Butea Monosperma Seed | Bustard Teak | Palash Red Tree Seeds – 250 gm (8.8 oz)


Botanical Name: Butea Monosperma

Origin: Sri Lanka

Weight: 250 gm (8.8 oz)

The Bustard teak is commonly known as the Flame of the forest. This is one of the species from the Fabaceae family. It grows well in humid forests.


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Other Common Names

Tamil: கிஞ்சுகம் kincukam, பலாசம் palasam

Malayalam: ചമത chamata, കിംശുകം kinsukam, പ്ലാശ് plaas

Telugu: కింశుకము kimsukamu, పలాశము palasamu

Kannada: ಮುತ್ತುಗ muttuga, ಪಲಾಶ palasha

Hindi: ढाक dhak, पलाश palash, टेसू tesu

Marathi: ढाक dhak, पळस palas

Gujarati: કેસૂડો kesudo, ખાખરો khakhro, પલાશ palash

Bengali: পলাশ palash

Konkani: पळस palas

Nepali: पलाँस palans

Oriya: ପଳାଶ palasha

Manipuri: পাঙ গোঙ pangong

Sanskrit: किंशुक kimshuka, पलाश palasha

Urdu: ڐهاك dhak

The Butea monosperma is commonly known as the flame-of-the-forest or bastard teak. It is the medium size deciduous tree of the pea family. The native of this tree is India and Srilanka. It is grown all over the Indian subcontinent.

It is normally grown in the open grassland and scattered in mixed forests. The plantation of the Butea monosperma is used in both irrigated and drylands.

The bar of the tree is a light brown or bluish-gray color. This tree has medicinal properties ao that is widely used in ayurvedic and Unani medications for various medical conditions. The seeds, gum, leaves, and flowers of the tree are used as medicinal properties.

Health Benefits

  • This herb is used as an internal and external remedy.
  • The bark of this tree is used to treat external wounds and cuts.
  • The Palach seeds have the palaosin compound, which is used to treat worm infestation.
  • The gum of this tree is used to treat diarrhea and dysentery.
  • The dried flower of this Palash tree is used to cure skin rashes.
  • It is also used to treat the infection in summers.
  • The flower of this tree has a high amount of sulfur which is used to treat skin ailments.
  • The flower is also used to purify the bloodstream.
  • The paste of the flower is used to treat joint pains, sprains, swelling, injuries, and arthritis.
  • The bark of this tee has blood purifying properties.
  • The fruits and seeds are used to treat skin ulcers and piles.
  • Roots of a Palash tree are used as an analgesic.
  • The root is also used to treat night blindness.
  • The flowers are also used for menstrual cramps.


Plant Type: Tree

Native Range: India, Burma

Height: 30.00 to 40.00 feet

Spread: 30.00 to 40.00 feet

Light Requirement: Full sun

Trunk Diameter: 5′ – 6′

Leaf Color: Dull Green

Water: Medium

Flowering Season: Spring– Before Leaves

Growth Rate: Moderate

Flower Color: Vermilion

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