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White Bark Acacia – Acacia leucophloea (20 Seeds)

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White Bark Acacia is a large thorny tree. The flowers are the bark of this tree makes it a beautiful ornamental tree.

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Botanical Name: Vachellia leucophloea

Family: Mimosaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Fabales

Genus: Vachellia

Species: V. leucophloea

White Bark Acacia Is Called:

Tamil Name: அகமமரம் akamamaram, அகிமாறல் akimaral, வெள்வேல் velvel, வெண்வேலன் ven-velan

Telugu Name: తెల్ల తుమ్మ tella tumma

Malayalam Name: വെള്ളവേലം vellavelam

Kannada Name: ಬಿಳಿ ಜಾಲಿ ವರ bili jali mara

Hindi Name: रेवंजा reonja, सफेद बबूल safed babul, सफेद किकर safed kikar

Marathi Name: देवबाभळ devbabhal, हिंवर himvar, निंबर nimbar, पांढरी बाभूळ pandhari babhul

Bengali Name: সফেদ বাবুল safed babul

Gujarati Name: હરમો બાવળ harmo baval, પીળો બાવળ pilo baval, દેવબાભુલ devbabhul

Kachchhi Name: હરમું બાવર harmu bavar

Odia Name: ଗନ୍ଧଗୁହିରିଆ gandhaguhira

Punjabi Name: ਬਾਟਾੱ batta, ਜੰਡ jand, ਰੇਰੂ reru

Rajasthani Name: अरंजीया aranjiya, रोंझ ronj

Sanskrit Name: श्वेतवर्वूर shwetavarvura

White Bark Acacia is a thorny tree, it is also known as the reonja. This is a moderated size tree and it is widely found in southern India.

Usually, this tree takes them 15-20 years to reach the 15-inch tall. The leaf inlet season of this tree in April and the flowers appear from August to October. The color of the flowers is yellowish-white.

Usually, the seeds are ripe from the pods in April and it is ready to germinate in the moist soil. This tree has a very hard trunk and it stands drought well.

It also produces good root suckers. In the early stage of growth, this plant is suffering from goat browsing. The fruits are flat, thin, curved tomentose pods.

White Bark Acacia Tree Uses:

  • The pods and germinated seeds are cooked and eaten as a vegetable.
  • The bark of this tree is used as the astringent in traditional medicine.
  • It is used as the antidote for the snake bites.
  • You can also use this to treat cough, wounds, vomiting, and ulcers.
  • The bark of this tree is also used to treat skin diseases.

White Bark Acacia Tree Characteristics:

Height: 10-20 inches

Width: 5-10 inches

Growth Rate: Moderate

Hardiness: 25 degrees F

Exposure: Full Sun

Bark Color: White

Flower Shape: clustered balled head

Flower Color: Creamy

Fruit Shape: Coiled Pod

Fruit Color: Yellow

Leaves Type: bipinnate

Leaves Stalks: 4-8 pairs

Leaflet Numbers: 15-30 pairs

Spines Shape: Straight

Spines Color: Brown

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