9 Science-based Health Benefits of Ashwagandha Tea


Ashwagandha tea is an Indian beverage that has started ruling the world market due to its antidepressant, immune-boosting, and anti-carcinogenic activities. After all these years, Herbal teas have started getting appreciation for their health benefits in the world market. The practice of boosting immunity power and maintaining energy levels to fight off infections by including […]

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits and Nuts in Your Daily Diet

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are the powerhouses of fiber and proteins. For the past few years, the consumption of dry fruits and nuts has been increased among adults. Everything needs time to reveal its values. People started finding nutritious foods to replace their high-carb snacks to fulfill health liabilities and prevent ailments. Eating dried fruits […]

Multifloral Honey – Benefits, Nutrition, Harvest, and Types

Benefits of Multifloral Honey

Multifloral honey is the regular honey we are mostly using in our households. It is also called Multiflower honey, regular honey, or just honey. The honeybees that feed on various wildflowers or plants make Multiflora honey. It is a blend of different nectar from different blossoms and that’s why it is often referred to as […]

Monofloral Honey – Benefits, Harvest, Nutrition, Types, Side Effects

Benefits of Monofloral Honey

Monofloral honey is a great natural sweetener to add to any diet. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used in different dishes for flavor, sweetness, texture, and aroma. Honey is an herbal gift from nature for the beauty, culinary, and medicinal applications of humankind. What is Monofloral Honey? Monofloral Honey is also called […]

10 Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a variant of honey that is exported from Southern Australia and New Zealand. It is a monofloral honey collected by bees who pollinate flowers of the Manuka tree which is botanically called Leptospermum scoparium. The uni-flora honey has the maximum nutrition profile of the Manuka tree and its parts where the antibacterial […]

Shilajit Benefits For Women: Best Ways To Use

In today’s world, people are largely depending on natural and organic foods to lead a healthy lifestyle. And shilajit is one of the topmost health-boosting herbs, especially for women. Due to its immense health benefits, the demand for shilajit is reaching heights recently. But it has been used as a natural supplement in Ayurveda for […]

How To Cure Gastritis – Diagnosis And Treatment

How to cure gastritis

Gastritis is a digestive disorder that can be caused by several factors. It is usually inflammation or erosion in the stomach lining. It creates irritation or an itchy feeling that is not tolerable by anyone. It is of two types; acute and chronic. Acute occurs suddenly while chronic occurs gradually.  One example of gastritis is […]

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