Kassod Tree | Siamese cassia | Cassia Tree | Cassia Siamea Seeds – 250 gm (8.8 oz)


Botanical Name: Senna Siamea Weight: 250 gm (8.8 oz) Origin: Asia In traditional medicine, it cures intestinal worms and prevents convulsions in children. Its decoction is used against scabies.


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Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Fabales

Family: Fabaceae

Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae

Genus: Senna

Species: S. siamea

Common Names:

Tamil: Manjal konrai, Manje-konne, Chelumalarkkonrai

Hindi: Seemia, Kassod कसोद

Malayalam: Manjakonna, Manjakonnei

Telugu: Sima tangedu, Kurumbi

Marathi: Kassod

Kannada: Sima tangedu, Hiretangedi, Motovolanyaro

The Kassod Tree is also known as cassod tree and cassia tree. This is commonly known as the Siamese Senna. The South and Southeast Asia is the native of this Kassod Tree that grows tp to 18 m in height with the erect and slender stem.

This tree is commonly used as the shade tree in the plantations. It is performed as the windbreak and the hedgerows. The leaves of this tree are dark green, pinnately compound, and alternate. The yellow flower of this tree occurs at the end of the branches.

Kassod Tree Uses:

  • The plant contains Barakol, this component with the sedative and anxiolytic effects, which contributes to the medicinal values.
  • it is used against the intestinal worms and scabies. The flower and the young fruit of this tree are used in the curies.
  • The leaves, seeds, pods of these trees are edible, but they have to thoroughly boil before eating.
  • All parts of this plant can be used as tanning.
  • The leaves of this tree are used as the green manure.
  • The wood of this tree is used for cabinet making, joinery, handles, inlaying, sticks, and other decorative uses.
  • It can be also made into high-quality charcoal.

Other Names of Kassod Tree:

Ai-coxote, Jaha, Boordi, Jeragor, Jahor, Kassod, Kasod tree, Ki lak yai, Khee lek, Maixili, Lin pakk kee lek, Phak khee lek, Manje-konne, Sia sunaru, Sebusok, Sima Thailand shower, tangedu, casse du siam, akassia, ironwood, bois pedrix, kassod, kassod tree, muong, minjri, siamese tree senna, siamese cassia, yellow cassia, wa / aramana, bombay blackwood.

Tree Characteristics:

Plant Type: Shrub

Height: 8 to 15 m

Width: 5 to 8 meters


Leaf Arrangement: Alternate

Leaf Venation: Pinnate

Leaf Persistance: Evergreen

Leaf Type: Bipinnately compound

Leaf Blade: 20 – 30

Leaf Shape: Oval

Leaf Margins: Entire

Leaf Textures: Smooth

Leaf Scent: No Fragance

Color(growing season): Green, Yellow

Color(changing season): Green, Yellow


Flower Showiness: True

Flower Size Range: 7 – 10

Flower Type: Raceme

Flower Sexuality: Monoecious (Bisexual)

Flower Scent: No Fragrance

Flower Color: Yellow

Seasons: Summer


Fruit Type: Legume

Fruit Showiness: True

Fruit Size Range: 7 – 10

Fruit Colors: Brown

Seasons: Summer

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