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Thulasi ilai / Sacred Basil Dried Leaves (100 gm)

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There are 3 types of Tulasi are found in India which are Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, and Vana Tulsi. This herbal plant is used to treat various health problems for more than 5000 years. This plant falls under the mint family. Due to the nutrients of this plant, it has plenty of health benefits.

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Botanical Name     : Ocimum Tenuiflorum

English Name        : Sacred Basil leaves

Tamil Name           : துளசி – Thulasi ilai

Malayalam Name  : തുളസി – Tuḷasi

Telugu Name        : తులసి – Tulasi

Hindi Name          : तुलसी – Tulsi


Thulasi is known as basil leaves, it is a common plant in Indian households. The holy basil is also known as the “Queen of herbs”. It is the most sacred of all the herbs in India. This herbal plant is found in almost every home in India.

This herbal plant is used for more than 5000 years in India for these healing properties. It is used to protect the mind, body, and spirit. It is the most popular herbal plant in South Asian Countries, and now it is gaining popularity in Western Countries. In India, it is most commonly known as Tulsi or Tulasi.

This basil plant is the leafy herb that belongs to the family mint. Considered holy by many religions, the tulsi plant is revered for its divine properties. Besides praying to the plant, a number of people advise including the leaves and roots of the plant in various medical decoctions.

Health Benefits

  • Thulasi for cholesterol: Basil leaves help with high cholesterol and hypertension. The basil leaves help to burn the fat molecules from the blood, this lowers to risk of heart problems. This leaves lower the stress-induced cholesterol level, this will reduce the total cholesterol level in the liver, kidney, and heart.
  • Thulasi protects your stomach: Thulasi reduce the risk of ulcer. It will naturally decrease stomach acid so that it will avoid ulcer problems. It increasing the mucus secretion that soothes your stomach and relies on indigestion issues. The basil leaves are also increasing the mucus cells and extend the life of the mucus cells. This is good medicine for flatulence, stomach aches, and constipation.
  • Thulasi for Immunity power: If you have low immunity power then you have the chance to affect flu, cold, and other infections. Due to the cold, most people have the chance to catch the fever. Basil leaves are a good remedy for these health issues, it also helps to strengthen the immunity system.
  • Thulasi for Lowering Blood sugar level: If you have prediabetes or type two diabetes, that all part of the basil plant helps to reduce the blood sugar level. By using the basil leaves, you can prevent the symptoms of diabetes, such as hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, weight gain, high cholesterol, and hypertension.
  • Thulasi for reduces inflammation: If you have pain in the stiff knees, joints after the workout, it is the symptoms of the inflammation. The basil leaves help to reduce inflammation, these leaves have a eucalyptol compound which is more popular for relieving inflammation. It stimulates the production of fluids in the joints, boost blood circulation.
  • This thulasi has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antibiotic, and anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • It is also used to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma Cetera, chronic bronchitis.
  • This herbal plant helps to get good to relieve headache, fever, cold, sore throat, cough, flu, and chest congestion.
  • This herb also helps to relieve stress, and it is loaded with phytonutrients, essential oils, vitamins A, and C.
  • It can ward off the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Regular tulsi consumption can also aid in balancing various bodily processes.
  • It is also beneficial in treating conditions like hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, and swine flu.
  • It is good for dental health and also healthy gums.
  • It is also used to treat skin problems, itches, and ringworms.
  • It is an effective insect repellent and also it is used to treat insect bites.

How to Consume

Take five gms of powder with 100 ml of water and boil them for some minutes. After the water getting warm, filter them, and drink before food. Repeat this same for Evening after dinner.

Side Effects

There are no side effects in using this product, and you can consider the medical advice for the usage of this product during pregnancy.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methods

All herbs are 100% naturally harvested and dried without the chemical interactions that assure the natural herbal products.

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