Albizia Richardiana / Uchilamaram ( 20 Seeds) -

Albizia Richardiana / Uchilamaram – 20 Seeds

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Albizia richardiana is a species in the genus Albizia. It is a large-sized fast-growing deciduous tree with cylindrical stem, dichotomously divided branches, and smooth whitish brown bark.

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Botanical name : Albizia amara subsp. amara

Common name: Krishna Siris, Oil cake tree

Tamil Name : உசில மரம் , ஊஞ்ச மரம், கருவாகை

Hindi Name : कृष्ण सिरिस Krishna Siris

Malayalam Name: വരച്ചീ Varachchi

Telugu Name: Narlinga, Nalla renga


This is a small tree which reaches 3 to 6 m in height, with a wide, dense, umbrella or round shaped canopy.

The barks look greyish and creviced, branches are dark yellowish-grey.

Leaves are well grwn up to 10-20 cm long with up to 15 pairs of sidetalks and 15-35 pairs of leaflets.

The leaflets are 0.2-0.7 x 0.05-0.2 cm, that are crowded together, rounded at the tip.

Medicinal Values

⇔ Its flower and seeds can be used for treating the snake bites. Just mix the powder with black pepper and sugar for nasal instillation, and for oral intake in snake bites.

⇔Each part of this tree has an unique medicinal values (i.e barks, seeds, flowers, leaves etc)

⇔The seeds can be used as a great medicine for treating the wounds, eczema, obesity, anemia, vitiligo, low back ache, spondylosis etc.

⇔Can be used for urinary disorders, sinus and abscess.

⇔The tree yields a gum used against ulcers.

⇔The fruit pods are emetic and it is used for malaria and cough reliefs.

⇔A root infusion is drunk to treat pneumonia, tuberculosis, infertility of women and as an aphrodisiac.

⇔The tree bark is used to treat jaundice and mouth inflammations.

⇔The roots are applied externally to treat warts and as a remedy against uterus complaints.

⇔The leaves are used in the treatment of diarrhoea, oedema and wounds.

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