Gamhar Tree Seed - Gmelina arborea (20 Seeds)

Gamhar Tree Seed – Gmelina arborea (20 Seeds)

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The other name of the gamhar is kashmir teak, sagwan teak, shewan, ummithekku, gamar tree. It is a fast-growing tree and has a good timber value. this tree is grown in all types of soils.

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Gamhar Is Called:

Tamil: Kumalaa, Gumadi, Umi, Kumalaa maram, Kumpal(கூம்பல்), Kumutai (குமுதை), Peru-n-kumil(பெருங்குமிழ்)

Telugu: Pedda Gumudu Teku(పెద్ద గుముడు టేకు), Peggummudu, summadi, Gumudu, Peggummadi, Gumar-tek, Pedda-gumudu, tagumuda, pedda-gomru

Malayalam: Kumbil, Kumalu,Kumizhu, Kumizhanpazham, Kumil (കുമിഴ്) Kumizh, Sevana, kumpiḷ (കുമ്പിള്‍)

Kannada: Kaashmiri Mara (ಕಾಶ್ಮೀರಿ ಮರ), Shivani, kooli mara, Śivanimara (ಶಿವನಿಮರ) Shivanimara, Shivane mara, kumbuda, kumulu, Shivanigida, Shivani, Kashmiri, Shivanimara, Shivane, Kumbala mara, Shewney, kuli

Hindi: Gumbar(गमहर), Gamhar (गम्हड़), Bhadraparni (भद्रपर्णी), khamara, khumbhari, sewan, Gamari, Gambari, Gambhar, Gumbhar, Kambar, Kambhar, Khambhari, Khammara, Kumar, Kumbhar, Sewan, Shewan, Shiwan

Marathi: Thōraśivaṇī (थोरशिवणी), Shivan (शिवण), siwan

Gujarati: શેવન Shevan, Shewan, Shivan

Bengali: Gāmāra (গামার), Gamar, Gambhari(গাম্ভারি), gambar, gumbar, Gumar

Punjabi: gumhar, kumhar

Oriya: Bhodropornni, Butalo, Thlanvawng, gambhari, kumar,ଗମ୍ଭାରୀ

Manipuri: Wang (ৱাং)

Kasmiri: Mara, shivani

Nepali: Khamaari

Sanskrit: Gambhari (गम्भारी), Sindhuparni (सिन्धुपर्णी), Sindhuveshanam(सिन्धुवेषणम्), Stulatvacha(स्तूलत्वचा), Kashmari, Kashmari, Kashmarya, Kasmari, Bhadraparni, Katphalah, Sarvato-Bhadra, Shri-parni, Krishnavrintaka, Kambari

Gmelina Arborea is commonly known as the gmelina, beechwood, Kashmir tree, goomer teak, Malay beechwood, yemane, white teak and the local name of this plant is gamhar. Actually, it is a fast-growing tree.

It is growing naturally throughout the great part of India. The maximum height of this tree is up to 1500 meters.

The plant is found growing in tropical semi-evergreen, moist and dry deciduous forest and prefers moist, fertile soil having good drainage and does not thrive on ill-drained soils and remains underdeveloped on dry, sandy or poor soils.

This tree is normally planted in the roadsides and gardens. It is also defined as the medicinal tree. In India, the leaves, flowers, fruits, stem, stem barks, and roots are used as medicinal purposes.

Gmelina Arborea Health Benefits:

  • This herb helps to improve digestion and absorption in the body.
  • This herb is capable of overpowering pain and inflammation.
  • This herb is very supportive of the normal function of the heart.
  • It will help to maintain blood pressure at a normal level.
  • It is also a natural anti-aging agent.
  • It is also used to improve the functionality of the brain.
  • This herb is also preventing hemorrhages.
  • It can provide relief from the burning sensation.
  • Gambhari roots are suitable remedies in ascites due to Vata.
  • Fruit of this herbaceous plant is found to be a useful natural agent in bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, heavy periods, etc.
  • Flowers have their use in Leprosy.
  • Root and Bark is a beneficial herbal agent in hallucination, piles, abdominal pain, burning sensations, fever, tridosha diseases, and urinary infection.
  • The decoction of its root can be used for abdominal tumors.
  • External application of the paste of the leaves on the forehead lessens the headache, especially in fever.
  • It helps in normalizing the abnormally raised temperature.
  • It deals with thirst, Vata disorders wounds, and emaciation.
  • This is also used to treat the snakebite.

Gamhar Tree Characteristics:

Plant Type: Tree

Height: 12-30 m

Width: 60-100 diameter

Growth Rate: Fast-growing deciduous tree

Flower Shape: Trumpet Shaped

Flower Color: reddish to yellow color

Flowering Season: February to April

Fruit Shape: ovate or pyriform

Fruit Size: 2-2.5 cm

Fruit Color: Dark green, turning yellow when ripe

Plant Parts Used: Root, bark, fruit, flower, leaves

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