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Haritaki (Kadukkai): Types, Benefits, Formulations, and Side Effects

Health Benefit of Haritaki

The haritaki is one of the three herbal dried fruits used to make the most popular Ayurvedic formula Triphala.It is mostly cultivated in Southern Asia and India. The dried haritaki has been used in ayurveda for long years and used as Indian traditional medicine. It is also referred to as “chebulic myrobalan”.  The haritaki has […]

Medicinal Properties and Health Benefits Of Guggul

Health Benefits of Guggul

The flowering mukul myrrh tree is commonly known as guggul, it is a fragrant resin. The guggle is scientifically known as Commiphora Mukul. This thorny tree is commonly found in India, especially the states that have arid climates like Gujarat and Rajasthan. The resin from the sap of the guggul tree is used in traditional […]