopa (L-dopa)
  • Supports physical balance & posture
  • Helps digestion without increasing pitta
  • Supports the body’s ability to handle stress
  • Promotes healthy motor skills & coordination
  • Supports a healthy central & peripheral nervous system
  • Promotes brain activity that combats such things such as Parkinson’s disease and depression

L-Dopa And Dopamine: How Mucuna Pruriens Works?

As we’ve seen above that Mucuna Pruriens has high levels of naturally occurring L-dopa which is an important neurotransmitter for giving sleep, memory, mood, mental functions, and calming the nervous system.

You may wonder on How L-Dopa and Dopamine work in the body, let me explain the process, by using the velvet bean you can support the body’s production of dopamine naturally. It creates a feel-good hormone and keeps the nervous system normal. The secretion of dopamine promotes healthy levels of sex, appetite, and motivation.

If you’re a chain smoker, gambler or alcoholic then the levels of dopamine will move beyond the limit which can lead to serious disorders.

Factors to Know About the Significance of Mucuna Pruriens

Treats Diabetes

Velvet beans play a significant role in reducing the levels of blood sugar and it’s a boon for diabetic patients.

The main factor of Mucuna is the high content of levodopa which maintains the blood sugar level in the right condition and reduces cholesterol. If you love to be fit and perfect then just try out this nutritional diet!

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Enhances Sperm Count

Mucuna Pruriens has a huge number of alkaloids which increases testosterone secretion to make sure the better accessibility of gonads.

This process increases the sperm count and the whole process is administered by testosterone. So by improving the testosterone one can get higher manufacture of sperms.

Energy Source

Mucuna Pruriens is rich in protein when compared to other expensive meats and contains other substances. It is an essential nutrient for the human body so by regular consumption of Velvet beans you can get a required amount of nutrients.

Due to the content of vitamin B1, phosphorus, and iron the Mucuna Pruriens maintain the functioning of the nervous system properly.

Reduces Stress

Mucuna Pruriens is a natural stress buster. Stress varies depending upon the individual’s targets, academics, job insecurity, unhealthy relations, etc. However, everyone is going to face such situations but in a different way if stress is not controlled then it can risk hypertension, heart attacks, and stroke.

Regular consumption of Velvet beans allows you to adapt to stressful situations and thus, protect you against the effects of stress.

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Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Each and every part of Mucuna Pruriens can help in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease (i.e seed powder, root decoction, seed extract).

The seeds contain L-dopa which increases the dopamine level in the brain. L-dopa is not only beneficial for treating Parkinson’s disease but also acts as neuroprotective and completely vanishes the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It also improves the level of norepinephrine and serotonin in the brain. Due to the presence of CoQ-10 and Nicotine adenine dinucleotide, Parkinson’s diseases can be treated well.

Sexual Health Benefits

One of the significant benefits of Mucuna extract is it will help boost the libido both in women and men. It improves sexual arousal also increases the level of sensitivity to touch.

For males, the supplement encourages testosterone production and prevents the sperm from oxidation to ensure they are stronger. The increased level of testosterone will definitely activate the release of the human growth hormone which is required for building lean muscle mass. It is the best herb for boosting virility.

Prevents Neurodegenerative Disorders

As we grow older most of us would face the problem of degenerative disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but Mucuna Pruriens can which can slow down the process and reduce your risk of degenerative diseases. Mucuna Pruriens has a strong antioxidant effect that can protect the functions of the brain and nerves against oxidative damage.

It can properly maintain the balance of neurotransmitters, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine so that the health of the nervous system can be in the right scale. These benefits of Mucuna Pruriens, or Velvet Bean, can protect your brain against the effect of advancing age and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Mucuna Pruriens for the Reproductive System

In Ayurveda, different parts of plants are seen to work on different tissues in the body. Not surprisingly, fruits and seeds correlate with the reproductive system, and the seeds of Mucuna pruriens are revered as one of the best reproductive tonics for men and women alike.1 Mucuna pruriens is an aphrodisiac, bolstering healthy sexual energy and libido.

It also supports normal fertility, healthy sperm and ova, proper functioning of the reproductive organs, and appropriate genital secretions. In truth, Mucuna pruriens supports every aspect of Shukra dhatu (the reproductive tissue)—in this case, referring to both men and women.

Mucuna Pruriens for the Digestive System

Mucuna Pruriens is good for promoting digestive health and maintains it in the right condition. It helps to keep the blood sugar levels low and promotes smooth muscle contractions. The Velvet bean seeds are highly nutritive when compared to other legumes.

