Kungiliya Vennai | Vellai Kungiliyam Butter | White Dammer Butter – 250 gm (8.8 oz)

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Part used: Sapwood, Bark, Resin, Heartwood, Seed oil, and Seeds. Dosage: Kungiliyam(resin)- 1-3 grams, Bark decoction- 50-100ml, Powder- 3-5 grams, in divided dose/day.


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Botanical Name : Shorea robusta
English Name : Indian Dammer, Canon Ball tree, Sal tree, Common Sal
Tamil Name : Kungiliyam, Talur, Attam, Shalam
Hindi Name : Sakhu, Shal, Sal, Skaher
Telugu Name : Sarjamu, Gugilamu

Vellai Kungiliyam is a resin obtained from the Sap tree. Sap trees are native to the Indian subcontinent and can be found in Assam, Nepal, Bengal, Orrisa, Jharkhand, and the Yamuna river bank. In Haryana, Sal trees can also be found in the Kalesar forests and the Morni Hills. These trees are widely grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Sal tree is a deciduous tree, which can grow up to 30-35m in height and a trunk diameter of up to 2-2.5m.  The resin has a bitter taste, hot in nature, and has anti-microbial properties. Its bark, sapwood, resin, and oil are used for various medicinal uses.

It’s mainly used for curing non-healing wounds, boils, diabetes, deafness, etc. It’s also used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, migraines, venereal disease, and bone diseases. 

It has an essential role in curing diseases like clouds and cuttings. Generally, Sal is used to preventing diarrhea and dysentery due to its astringent property.

It makes adhesive is collected from the dark wood, the scar is formed, and the drain from it. These are frozen and used for medicine.

Sal tree is believed to be the Goddess Tree,” and It’s valued as a holy tree. Hindus and Buddhists believe that the Sap tree is a Sacred tree. That has religious, therapeutic, and commercial benefits, and its wood is used in the furniture industry. 

Health Benefits 

Wound Healing

The gum resin is topically applied for treating agonizing swelling, as it acts as an effective anti-microbial and astringent property. This cleanses wounds and facilitates the healing of wounds. 

Treatment for piles

The resin is highly effective in treating bleeding piles. It also gives relief to the patients experiencing piles. In Ayurveda, the resin is mixed with boiled milk or mixed with sugar or honey for curing bleeding piles.

Antibacterial properties

The antibacterial properties present in this herb that eliminates germs and bacterias. The herbal cream prepared from the leaves of the sap tree helps in faster recovery in the healing process. 

Treat Infections

The antioxidant properties present in this herb exterminate infections in the body. It also promotes infection preventing capabilities of the body, which results in quick recovery from diseases. 

Ear Infections

The various medicinal properties and essential nutrients present in this herb are powerful in treating ear infections. 


Vellai Kungiliyam
1 part
20 part

Sesame oil – This oil is extracted from sesame seeds. It always has rich oil and very high health benefits and never finds South Indian people’s homes without sesame oil.

Benefits of sesame oil

  • It has good protein
  • Stops diabetes
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Good for digestion
  • Prevents cancer
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