Traditional Urai Marunthu Tablets for Babies | 100 % Natural Herbs – 60 tablets

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Origin: India Urai marunthu is an immune booster made with the medicinal herbs. Usually, this medicine is mixed with hot water or breast milk for giving 3-month babies to 3 years.


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Urai Marunthu is one of the best childcare practices that have been observed in the long run. It is a grandmother’s time medicine to get children with healthier health and avoid health issues. This urai marunthu s helps to protect many diseases. It will give after 60 days for the newborn baby.


  • Chukku(Dried Ginger)
  • Thippili(Long Pepper)
  • Sathakuppai(Dill Seeds)
  • Omam(Ajowan Caraway)
  • Jaathikkai(Nutmeg)
  • Kuru Milagu(Pepper)
  • Kadukkai(Ink Nut)
  • Maasikaai(Bluejack)
  • Chitharathai( Lesser Galangal)
  • Kadalnurai(Cuttle Bone)
  • Karunjeeragam(Black Caraway)
  • Vasambu(Calamus Root)
  • Perungayam(Asafoetida)
  • Jeeragam(Caraway)

How to give Urai Marunthu:

Thee is a special rubbing stone that is available in the Indian Herbal medicines, this rubbing stone is known as vasambu kal. The 1 or 2 drops of water on that rubbing stone and gently rub the Urai Marunthu Stick on it. Make the paste of urai marunthu of the size f 1 pepper. Give that paste to the children instead of water, mother milk can also be used.

Urai Marunthu Health Benefits:

  • Urai Marunthu is a very good medicine for stomach related problems such as bloating, indigestion, loose motion, flatulence, acid gastric, etc. This medicine naturally increases the immunity power of the children.
  • It is good medicine for cough and cold.
  • It helps to cure stomach ulcers and gastric problems.
  • Vasambu bangle and bindi are also good for the babies’ health.

Benefits for kids:

  • Jathikkai – It provides good sleep
  • Manjal – Act as an antiseptic
  • Kadukkai – provide free bowel movement
  • Vasambu – improve immunity power and cure stomach ailments
  • Masikai – preventing the tongue from getting white
  • Chitharathai – protect from common cough and cold
  • parangi pattai – good for skin and helps to treat appetite
  • sukku – resist the disease from bacteria

Chitharathai: The property of this herb is usually protected from common cold and cough. This also helps to get better relief from chest congestion with phlegm

Kadukkai: It helps to improve digestion, appetite, and it helps to avoid loose motion because of indigestion. It helps to the stomach, intestine, and liver to function properly.

Sukku: This is used to prevent stomach pain, gas formation, vomiting, and indigestion. Most of the babies are suffer from colicky pain. The colic is inconsolable crying because of the discomfort indigestion. This sukku is helped to soothe the symptoms of colic in babies.

Masikkai: Masikkai is good for the gastric problem and gastric problem and also it increases the appetite of the baby. Masikkai is also helping the baby to grow the teeth beautifully. Moreover, it is good medicine for urination.

Jathikai: It is a small dosage to reduce flatulence, aids digestions, and also it improves appetite. it helps to avoid unwanted cry among babies and provide good sleep.

Vasambu: Usually, kadukkai and vasambu are called as “pillai valarppan”. It helps to improve the tasteless buds, appetite, and laziness. It also helps to cure stomach pain, indigestion, and chest congestion with phlegm.

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