Raw Saffron Flower (Kunguma Poo) | Original Mongra Kashmiri Saffron | Jammu Kashmiri Saffron | Kashmiri Kesar | Hand-picked Mongra Kesar – 3.5 oz (1 gm)

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Weight: 100 gm (3.5 oz)

Botanical Name: Crocus sativus

Origin: India

Saffron has an antioxidant property that protects your eye from unwanted diseases or disorders, thus you can keep your sight healthy.


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English Name             : Saffron Flower

Tamil Name                : குங்கும பூ / Kunguma Poo

Hindi Name                : केसर / Kesar

Malayalam Name       : കാശ്മീരം / Kashmiram

Telugu Name              : కుంకుమ పూవు / Kunkuma Poovu


Saffron, the most well-known and most precious flower, is the most beautiful flower that is often grown in Kashmir in India. This saffron belongs to the botanical genus Crocus Sativus, Indaceae, Iridaceae, and has been regarded as the most expensive spice and medicine in the world for decades. It grows to about 40 cm long and produces purple buds in autumn.

The plant produces its pink flowers only in October, especially during this time when other flowering plants will release their seeds. It can range from pale shade to darker and more pale mew. But during flowering, the plant is less than 30 cm tall. The interior of each flower has three terminal styles, and each node ends with a crimson stigma that is 2.5 cm to 3 cm long.

Although the health benefits of saffron, it is very expensive that gives benefits to the body, making it one of nature’s most effective herbs. It is mainly used to cure abdominal pain, remove kidney stones, and so on. Pure saffron is one of the best blood circulation agents that helps to regulate the flow of blood.

Health Benefits of Saffron Flower

Supports Eyesight

Saffron has an antioxidant property that protects your eye from unwanted diseases or disorders, thus you can keep your sight healthy. Fatty acid content can affect the strength and durability of eye tissues, in which case saffron modifies the genes responsible for the cell membranes of the eyes and protects the eyes from disease.

Treats Cancer

Saffron is the best agent for fighting against cancerous tumor growth. It stops the growth of deadly cancer cells in your body and helps to promote the development of good cells. It produces healthy cells to effectively combat dangerous tissues. Saffron can also be efficiently utilized for some conventional cancer treatments, whilst leaving the medication’s effects unadulterated.

For Pregnancy

In pre-maternity days, most of the doctors recommend consuming saffron milk because it boosts the pelvic blood flow. It has a lot of carminative properties which helps to suppress cramping. A glass of milk mixed with saffron may help for easy digestion and minimize flatulence.

Usually, pregnant ladies face the problem of moodiness, anxiousness, and also depressive disorders. In those days the regular consumption of saffron may energize the manufacture of serotonin in the body and thus a glass of warm saffron milk is ideal for gloomy days.


Saffron plays a significant role in curing asthma, and it can regulate the conditions of the kidney and liver. Asthma takes place due to the swelling of lung tissue and also narrow airways. Saffron works well for clearing the airways since it decreases the inflammation.

Asthma also causes difficulty in breathing that can increase the seriousness of an asthmatic attack. So regular intake of saffron is the best medicine for asthma patients.

Menstrual Relief

Saffron is the best immunity booster and a great solution for irregular periods. This herbal saffron supplement might help reduce cramps in menstruation, besides, to help relieve pain which is related to menstruation. Moreover saffron may help to lessen long-term uterus bleeding.

Treats Insomnia

Taking a pinch of saffron along with milk before going to sleep will treat your abnormal sleeping problems like insomnia.


Saffron is effective for the enhancement of digestion and appetite since it works well for enhancing circulation to the organs of digestion. It finely coats the membranes of the stomach and colon that really help in calming gastrointestinal issues as well as acidity.

Weight loss

Saffron is effective in weight loss treatment because it has the capacity to suppress the appetite and lower cravings for fattening foods. Saffron increases the quantity of hormone serotonin in the brain, which will help avoid us from overeating.

Side Effects

There are no side effects in using this product.

Harvesting & Manufacturing Methods

All herbs are 100% naturally harvested, dried, and pulverized without the chemical interactions that assure the natural herb powders.

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3 reviews for Raw Saffron Flower (Kunguma Poo) | Original Mongra Kashmiri Saffron | Jammu Kashmiri Saffron | Kashmiri Kesar | Hand-picked Mongra Kesar – 3.5 oz (1 gm)

  1. Sandy

    It is a first-class and original saffron flower. The Colour is top-notch and I used this product for many recipes.

  2. Tanushree

    I have been using saffron for many days, but saffron from Moolihai is pure, original, and delicious.

  3. Manish

    I have been using this product for a week and I can say that the product is very natural and the taste is very amazing. Gives you the feeling of royalty.

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