Natural & Pure Triphala Tablet (Amla, Harad, Baheda) For Healthy Life – 60 Nos



  • Anemia
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Constipation
  • Leucoderma

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Thiripala Tablet

Thiripala Tablet is a traditional Siddha medicine that is prepared by the combination of three herbal ingredients. Thiripala is recommended to use in many Ayurvedic treatments. It is popular for its unique ability to clean and detoxify the system while nourishing. Thiripala improves the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and genitourinary systems.

Thiripala Tablet for Diabetes

Thiripala is an effective medicine to control diabetes, and it can able to reduce blood glucose levels. It helps to secrete insulin, stimulates the pancreas, and controls the sugar level. Due to its rich content, it provides effective treatment for those who have a high level of sugar called “hyperglycemia” of diabetes.

Thiripala Tablet for Stomach Infections

Children who eat too much chocolate and sweets are affected by stomach infections like insect and worm problems. Giving them Thiripala tablets frequently helps to remove tapeworms and rings from the stomach. It also helps to maintain a healthy level of stomach and body.

Thiripala Tablets for Immunity

Immunity is an important component of your body health. Thiripala Tablets helps to improve your immune system called antibodies. It fights against all the germs and bacterias that enters into your immune system.

Thiripala Tablet for Skin Problems

Thiripala tablet plays an excellent role in skin diseases that cleans the blood and eliminates the toxins in the blood. It helps to heal rashes and body infections.

Thiripala Tablets in Digestion

Some people eat food properly on time so that they can digest. Thiripala helps to cure the digestion disorders by smoothly exposing the rectum to the esophagus. Thiripala is an effective natural medicine for constipation and analgesia.

Thiripala Tablet for Headaches

Some people have headaches caused by neurological disorders and many other causes. Thiripala tablet is a powerful natural remedy for many types of headaches. It gives great relief from headaches caused by the disruption of metabolism in your body.

Thiripala Tablet for Anemia

Anemia is caused by the reduced amount of blood cells in your body. To prevent the Anemia, you need to increase the blood cells. Thiripala tablets include lots of nutrition that helps to increases the number of red blood cells and improves the immune system.

Thiripala Tablet for Respiratory Diseases

There are lots of diseases that occur in your gums such as asthma, colds, and bronchitis that help to breathe you. Thiripala tablet is a great remedy to remove them using its effective components. It eliminates the clogs in the respiratory tract and balancing the breathing. It also cures cold and sinus diseases.

Thiripala Tablet for Cancer

According to the researches of our country, found that the Thrirpala tablet has the potential to cure cancer. It helps to reduce the formation of the spindle in conditions in cancer cells. Thiripala also reduces the risk of developing cancer cells, such as metastasis.

Terminalia Chebula
1 part
Terminalia Bellarica( Thandrikkai Thol)
1 part
Emblica Officinales(Nellivatral)
1 part
1 part

Take one tablet twice a day before the food.

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