Acacia Catechu Tree Seeds (20 Seeds) -

Acacia Catechu Tree Seeds (20 Seeds)

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Acacia Catechu is the most recommended ayurvedic medicine for treating all temporary and permanent skin disorders.

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Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Fabales
Genus: Senegalia

Common Names:

Botanical Name: Acacia Catechu
Sanskrit: Khadira, Rakta Sara, Kantaki, Dantadhavan, Yajniya, Balapatra
English Name: Cutch tree, Heart wood tree
Tamil Name: காரணகள்ளி / Karanagalli
Malayalam Name: ഖാദിറാം / Khadiram , കരിംഗലി / Karingali
Telugu Name: సాండ్రా / Sandra
Kannada Name: ಕಗ್ಗಲ್ಲಿ / Kaggalli
Hindi Name: खैर / Khair
Marathi Name: खैरा / Khaira
Punjabi Name: ਖੈਰ / Khair
Kashmiri Name: Kath
Urdu Name: چنبے کاٹھ / Chanbe kaath
Oriya Name: ଖଇରା | / Khaira
Unani Name: Safed Katha
Bengali Name: খায়ের / Khayar
Gujrati Name: કેરીઓ-બાવળ / Kerio-baval

Acacia catechu is also known as the Cutch tree. It is a moderate-size tree that grows with the light feathery crown. This tree is widely found in Indian dry mixed forest areas. The bark, heartwood, and wood extract of this tree are used in traditional medicine.

Acacia catechu Senegalia catechu:

  • A thorny deciduous tree.
  • Grow up to 15 m height.
  • Latinized to “catechu” in Linnaean taxonomy as the type-species from which the extracts cutch and catechu are derived.
  • Found in China, India, and the Indian Ocean areas.
  • Its extracts have derivatives of the flavanols.
  • Lent its name in the essential catechins catechols and catecholamines of chemistry and biology.
  • Used in the preparation for various medicines to fight all types of skin disorders.
  • Utilized in capsule, syrup, and tablets to treat permanent and temporary skin problems.
  • Best for Leprosy and similar skin diseases.
  • Grow in various climatic conditions.
  • Commonly seen in Himalaya from Assam to Jammu, Himalayan tract, Easter slopes of Western Ghats.

Acacia catechu used as Food

The seeds of this tree have a good source of proteins so that it can be used as food. The kattha is an extract from the heartwood of this tree; it is used as an ingredient in paan for the flavor and red color. Paan is a South Asian traditional chewing food. It is prepared with the chewing betel leaf, areca nut, and slaked lime paste.


Taste: Bitter, Astringent
Physical: Dry, Light
Potency: Cold
Metabolic: Pungent

Other Names:

RK Seeds, Khair tree Seeds, Cutch Tree seed, Black catechu, Black cutch, Cashoo, Catechu, Wadalee gum seeds, Acacia catechu Seeds.

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