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When we perform Kalyana Utsavam for Lord, they get happy and love being the role of our son. It gives the devotees prosperity, health, wealth, and peace in their life.

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In Hinduism, there is a belief that Lord is ஆதியும் அந்தமும் அற்றவர் that means they have no start and endings. Often said, Lord, is the Causeless Cause. Lord has no parents as he is causeless. So when we perform Kalyana Utsavam for them, they get happy and love being the role of our son.

Being the parents of Lord while performing Kalyana Utsavam is Lord’s saulabhya which is the greatest pleasure any devotee can get. Yashoda got this pleasure and enjoyed being the mother of Lord in Krishna avatar.

In the Srinivasa Kalyana Mahatmyam, Yashoda wished to see the Lord’s wedding that she never had in Vishnu’s Krishna Avatar.

Because of that, she arranged Lord Srinivasa’s wedding with Padmavati to get an opportunity to enjoy the blissful moment. 

All the holistic rituals with different acts performed to rest our minds. While performing Kalyana Utsavam, our attention is riveted on the Lord and the ritual.

With that, our mind is focused and developed a focus on a single point that is called ekaagratham. A developed mind is the first needed thing to absorb the teaching that is gnyaanam and achieve the realization that is moksham.

Each and every ritual we perform give us an opportunity to tune our mind for gnyaanam (Wisdom). From the Kalyana Utsavam, we benefited with a prepared mind which is the key thing for getting gnyaanam and moksham.

The Lord is “Paramathma”, the total self and consort of the Lord is “Jeevathma”, an individual self. The Jeevathma gets confused and diverted by moham (that is Likes) similar to how Sitha Devi aspired for golden deer and separated from the Paramathma.

Later, the Jeevathma suffered by the tyranny of the ten sense organs which is symbolized as 10 Heads of Ravana and jailed by Samsaram.

They need an Acharya that is a Guru to restore the “Jeevathma” with its “Paramathma”. Hanuman symbolized as a Guru in Ramayana who helped to reunite the Jeevathma and Paramathama.

The reunion of Ram and Sita is the symbolic union of Jeeva and Parama athma. The meaning of Kalyana Utsavam has interpreted in these philosophical lines.

Kalyana Utsavam Package Contains:

Tamil NameEnglish NameQuantity
மஞ்சள் பொடிTurmeric Powder100g
பாக்குBetel Nuts100g
அகர்பதிIncenses Stick1 Packet
பச்சரிசிRaw Rice1 kg
பன்னீர்Rose Water200ml
கற்கண்டுSugar candy100g
முந்திரிCashew Nuts100g
உலர் திராட்சைDry Grapes100g


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