How to Use Mucuna pruriens?

Mucuna Pruriens is the best medicine for people who suffer from digestive related issues. It plays an important role in the digestive process as it calms down the harmful bacteria or toxins from the tummy and makes you free from such issues. Moolihai offers you the highly natural and organic Mucuna Pruriens in powder form so you can get online and enjoy its benefits.

For treating Parkinson’s disease and male fertility it’s recommended to take five grams (5,000 milligrams) of dried Mucuna pruriens powder regularly which is an effective dosage. Mucuna pruriens beans should be cooked, but heating them also destroys L-dopa.

How to decide the dosage for an individual? It depends on various factors such as health conditions and age. It’s good to consult the doctor or professional to know how much Mucuna Pruriens will be right for you.

Mucuna Pruriens Powder

You can get the same taste of Mucuna Prureins in its powder form also, it’s very easy to get the powder online. If you’re suffering from digestive problems, liver, or diabetes then try this herbal product. Take ¼–½ teaspoon of Velvet bean powder daily either once or twice it’s up to you. If you love the taste of ghee, honey, or milk then mix the powder with one of those by-products and have it internally. It acts as a medium for solving all the issues in your body.

Herbal Tablets

Velvet beans are now available in the form of the tablet also, in case if you need to travel for a long time then it would be convenient to take this herbal tablet with you. It provides all the benefits like the Mucuna pruriens and the taste also doesn’t change.

You can take one or two tablets as per the health condition and age but it’s always a good idea to consult the doctor before consuming internally. Tablets including Mucuna pruriens are Healthy Vata, Men’s Support, and Stress Ease. It offers a good taste and allows the digestive system to function properly.

Nutritional Value & Active Compounds

The Velvet bean has a rich nutritional value, it not only produces L-dopa content but also supplies essential nutrients that are required.

Minerals, Dietary proteins (25 – 30% proteins) and essential amino acids, Fatty acids such as linoleic acid, Starch

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extracts also Contain

  • Mildly-hallucinogenic tryptamines
  • D-chiro-inositol, a rare plant component that may help with diabetes and PCOS
  • Psychoactive serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine)
  • Newly-discovered antioxidants and potentially neuroprotective substance


Mucuna Pruriens also contains some essential anti-nutrients which boost the nutritional value in your body and keeps strong. Let’s see some of those anti-nutrients

Tannins which helps for digestion as it contains rich protein.

Phytates are capable of binding the minerals as a result it can block their absorption in the gut.

Lectins are an important component of food that maintains body health at the right level.

Cyanogenic glycosides is a plant toxin that forms a small amount of cyanide in the body.

Trypsin inhibitors, which reduce the activity of trypsin that helps digest proteins and other digestive enzymes.

Alkaloids (such as mucunine) and saponins

Side Effects

Actually, it’s good to consume Velvet bean seed powder and is safe for people when taken by mouth for up to 20 weeks. If the consumption level is not at a certain limit then it may cause nausea and a sensation of abdominal bloating and some of the less common effects include abnormal body movements, vomiting, and insomnia.

The hair of the Mucuna pruriens bean pod is unsafe and should not be taken orally or used topically because it may cause irritations which can lead to severe burning, itching, and swelling.

Though velvet bean works efficiently for lowering blood sugar levels, you should stop taking velvet bean at least two weeks before any surgery.

Mucuna Pruriens is not suggested for people who have the following:

  • Mental illness
  • Diabetes
  • Liver issue
  • Peptic ulcer diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Melanoma
  • Hypolycemia


Mucuna Pruriens doesn’t produce good results for pregnant women, due to the presence of uterine stimulating effect it may lead to birth defects. So it’s strictly recommended to avoid the consumption of Velvet beans during pregnancy. It has an androgenic activity which may increase testosterone levels. So if an individual has excessive androgen syndrome it’s recommended to avoid velvet beans.

Final Thoughts on ‘Velvet Bean’

Mucuna Pruriens is mostly found in India, the Caribbean, and tropical areas of Africa. It’s recommended not to consume the seed pods because it may cause irritation and itching of your skin. The seeds of the Mucuna pruriens contain levodopa, also known as L-dopa, at high concentrations of four to seven percent. L-dopa is a precursor to dopamine, which is a key factor for coordinating proper body movements, increases motivation, and regulates moods. You can get 100% organic Mucuna Prureins from Moolhai and enjoy the benefits.

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