Earleaf Acacia Seeds | Kaththi Savukku | Acacia Auriculiformis – 250 gm (8.8 oz)


Botanical Name: Acacia Auriculiformis Quantity: 250 gm (8.8 oz) Condition: Fresh Origin: Florida   


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The bark of Earleaf Acacia or Kaththi Savukku has 13-25% of tannin for commercial exploitation, it can be taken from the mature stems. This can be done during the beginning of the sap growth so that the tannin content will be high and the bark can be easily removed from the wood. A natural dye can be prepared from this bark.

Vernacular Names of Earleaf Acacia

Botanical Name : Acacia Auriculiformis
English Name : Earleaf Acacia
Tamil Name : Kaththi Savukku, Kaththi Karuvel
Hindi Name : चाकू की चाबुक /chaakoo kee chaabuk
Malayalam Name : കത്തി വിപ്പ് 
Telugu Name : కత్తి విప్ / Katti vip

Benefits of Earleaf Acacia

  • The most important use of this plant is for fuelwood. It has a high calorific value being 4800 to 4900 kcal/kg.
  • The Leaves can be used for the production of biogas which is easily degradable. 
  • Even 13% of tannin is enough for producing good quality leather.
  •  It also gives excellent charcoal that glows well and burns without smoke and sparks.
  • The wood is used for making pulp. The pulp has high strength properties and is used in the pulp and paper industry.
  • Because of its ability to survive inhospitable sites, it is much used in reclaiming wasteland areas, in conserving soil and water.

Characteristics of Earleaf Acacia

Plant Type: Evergreen tree

Height: 15-30 m

Maturity: 9 years

Trunk width: 50 cm

Leaves length: 10-16 cm

Flower color: cream yellow

Flower Size: 8 cm

Pods length: 6.5X1.5 cm

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